Chamomile tea: what is it for and how to make it

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Chamomile tea ( chamomilla recutita or matricaria chamomilla ) is a drink that soothes, relaxes muscles and even relieves stress , all these factors make it a natural treatment for problems such as insomnia and anxiety.

The drink prepared with the flowers is also rich in important antioxidant and analgesic compounds and it doesn’t stop there, because they are also able to improve digestion , while protecting the stomach against damage.

The naturopath Danilo Ramon will explain to us how the numerous phytochemicals in this infusion work, and also what the herb is indicated for and how to use it.

What is chamomile tea for

treat insomnia

Due to its relaxing power, chamomile tea has the ability to end problems falling asleep . This is what says the specialist in herbal medicine Danilo Ramon.

This action happens because of a yellowish substance that is present in the petals of the flower called apigenin. This compound is able to activate brain receptors that identify and metabolize sedative drugs . ( 1 )

Apigenin is also able to decrease the body’s resistance to a type of neuroreceptor GAMA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that serves to regulate the quality and timing of sleep . ( 2 )

Reduce anxiety and stress

One of the properties that most show chamomile for use in alternative medicine is calming , as explained the herbalist.

This action, which makes the herb a great home remedy to combat stress, is also caused apigenin, which has a lowering effect on brain arousal. ( 1 )

Including, chamomile tea is usually indicated to treat mild anxiety disorders and even to ease the effects of depression. ( 3 )

Improve skin appearance

Chamomile tea is the ideal option for those who suffer from problems with skin rashes, or with dry, irritated skin, with signs of age, blemishes and even dark circles .

All this because it “has alpha-bisabolol and azulene, substances that moisturize the skin and are good for treating pimples and dark circles”, says Danilo, explaining that they help depigmentation of the affected areas.

The use of chamomile extracts can accelerate the healing of burns more effectively than medications based on corticosteroids and also protect against damage caused by exposure to the sun . ( 4 )

Relieve cramps and muscle pain

Another well-known benefit of chamomile tea is in relieving cramps and muscle pain, even serving to “relieve colic in babies”, as recommended the herbalist.

What happens is that the phytochemicals in chamomile petals are able to prevent the proliferation of inflammatory agents that increase the body’s sensitivity and are pain triggering mechanisms.

The analgesic effect is potentiated the action of brain receptors, which process opioids, a very common and potent type of analgesic. ( 2 )

Decrease Allergies and Inflammatory Diseases

Do you want one more reason to start enjoying chamomile tea? Well, know that, as the naturopath explained, due to the presence of alpha-bisabolol and azulene, this herb is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

Which means that it becomes a homemade anti-allergy , promoting the reduction of symptoms of various types of allergies. Remember that allergy is an inflammatory reaction produced the body in an attempt to eliminate an unknown substance.

Rheumatic pains are also part of this issue, since they are inflammations triggered the body.

prevent disease

Chamomile tea has compounds that act directly to fight free radicals, the so-called antioxidants , as indicated the expert.

These substances are able to prevent the possible mutations that cells may undergo and which are generally derived from the oxidative process, which is nothing more than cell degeneration.

This action also ensures not only that cell aging is slowed down , but also prevents injuries that can trigger chronic diseases, such as neurodegenerative and cardiovascular problems and even cancer.

To complete the protective action against diseases, these little flowers are filled with a compound capable of stimulating the creation of cells that make up the immune system , while making them more sensitive and can react more quickly to threats. ( 4 )

Improves digestion

If chance you ate something that did not go well, Danilo indicates that chamomile tea could be the solution to the problem. That’s because the herb has a powerful digestive relaxant .

Just to give you a sense of power, among the problems that can be treated it are: gas, acid reflux, indigestion , anorexia (stimulating the appetite), nausea, nausea and vomiting.

On top of that, the professional informs that the plant “reduces stomach acidity”. This action, together with the fact that it increases the production of protective mucus, is effective in controlling the burning in the stomach and as a complementary treatment for gastric ulcers . ( 4 )

How to make and drink chamomile tea


  • 200 ml of filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers.

Preparation mode

The first step in preparing chamomile tea is to get a pot with a lid. Once that’s done, bring the water to a boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and add the chamomile flowers in the amount recommended in the recipe.

The next step is to let the mixture rest for 10 minutes. In between, remember to leave the pot covered. This will help in the infusion process of the plant and the consequent release of the properties in the water .

After this time, take a sieve and pass all the tea through it. This will facilitate the removal of the flowers used in the preparation. The recommendation is that the tea be ingested without the addition of sugar or sweetener.

Danilo advises taking the infusion no more than 4 times a day , as it can cause a slight drowsiness when consumed in excess.

Contraindications and care

Despite being a natural ingredient, the use of chamomile tea should be prescribed and supervised a specialist , as it can cause some problems in specific groups of patients.

As Danilo alerts, the herb “has no contraindication, but there are precautions to be considered, such as chamomile has an anticoagulant effect”.

He completes stating that people who use synthetic anticoagulants can have the effects of the drug enhanced, so it is good to consume it in small amounts to avoid bleeding.

Chamomile tea can also relax the uterine muscles and cause miscarriages. For this reason, pregnant women are advised to avoid using it and, if necessary, only do so under specialized supervision. ( 1 )

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