8 Detoxifying Teas to Cleanse Your Body

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In this article you will check out eight detoxifying teas that will work by helping one of the most important organs in the body: the liver. With this ability, drinks can help excrete toxic substances from the body.

But these drinks only have this benefit because they are composed of diuretic properties. For this reason, they are able to help the liver in the work of cleaning the body, further benefiting the individual’s health.

Therefore, hot or iced, tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In addition, it offers several nutrients and antioxidant substances that protect the body from premature aging and degenerative diseases.

See below the most recommended teas to detoxify the body and their other health benefits. Also, check out homemade tips on how to cleanse the body and the recipe for a tea that helps to deflate the body.

Teas to detoxify the body

The teas to detoxify are: Green tea, elderberry tea, boldo tea, dandelion tea, thyme tea, leather hat tea, artichoke tea and milk thistle tea .

Drinking a cup of tea 30 minutes before or after meals can be helpful in cleansing the body and keeping the liver healthy. See below for more information about the best teas to clean your body!

1-2. Detoxifying and slimming: Green tea and elderberry

According to sports nutritionist, Bruna Morais, green tea is a diuretic drink. For this reason, it manages to expel toxic substances from the body through the pee. In addition, it is considered one of the thermogenic drinks that most promote the burning of body fat. Indicated for those who want to lose weight with health.

On the other hand, elderberry bark tea can be used to detoxify the body due to its purgative property. This means to say that this drink can clean and purify the body . ( 1 )

Green tea: Boil 200 ml of filtered water and add a tablespoon of green tea.

Elderberry tea: Boil 200ml of filtered water and add a tablespoon of elderberry husks.

3-4. Cleansing and diuretic action: Boldo tea and dandelion

“Boldo tea has been reported in the literature as an excellent agent against ailments and disorders of the digestive tract, poor digestion, liver disorders, rheumatic manifestations and urinary inflammation.” ( 2 ) For this reason, it can be used to cleanse the body and also help eliminate body fluids. Also, it is considered an antioxidant.

But it is not just the boldo that has these principles. That’s because dandelion tea is also considered an ally of the liver and urinary system. ( 3 )

Boldo tea: Two cups of boiling water and a tablespoon of boldo leaves.

Dandelion tea: 200 ml of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of dandelion.

5-6. Detoxifiers: Thyme tea and leather hat

Although not recommended for pregnant or hypertensive women, thyme tea is indicated to stimulate the liver. Besides being a drink that has digestive actions, increasing appetite and fighting anemia. ( 4 )

The leather hat plant can also be considered an antioxidant. “The infusion of its leaves is widely used as a diuretic and body cleansing agent.” ( 5 )

Thyme tea : Boil 200ml of water and pour into a cup containing two teaspoons of dried thyme.

Leather hat tea : Boil a liter of filtered water and add two tablespoons of the dried leaves of this plant.

7-8. Teas to Detoxify the Liver: Artichoke and Milk Thistle

Artichoke contains liver protective and regenerative properties. The tea from this plant also prevents hepatitis, diabetes, overweight and liver failure. All this thanks to choleretic and cholagogue medicinal powers. ( 1 )

According to the Ministry of Health, in a normative instruction on the list of simplified registration herbal medicines, milk thistle acts as a hepatoprotector. ( 6 )

Artichoke Tea: One cup of boiling water and one tablespoon of sliced ​​artichoke.

Milk thistle tea: Half a liter of boiling water and two tablespoons of the plant.

What is the best tea to deflate?

Three plants stand out for their slimming properties, they are: horsetail, ginger and green tea. ( 7 ) The first of them originates in Europe and has the scientific name Equisetum  giganteum L. Ginger, in turn, even though it comes from India, was acclimated in Brazil. Green tea, on the other hand, comes from Southeast Asia.

According to studies carried out, ginger is a good thermogenic. Horsetail is used as a diuretic, being widely applied in cases of obesity associated with fluid retention. And green tea has active ingredients that can promote satiety, delaying the feeling of hunger. ( 7 )

What helps to detoxify the body?

To take care of the liver, we can adopt some habits, among which are the following: low-fat diet, avoid the consumption of refined flour, rest, reduce the stress level and practice physical activities.

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body, as it has the functions of: filtering the blood, synthesizing cholesterol, producing noble proteins, secreting bile, storing glucose, detoxifying the body and others.

Taking care of the biggest gland in our body is essential. That’s because, if you have any problem, the liver can cause symptoms such as headache, inability to concentrate, asthma , depression, nausea, bad mood, poor digestion, among others.

Therefore, you should adopt healthy habits such as adequate rest, healthy eating and exercise. Furthermore, as we have seen, the inclusion of detoxifying teas can also help to cleanse the body.

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