Lemon water: slimming, benefits and how to do it?

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You may have seen someone recommending lemon water to lose weight, and the best part is that it really helps with weight loss. This action is mainly due to vitamin C, an essential substance in fat burning.

But, in addition to this benefit, the drink also serves to relieve nausea and can be consumed during pregnancy. It also helps in strengthening the immune system, reduces symptoms of allergies and promotes liver detoxification.

For all these reasons, you can learn to prepare lemon water and better understand the beneficial effects it has. Check out!

Does water with lemon really slim down?

The Vitamin C , also called ascorbic acid, promotes weight loss because it assists the oxidation (spoilage) and discard the stored fat tissue. According to an article published in the Brazilian Journal of Epidemiology, this is because it acts on the production of catecholamines, such as adrenaline.

Furthermore, this acid is important in the production of another substance, carnitine. This, in turn, is well known to those who work out, as it increases energy production . With this, the body starts to burn accumulated fat and, consequently, reduces body weight.

The article in question also indicated that vitamin C deficiency is a risk factor for obesity and diabetes, also favoring the accumulation of adipose tissue. ( 1 )

Popularly, lemon is already known to be rich in this nutrient, but according to the Brazilian Food Composition Table (TACO), every 100 grams of lemon contains 38 of vitamin C. This represents more than half of the recommended daily values ​​for a lemon. adult woman, for example. ( 2 )

But, another property makes this drink an ally of the weight loss process, which is the hypolipidemic capacity. This means that it reduces the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides that accumulate in the blood and other tissues.

Lemon is also a potent anti-inflammatory, reducing the body’s normal reaction against harmful factors such as fat that causes swelling . ( 3 )

Finally, according to TACO, a 100 g serving of lemon contains only 32 calories. For this reason, the fruit flavored drink will not increase your daily caloric intake. ( 2 )

Other health benefits of drinking

Relieves nausea

According to a Spanish article published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, lemon has digestive and antiemetic effects. This is because the fruit is rich in substances such as limonene, citric acid and coumarins. All of them act by increasing the production of gastric acids, responsible for the digestion of food.

In this way, even what causes the feeling of nausea is removed from the stomach, providing quick relief. Even pregnant women can benefit from this drink to reduce morning sickness, as long as it is consumed in small amounts and with medical supervision. ( 4 )

Treats and prevents flu, colds and respiratory allergies

The treatment and prevention of colds and flu is achieved due to the antiviral properties of citrus fruit. This benefit comes from the action of limonene proven by research published in the scientific journal Moléculas, in 2016.

In the study, researchers placed the compound on plates with some viruses. The result obtained indicates that limonene is able to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that cause respiratory diseases. ( 5 )

Allergies, on the other hand, are fought by the anti-inflammatory effect of the fruit. ( 3 ) For those unaware, this health problem is an inflammatory process that occurs when the body perceives the presence of a foreign body.

This element activates mechanisms that release histamine, a substance that dilates blood vessels to increase the delivery of defense cells to the affected region. Thus, there is an increase in blood flow causing redness, pain and heat in the area, common symptoms of allergies. ( 6 )

By fighting inflammation, lemon can, at the same time, eliminate the foreign body and alleviate the signs of the allergic process.

Strengthens immunity

This action exists due to the increased production of antibodies that the lemon has. To be more specific, the fruit is able to stimulate the production of type B and T lymphocytes, defense cells that fight against invading microorganisms. ( 7 )

Protect the cells

According to an article in the journal Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen , a substance that promotes a good appearance of the skin and protects the other cells of the body. ( 8 )

Detoxifies the liver

Another advantage of drinking lemon water is for your liver, as the fruit has hepatoprotective properties. This prevents toxic substances, such as alcohol, microorganisms or medication, from harming the organ.

In addition, this citrus fruit is another food rich in antioxidants , responsible for preventing the action of harmful substances in the liver, especially free radicals. ( 3 )

Finally, lemon juice can also stimulate the production of bile, a liquid produced in the liver and which dilutes fat. Thus, drinking this drink daily is a way to optimize the functioning of this organ, without overloading it. ( 5 )

Increases iron absorption

The iron heme derived from plant sources, needs the action of vitamin C to be absorbed more effectively. This is because it directly influences the transport and storage of the mineral in the body.

There is also the fact that ascorbic acid is able to “dribble” the existence of anti-nutrients in vegetables. This increases the bioavailability of certain vitamins and minerals, such as phytates.

Another reason that vitamin C is essential for iron absorption is because it keeps the mineral in a soluble form, facilitating greater absorption by the intestine. ( 9 )

How to make and take?


  • 1 glass of cold filtered water
  • 1 ripe lemon .

Preparation method:

Squeeze the lemon into the water and drink it afterwards, without adding any sweetener. Or, you can use a jar with 1 liter of ice water and add the lemons in slices, peeled and well sanitized. This second version can be consumed in fractions throughout the day.

To choose the best option among the types of lemons that exist, you can choose one that suits your taste.

Is there any contraindication

The Homemade Remedy did not find any express prohibition on the consumption of lemon water. However, people who suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers can have symptoms that are aggravated by drinking.

According to a publication by Blog da Saúde, administered by the Ministry of Health, acidic substances increase stomach acidity. This problem causes the burning sensation to increase, in addition to aggravating stomach problems. ( 10 )

Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when ingesting this drink, preferably looking for your doctor, so that the professional can evaluate the clinical case and inform whether or not it is allowed.

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