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Sweet fruits

by Ellie Lauderdale

Sweet fruits

Sweet fruits

From a nutritional point of view, they are especially rich in vitamins and minerals.

Considering their combination and their correct digestion, sweet fruits do not normally combine well with neutral or acidic ones.

List of sweet fruits

In the classification of sweet fruits, we find the following list:

Healthy eating advice

To have a good diet it is important to eat different types of fruits and vegetables, since they have numerous benefits for our body.

In addition to eating a varied diet, we have to pay special attention to fruit, in this case, the sweet one, and it is important to know how they should be combined.

We know that there are foods with more or less sugar. With the fever for healthy food and the restriction in our diet of certain components, such as the consumption of carbohydrates and specifically their sugars, there are many people who have begun to wonder if fruit is really healthy in their diet. because some of them can contribute large amounts.

All kinds of vegetables and fruits should be consumed, but in the case of sweet we have to pay special attention to how they should be combined, among other aspects.

The key is in the quantity, selection and quality of the same and not in the sugar that each fruit contains .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) recommends consuming more than 400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day to improve general health and reduce the risk of certain non-communicable diseases, but we must bear in mind that many sweet fruits can cause discomfort in our health.

A kilo of these foods – about six pieces – provides about 1,200 kcal, which is generally a lot for a person to consume, and can add too much sugar to the body .

Healthy lifestyle habits

Leading a healthy lifestyle by limiting sugar in our diet is something that we always consider. In this blog we recommend the practice of daily sports such as fitness.

Fitness helps us to have a better and healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle with more fitness and less sugar consumption can lead us to a healthier and happier life.

In our blog we also recommend that we get carried away by the advertising of large food industries, which recommend us to eat processed foods full of calories and indigestible.

We have to eat better and one of the foods that we always have to take into account are fruits and eat them in a variety of ways, both sweet fruits and sour fruits or neutral fruits.

Below we explain in more detail the different types of sweet fruits with their characteristics, benefits and other information of interest.

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