Pennyroyal tea – Benefits and properties

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Scientifically called  Mentha pulegium,  pennyroyal is a very popular alternative medicine plant due to its many properties and health benefits.

The plant has been used as a natural treatment since centuries past, throughout the Mediterranean and Western Asia, and can also be found in vegetable gardens and gardens throughout our country.

But, despite serving as a natural treatment for several diseases, the Poejo tea should not replace any treatment indicated by a medical professional, serving only as an adjuvant. If symptoms persist, seek expert advice again.

Properties and benefits of pennyroyal tea

Fights respiratory diseases

Known as “ Lung Mint ”, one of the main uses of pennyroyal tea is that it is a powerful natural expectorant. The tea made from the plant is indicated as a home treatment for those who suffer from problems such as cough , flu, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

“If you mix pennyroyal with cinnamon , ginger and  guaco , there’s a lot of flu that will come just by hearing about these names”, jokes specialist Paulo Guilherme.

Controls acidity in the stomach

People who suffer from a large production of acid in the stomach and have symptoms such as heartburn and reflux have a very restricted diet. Many foods and beverages, even natural ones, such as teas, can aggravate these types of problems. But pennyroyal tea is actually a great ally to combat problems such as heartburn, as long as it is consumed in moderation and accompanied by a medical professional.

It’s good for the digestion

Because it has carminative properties, pennyroyal tea has the function of helping the body to eliminate gases produced during digestion . Only the ingestion of pennyroyal tea is capable of not only flatulence, but also bloating. The drink also contains antispasmodic properties, helping to alleviate symptoms such as stomach pain.

Combat rheumatic pain

Pennyroyal tea has numerous benefits for those who drink it, however, the use of compresses made with the plant can help relieve rheumatic pain.

Relieves colic

In addition, pennyroyal tea compress also helps alleviate pain such as menstrual cramps. But it is important to remember that the drink has emmenagogue properties, contributing to increased menstrual flow.

reduces fever

The natural drink has an action that stimulates the production of sweat, being an excellent home remedy to help reduce fever.

Eliminate canker sores

The antiseptic action of tea also serves to treat thrush . For this, just use the drink recipe made with the herb as a mouthwash (mouthwash), always remembering to spit afterwards.

Treats insomnia, stress and anxiety

Serving as a natural sedative and relaxant , pennyroyal tea plays an important role in combating problems such as insomnia and even stress. In addition to helping to get a good night’s sleep, the drink combats symptoms of nervousness and anxiety.

Helps to eliminate worms

Tea is also a dewormer, pennyroyal tea also serves as a natural treatment to expel worms from the body.

What is the use of pennyroyal bath?

In addition to serving to be taken and as a compress, pennyroyal tea is also suitable for external application as baths. Due to its antiseptic and healing properties, the recipe helps to sanitize wounds and promote proper healing to them, preventing further damage such as infections.

How to make pennyroyal tea


1 teaspoon of fresh or dry pennyroyal;
200ml of water.

Preparation mode

Chop all the leaves and place them in the bottom of a cup. Then bring the water to a boil and when it starts to boil, pour the pennyroyal leaves into the container. When it boils, turn off the heat and smother the mixture for about ten minutes. Before consuming the drink, strain it.

In cases of respiratory diseases, the recommended consumption is one cup of pennyroyal tea every six hours. For digestive problems, try to drink the same amount of drink, always a few minutes before meals.

Contraindications of pennyroyal tea

Pregnant women should not consume pennyroyal tea during 9 months of pregnancy. As it is a drink that stimulates the flow of menstruation, consuming it can pose serious risks to the health of women and babies.

It is necessary to be careful with the excessive consumption of tea. The drink has a substance called pulegone which, when consumed in large quantities, can be toxic to the body.

According to Paulo Guilherme, children under two years old should also avoid drinking the drink. “Penny pennyroyal can even cause seizures in very young children,” he warned.

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