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Terms and conditions

by Ellie Lauderdale

Thediet MD is a content portal on health through food that values ​​a peaceful, safe, and fair environment on the internet. If you use (reproduce) any content published on my website, it is necessary to disclose the source, which must include, in addition to a link, the portal’s complete title, “Thediet MD”.

Uploading inappropriate files or those that damage my portal and its users, such as virtual viruses, is completely prohibited.

In case you do not agree with some of the guidelines mentioned on this website, it is recommended that you not use my portal.

Website Purpose:

I freely disseminate knowledge about health and healthy habits to the lay public, always using objective and clear language without ever confusing, misrepresenting, or misinforming my readers.

I always make it clear that my content is only educational and that you should always seek advice from a healthcare professional.


It is important to emphasize that the content published by Thediet MD is produced based on research carried out in books, scientific articles and interviews with health professionals.

My content should not be used without prior advice from a physician or even in place of any medical treatment.

Third-Party Content:

I always credit the source in my publications when they are based on third-party content since it is not in my interest to misappropriate any material produced by professionals or companies unrelated to my site.

However, if you are a copyright holder on something published on my website that has made you and/or your company feel aggrieved or even wish that this is not shown on my website, please get in touch with me and request an immediate withdrawal.


Any and all information collected by Thediet MD, for example: email address, will never be passed on to third parties, unless required by law. You can check the complete privacy policy at: Privacy Policy.

Funding source:

My content is offered completely free of charge to every Internet user who accesses my page. My project is financed through the placement of advertisements on my pages.