Guaco: what is it for and how to use it

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Guaco ( Mikania glomerata ) is a Brazilian plant well known for its effects against coughs, flu and diarrhea . Also, it helps to prevent diseases like cancer.

Its medicinal use is so extensive that science even classifies it as a natural anxiolytic and antidote to poisonous animal bites.

Learn about the main positive effects of guaco and what is the ideal way to consume it. Follow up!

To serve a guaco plant

Fights respiratory diseases

The main benefit of this plant is that it is great to help treat respiratory illnesses, such as coughs, flu and colds .

The substance coumarin, present in guaco, makes it an excellent expectorant and bronchodilator , reducing the amount of mucus in the respiratory tract and helping to breathe better. ( 1 )

The plant also has a positive effect in the treatment of hoarseness , bronchitis and sore throat. Its medicinal use is recommended by the SUS (Unified Health System) as an herbal option to combat the aforementioned diseases. ( 2 )

It is antidiarrheal

Guaco is also a medicinal plant that fights diarrhea . Its consumption causes a decrease in intestinal mobility and, consequently, a decrease in visits to the bathroom. ( 3 )

Eliminates microbes

The antimicrobial activity of guaco helps to prevent diseases caused by harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi , for example. ( 4 )

It is a natural anticoagulant

Some properties of guaco have an anticoagulant effect. This action helps to prevent and fight clots and so-called “blood thrombi”. Thus, guaco is indicated to treat cases of thrombosis . ( 4 )

Prevents the emergence of ulcer

Coumarin is also responsible for reducing the risk of the body developing ulcers.

This happens because this substance, abundant in guaco, reduces the secretion and relaxation of the digestive tract muscles , preventing ulceration. ( 5 )

Above all, injuries resulting from prolonged use of anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol abuse and stress , which are the three main causes of gastroduodenal ulcers.

Sanitizes mouth and teeth

The antiseptic action is also on the list of advantages of consuming guaco. The plant extract inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminates microorganisms responsible for the formation of bacterial plaque and caries . ( 5 )

prevents cancer

The extracts and active principles of guaco inhibit the growth and cause the death of several strains of malignant tumors that cause cancer. ( 5 )

Fights anxiety

Guaco can be used as a natural anxiolytic, being a potent home remedy against anxiety and its symptoms. The consumption of the plant causes a sedative effect and decreases the so-called “anxiety conditions”. ( 6 )

Inhibits the action of poisonous animals

Guaco is well known as a home remedy for stings from venomous animals such as snakes and scorpions , for example. The plant is capable of reducing or inhibiting the action of poisons in the human body, in addition to having an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. ( 7 , 8 , 9 )

It can be used as a preventive first aid alternative while the patient awaits medical attention.

IMPORTANT ! Do not interrupt or replace medications prescribed by the physician. Don’t self-medicate. Any treatment must be indicated and supervised by a physician.

How to make guaco tea

Guaco tea is one of the most common ways to consume the medicinal benefits of this plant.


  • 2 guaco leaves
  • 500 ml of filtered water.

Preparation mode

Wash the guaco leaves and chop into small pieces. Boil the water, add the guaco and turn off the heat. Leave the infusion capped for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink without sweetening.

The plant has a bitter taste, but it is important that you do not sweeten the tea , not even with a sweetener. If you want to improve the flavor, opt for a few drops of lemon or 1 tablespoon of honey . Sugar cancels out some important benefits of guaco, so it should be avoided.

How to make guaco syrup

Another known way to consume the properties of guaco is through its syrup. It can be purchased ready-made at health food stores or made at home. See how to prepare:


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 cup of sugar ( demerara or brown )
  • 10 guaco leaves
  • Honey (optional)

Preparation mode

Boil the water. In another pan, caramelize the sugar. When the beans are melted, add the guaco and stir. Pour in hot water, stir and cook until it reaches the consistency of syrup.

Don’t forget to remove the guaco leaves at the end.

TIP! Add 2 tablespoons of honey to enhance flavor and benefits.

How to take

Guaco syrup is great for fighting coughs and flu. Take 2 tablespoons a day to get its medicinal benefits.

Care and contraindications

During the production of this article, no scientific contraindications were found regarding the use of guaco. It is worth mentioning that there should be no exaggeration in its consumption. Use sparingly and always seek expert medical advice.

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