Cabbage juice: benefits and practical recipes

Cabbage juice benefits and practical recipes
Do you know the benefits of kale juice? This vegetable produces a juice that is a true elixir of good health. Rich in nutrients that strengthen the human body, cabbage juice can also be quite tasty.It is also a vegetable rich in minerals, such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, and vitamins A, complex B and C ( 1 ). Called many as the “queen of green leaves”, cabbage has a low caloric content and a high percentage of fiber. This advantage is expanded due to the numerous ways of consumption and recipes for this leafy vegetable.In addition to being consumed sautéed, in the form of salads and teas, its benefits can also be used in the preparation of juices. These nutrient-rich drinks with detoxifying and antioxidant properties can help keep you in good shape. Check out the properties and benefits of kale juice below.

Benefits of Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice has antioxidant properties , that is, it neutralizes free radicals, fighting the oxidation of cell structures. For this reason, the drink is able to prevent diseases such as cancer, heart and skin diseases, in addition to helping the proper functioning of brain functions and preventing premature aging ( 2 ).

See the list with the main benefits of kale juice:

  • Helps you lose weight and keep fit
  • Increases mood and immunity
  • Improves skin texture
  • It’s anti-inflammatory
  • good for the bones
  • Fight anemia
  • lowers cholesterol
  • Pregnancy help
  • Facilitates digestion and bowel function
  • Help in preventing and treating cancer

Learn more about the benefits

In this topic you will find more information about the benefits and healthy properties of kale juice. See how to take advantage of all the nutrients from kale in your body, improving your health and keeping fit in a healthy way.

Helps you lose weight and keep fit

Kale is one of the best foods for slimming and reducing measures. This is due to the fact that this vegetable has zero fat, very low caloric content and a high amount of fiber ( 3 ).

Therefore, kale is a food that can be eaten as a third of a meal and does not generate almost any weight gain. Some studies indicate that this is a vegetable with low energy density, which contributes to the reduction of body fat ( 4 ).

Increases mood and immunity

Cabbage juice is a drink rich in vitamin A and vitamin C , which are respectively related to the body’s disposition and immunity.

Cabbage is one of the richest foods in vitamin A, but oddly enough, it is not exactly this substance that exists in the composition of the vegetable. In fact, it is beta-carotene, a carotenoid that ends up being transformed into vitamin A in the body ( 5 – 6 ).

In addition, vitamin A is very important for the body’s immune capacity, as well as for eye health and healthy children’s growth ( 7 ).

And speaking of the immune system, it is worth noting that kale is also considered to be one of the foods with the highest amount of vitamin C. It is even estimated that it is the richest food in pure vitamin C that exists ( 8 ).

With a much higher amount of vitamin C than fruits known for this vitamin, such as oranges and lemons, cabbage helps in the body’s defenses, collagen production, digestion and increases iron intake ( 9 ).

Improves skin texture

As mentioned above, kale is rich in vitamin C, one of the fundamental ingredients for the body to produce collagen . Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the body’s connective tissues and its function is to contribute to the strength and elasticity of these tissues.

In this way, collagen is responsible for the maintenance of several important parts of the body, such as joints, tendons and skin. In the latter, it helps to prevent wrinkles and provides more shine and vitality.

It’s anti-inflammatory

Cabbage juice has a great anti-inflammatory potential. Kale is a vegetable that has fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 in its composition. Both provide a very balanced layer that prevents inflammation from appearing or developing ( 11 ).

good for the bones

Cabbage also has calcium as a nutrient present in its composition. Calcium is a fundamental element in the body. Its function is to structure and maintain bone mineralization. That is, form, structure and stiffen bones ( 12 ).

Thus, it is a great food to include in the diet of children and adolescents. In these stages of life, there is the development of bone structure, which requires a lot of calcium and other nutrients.

Fight anemia

The iron and phosphorus present in the composition of cabbage are excellent for preventing the incidence of anemia ( 13 ). The anemia is a disease characterized reduced hemoglobin in the blood, this condition can be caused poor supply of vitamins, bone marrow problems and some other diseases.

In the case where the disease already exists, the consumption of cabbage juice can help fight it, providing the intake of vitamins and minerals in the body through food.

lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol needs to exist for us to live healthy, but everyone knows that when there is excess, various diseases can arise due to this increase in cholesterol level. But one of the secrets to stop this is kale!

In the composition of cabbage there are substances called “bile acid sequestrants or sequestrants”. These substances act in the intestine and help to lower cholesterol levels in the body. This decreases the risk of heart disease, mainly ( 14 ).

There are studies that show, for example, that the daily consumption of kale juice for 12 weeks helps to increase good cholesterol 27% and reduce bad cholesterol 10%. Furthermore, it improves the antioxidant action ( 15 ).

Pregnancy help

It has been mentioned before that kale is rich in calcium, which is also great for bone formation in the fetus. Furthermore, it is a rich source of folic acid, which helps in cell multiplication and is extremely important in pregnancy.

Folic acid prevents fetal malformations and deficiencies (physical and mental), in addition to improving placental function and uterine enlargement. It can also be a fundamental key in the lactation period, helping in the production of antibodies that will be consumed the ba( 16 ).

Therefore, consume kale constantly during pregnancy. In addition to improving your health, this consumption will prevent various diseases in the fetus.

Facilitates digestion and bowel function

We have already talked about the presence of fiber in the composition of cabbage and the juice of this vegetable ( 17 ). However, we haven’t talked about how important this is for bowel function.

Fiber is essential for proper bowel action and for the formation of healthy stools. Furthermore, they help with digestion , decreasing the level of effort on the part of the stomach and intestine.

Help in preventing and treating cancer

Cabbage juice is also able to help prevent and fight cancer in patients during treatment for the disease. This is a common feature in dark green leafy vegetables, but kale manages to be the main one.

Kale has a substance called sulforaphane, which stimulates the production of an enzyme capable of canceling the power of carcinogenic substances. These enzymes act both in cancer prevention and in strengthening the action of drugs against the disease ( 18 ).

In addition, kale contains a phytonutrient called indole-3-carbinol. This substance also helps in preventing the development of cancer cells (19).

Cabbage Juice Recipes

Here you will learn the best cabbage juice recipes, to ingest daily and give your health that boost ! See how easy it is to prepare the wonderful cabbage juice!

cabbage with lemon


  • half lemon
  • 1 cabbage leaf
  • 1 glass of water (approximately 200 ml)

Preparation method:

Blend half of the lemon together with the cabbage leaf in a blender, adding water little little. The juice will be ready when it has a uniform texture and color.

kale with orange


  • 2 cabbage leaves
  • 1 glass of orange juice

Preparation method:

Place the cabbage leaves and orange juice in a blender and blend until smooth.

Cabbage with apple, orange, carrot and honey


  • 2 cabbage leaves
  • 2 Fuji apples
  • carrots
  • 1 orange
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Preparation method:

First, blend the kale leaves together with the orange in a blender. After that, add the two carrots and beat well. Add an apple, beat it well and then add the other. Finally, add the honey and beat until the mixture is homogeneous.

cabbage with apple


  • 2 argentine apples
  • 2 cabbage leaves

Preparation method:

First, cut apples in half and remove seeds. Then add half a cabbage leaf and half an apple and beat well. Add the other parts of the apple and cabbage little little, until all is used up. The drink will be ready when the mixture is homogeneous.

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