8 healthy drinks for Christmas and New Year

Is Christmas and New Year coming? See here 8 healthy and delicious drink recipes for these parties. Here you will learn how to make the best drinks and drinks that are natural and healthy, and that even children can drink! So, save it right in your recipe folder or notebook!Everyone knows that no one wants to spend the holidays without a hot drink in hand. Some opt for the famous soda, others for alcoholic beverages (such as champagne or shakes), and there are those who go for the traditional beer. But, none of these options are healthy.

With that in mind, we selected the best recipes on the internet for drinks that, in addition to being delicious, are good for your health. So whether you’re on a diet or simply avoiding health-damaging drinks, the solution is here! See below the recipes and benefits of each drink!

8 healthy drinks for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

In this topic, you will find recipes for the most delicious healthy drinks that exist. We’ve listed the 8, from the easiest to prepare to the most complicated. However, it is very worthwhile to prepare everyone at least once in your life! Check out:

1. Lemonade with gas

First, let’s go with the traditional, dear and very tasty lemonade! This is a drink most people like! So, learn to turn it into a wonderful drink that replaces soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Recipe: Add 500ml of very cold sparkling water with the juice of 1 large lemon (tahiti type). Add 2 tablespoons of refined sugar and mix well! Cut another lemon into slices and distribute in glasses along with ice cubes to serve.

Lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C and potassium. In addition, it has an antiseptic, astringent effect and has antioxidants, which help fight premature aging and prevent diseases.

It is also worth remembering that this is an immediate recipe, that is, it has to be produced and consumed right after preparation. This is because the lemon juice will oxidize over time and become more sour. This drink can even be consumed by children. But do not offer fizzy drinks for children under 5 years old.

2. Strawberry cider

Known by several names, this drink is quite famous at parties and events, but in its alcoholic version. It is well known as a summer drink, due to the fact that it is served very cold. See how to prepare:

Recipe: Take the leaves from 6 strawberries, wash them and freeze. In the liquefied, add 1 cup of non-alcoholic apple cider, the frozen strawberries and beat until well combined. In a glass tumbler, add ice cubes to the drink and decorate the glass with 1 strawberry on the rim.

Strawberry is a fruit rich in antioxidants (which fights free radicals). In addition, it has anthocyanins and ellagic acid in its composition. The sum of its nutrients promotes the prevention of heart disease, inflammation and even cancer.

As this drink has cider, look for the alcohol-free and sugar-free (or with a small amount) version. Compare between brands by looking at the nutrition tables on the labels. Choose the one that has less sugar, acidulants and preservatives in its composition.

3. Drink “Maracugina”

No, we are not talking about the medicine. It is simply a drink that includes passion fruit and tangerine! People ended up naming the drink as a joke. It is very easy to prepare!

Recipe: Peel and separate the segments of 1 tangerine, remove the seeds too. Distribute in two cups. Cut 1 passion fruit in half and with a spoon remove the pulp (each half in 1 cup). With the same spoon, crush the contents of the cup. Add ice and non-alcoholic cider until full.

This drink is delicious and super refreshing. As passion fruit is very sweet, you can choose to use a sugar-free cider, which increases the benefits.

Passion fruit has several nutrients such as vitamin A, C and mineral salts that are very good for the body! Tangerine is great for boosting immunity and fighting diseases caused by viruses, such as flu and colds.

Ah, a tip! Do not exaggerate the consumption of this drink. Remember that passion fruit has calming assets and can end up making you sleepy. Before the turn of the year, for example, drowsiness can be a problem.

4. Strawberry shake

Strawberry shake is also a popular drink. Who has never had a fruit shake for Christmas and New Year? But it’s time for you to get to know the healthy version of this drink and surprise everyone with this cold delight!

Recipe: In a blender, add 6 chopped and frozen strawberries and 1 can of condensed soy milk. Beat until smooth. Then add ice cubes and the same measure as the alcohol-free and sugar-free champagne can. Beat everything. Decorate the cup like 1 strawberry on the rim!

Have you never heard about condensed soy milk? It is a common product in the lives of those who are vegan. It can be found in health food stores or even in large supermarkets. You can also use the diet condensed milk, but you will get some benefits from the drink.

As already mentioned, strawberry is an antioxidant fruit capable of preventing various diseases such as heart problems and inflammation.

5. Drink “Sea of ​​stars” (Carambola)

In addition to being super fun, the drink Mar de Estrelas takes carambola: a delicious and very healthy fruit! Check out:

Recipe: Wash and cut into slices 2 carambolas . Crush 2 slices of fruit and distribute in 2 long glasses together with the uncrushed slices. Complete with ice-cold non-alcoholic cider and you’re done! You can decorate the glass with 1 carambola star on the rim.

Carambola is an antioxidant fruit, rich in vitamins such as A, C and some of the B complex. It serves to strengthen the body’s defenses, prevent colds and fight free radicals that cause cell aging. Remember to eat the carambola when you run out of cider in the glass. Thus, you will consume the natural benefits of the fruit.

6. Drink green kiwi and lemon

You want to have your taste buds surprised by a super tasty and healthy drink. Check out this drink recipe that uses kiwi , lemon and mint !

Recipe: Wash and cut 1 kiwi into slices. Place in 1 cup along with 2 chopped mint leaves. Crush everything using a fork. Cut ½ lemon into slices. Put half in the glass and the rest put just the juice. Complete with non-alcoholic cider.

Of the lemon, we already talked about the benefits above. About kiwi, did you know that it is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world? It has vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and several other nutrients and minerals. Kiwi fruit is good for the skin, improves circulation and blood pressure, prevents heart disease and is an antioxidant!

7. Peach cocktail

This is a simple and very tasty recipe! See the recipe below:

Recipe: Place 4 peaches in syrup in a bowl and crush them with a spoon. Place the peach batter in two cups, add ice and ½ cup of non-alcoholic cider. Mix and decorate as you like!

Peach is a kind of hard fruit to find in Brazil, but it is rich in nutrients. Among the main ones are vitamins A, E, K and six B-complex vitamins. Overall, it is a fruit that improves immunity, vision and circulation.

Peaches in syrup have the same nutrients, but come with more sugar. So you can eat them calmly if you have no problems with sugar consumption. But don’t overdo it!

8. Sangria without alcohol

That sangria is famous everyone knows, but few know the natural and healthy version of this drink!

Recipe: In 1 ½ liter of alcohol-free apple cider add the following washed fruits: 2 tangerines, 100 g of green grapes, 2 red apples , 1 green apple, 3 kiwis and 3 slices of pineapple . With the exception of apples and grapes, all fruits must be peeled. Finally, add 650 ml of natural grape juice and 1 cup of orange juice . Mix well.

Natural cider is literally a combo of various nutrients from many different fruits. Therefore, there is no way to list all the benefits. But, in general, we can say that it will do very well for immunity, it is super antioxidant and helps in skin health and weight loss.

What drinks to avoid?

Now that you know what are the healthy and delicious drinks to replace the drinks full of hype at Christmas and New Year, it’s time to know which drinks to avoid.

  • Distilled drinks: Some of them have a high amount of alcohol, which damages your health and can cause that huge hangover!
  • Aguardente: This drink earns a special place in this list because it causes drunkenness quickly, its smell permeates the skin and clothes and causes a hangover.
  • Creamy shakes: They usually take condensed milk and heavy cream in the recipe, which is a calorie bomb.

In addition to these tips, the main one when it comes to drinking is: Do not mix alcoholic  beverages ! Drunkenness quickly comes that way, as well as causing nausea, malaise, dizziness and of course a massive hangover!

How to avoid a hangover?

There’s no secret: lots of water and good food! A lot of people have many tricks and tips that are useless. The only way to avoid a hangover after getting drunk is to hydrate yourself very, very, very, very much!

A hangover is nothing more than a lack of water in the body (in the brain and head, mainly). The liver will use most of the body’s water to try to metabolize alcohol. Not to mention that you urinate more when you drink, which increases dehydration.

That’s why the bill is very simple: for each glass of alcohol, 1 glass of water! Drink water before bed too. That way, the hangover will not come or come very weak.

I’m already hungover: What can I do to make it go away?

Finally, we’ll give you tips on how to cure a hangover faster, if you’re already experiencing it! Get connected in the following tips.

To cure a hangover faster, drink plenty of water , fruit juices with sugar or homemade serum. Avoid eating heavy and fatty foods. Drink pure and strong coffee, without sugar. Avoid the glare and try to sleep longer than usual.

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