Lemon balm: tea benefits and how to make

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Lemon balm produces one of the most consumed teas in Brazil, mainly in the North and Northeast regions. Rich in substances that are good for your health, this plant is a potent antioxidant that helps fight inflammation, relieve pain, induce sleep and even improve mood.

The scientific name of the lemon balm is  Melissa officinalis . It is also popularly known as true lemongrass or melissa. This plant belongs to the same family as the mint and the boldo . And its flavor and aroma are fruity, reminiscent of lemon.

With its leaves it is possible to produce medicinal tea and extract used in various alternative medicine procedures. Here you will learn what this tea is for, how to prepare it, how to drink it correctly and what are the precautions and contraindications.

Benefits of Lemon Balm

It has powerful antioxidant action

A study by Shahrekord University concluded that it contains a high rate of substances that fight oxidative stress. ( 1 )

This benefit is extremely important for the prevention of diseases related to cell health and metabolism, such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, chronic and degenerative diseases, among others.

Thus, the lemon balm can be considered an herb with excellent preventive action against serious diseases, as another study on the subject reiterates. ( 2 )

Eliminates microbes from the body

Lemon balm has active components that stimulate the body’s defense and help fight bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the body. In addition to improving health, this benefit also helps with immunity and sanitizes the body from the inside. ( 1 , 3 )

It’s anti-inflammatory

Researches also attested that the plant is able to fight inflammation, such as throat, arthritis and gastritis, and relieve pain caused by inflammatory processes . ( 1 )

Decreases the sensation of pain

Many people use lemon balm tea to combat pain, believing it to be an analgesic action. In fact, the plant is capable of relieving pain, but through a process called antinociception, which is the reduction of the ability to feel pain. ( 1 ) For this reason, your tea is often chosen to soothe cramps .

Reduces stress and helps you sleep

Another great benefit of lemon balm tea is that it is able to relieve stress , decrease nervousness, reduce anxiety and induce sleep. This is the sedative and anxiolytic effect, which can even be beneficial for children with difficulty sleeping. It is an excellent natural medicine against insomnia , especially when combined with other calming plants such as chamomile and valerian . ( 1 , 3 )

improves mood

That’s what you read. Science has proven through analysis and tests that the plant’s properties encourage well-being and good humor in those who regularly consume them. ( 3 )

Good for memory and cognition

In addition to its curative effects, Melissa officinalis is considered a great natural alternative for stimulating brain health in terms of memory and cognition maintenance. This means that it is a very suitable plant in old age, when there are more chances of symptoms of loss of memory and mental sense. ( 3 )

lowers blood pressure

Consuming a small dose of the plant extract reduces blood pressure in patients, which can be of great help for people suffering from high blood pressure . But it is worth remembering that lemon balm products do not replace medicines prescribed by a health care professional. ( 4 )

protect the heart

A particular effect of lemon balm is that it is an anti-arrhythmic food, that is, capable of preventing and combating arrhythmia. Furthermore, a study has proven that a small dose of the plant extract is able to decrease heart rate and increase heart resistance . ( 4 ).

Lemon balm tea: how to make and drink correctly

The recipe for lemongrass tea is very simple. All you will need is filtered water and the plant itself. Follow the steps below to produce the best and healthiest infusion:

  1. In a saucepan, add 1 cup of filtered water and bring to a boil.
  2. Then turn off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of chopped lemon balm.
  3. Cover for about 10 minutes.
  4. Finally, strain and drink without sweetening.

How often to drink tea?

A single cup of tea is enough for the body to absorb the nutrients and medicinal properties of the lemon balm, but you can calmly drink two a day. Just be careful not to overuse it, as it can hurt you besides the fact that the body won’t be able to absorb all the excess substances, so it won’t do any good to ingest a large amount.

Pregnant women can have this tea?

Yes, but without exaggeration. In our research, we did not find scientific contraindications for the consumption of tea by pregnant women. However, we know that any substance in excess is bad for you, so don’t consume it in excess.

The positive effects of lemongrass tea in pregnancy relate more to abdominal discomfort, cramps and stress. In these cases, a cup of tea will do no harm.

Care and contraindications

During the production of this article, no contraindications were found regarding the use of lemon balm. On the contrary, one study claims that it is safe to consume this tea daily. ( 5 ) However, it must be made clear that any exaggeration is bad, so use it sparingly.

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