Carambola – Benefits and properties

Carambola – Benefits and properties

The carambola has several benefits for the health of the body. Among the main advantages of its consumption are the prevention of flu , the improvement of the intestinal flora and weight loss.

The scientific name of this fruit is Averrhoa carambola and it is born from the tree known as carambola. It is native to the Asian tropical region, but is easily found in Brazil, mainly in the north, northeast and interior of the state of São Paulo.

Despite its exotic appearance, this fruit has a pleasant and sweet taste, and can be used in various recipes, with an emphasis on refreshing juices , which can be enhanced in flavor and nutrients when combined with other fruits and herbs.

8 main benefits of carambola

According to nutritionist Nathiane Magalhães, carambola is a fruit rich in healthy benefits. Its nutrients and properties help the body in different ways in alternative medicine, especially in preventing diseases. Check out:

1) Prevents colds and flu

First, carambola is a fruit rich in vitamin C , a substance that helps reduce infections in the body. “And it helps to fight the most varied diseases, as it strengthens the immune system”, explains the nutritionist.

2) Improves intestinal flora

The fibers carambola are beneficial to the health and functioning of the intestines. According to the specialist, they facilitate the passage of feces through the intestinal tract. “Fibers also promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, which make up the intestinal microbiota, which help in the digestion of food”, he says.

Also according to Magalhães, the good digestion of carambola and its fibers cause better movement in the region, which protects the entire gastrointestinal system against infections.

3) Promotes hydration

Another benefit of its consumption is hydration. “The carambola is a fruit that has a high water content in its composition, which helps to hydrate the skin and body, preventing dryness and dehydration”, concludes the nutritionist.

4) Rich in folic acid

In addition, star fruit also provides folic acid, also known as folate or vitamin B9. It is a substance that reduces the chances of stroke and heart disease. “The nutrient is also important for pregnant women, as it is necessary for the development of babies during pregnancy”, explains Magalhães.

5) Keep your heart strong and healthy

A great advantage of consuming carambola is its cardioprotective effect . According to Magalhães, “the carambola potassium helps to regulate blood pressure, while the present magnesium acts on the contraction and expansion of the heart muscles, ensuring the regularity of the heart rhythm, which facilitates the blood flow and the fibers reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol, LDL, preventing the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries”, he concludes.

6) Ensures beautiful, youthful skin

The antioxidants present in the fruit promote the elimination of toxins and free radicals, which improves the appearance of the skin, according to the nutritionist. In addition, carambola has a very good epidermal benefit for teenagers, as it helps to control acne and pimples.

As for adults, antioxidants are related to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and a delay in aging symptoms.

7) Aids in weight loss

The nutritional composition of carambola is very good for those who want to lose weight. It is low in fat, high in water and fiber, and low in calories. “All these factors make the carambola can contribute to the weight loss process”, says the nutritionist.

8) Improves iron absorption

“To provide good doses of iron to the body, it is not enough simply to eat foods that are rich in the nutrient, but also to follow a diet with vitamin C, such as carambola, as the body needs the vitamin to absorb the mineral well,” explains.

In addition, Magalhães clarifies that iron deficiency not only causes the so-called iron deficiency anemia , but also impairs the transport of oxygen throughout the body, since it is the mineral that forms hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells that is responsible for this function. .

Is carambola bad?

Many people believe that star fruit is bad for you. This is true only for those who have kidney problems . People with healthy kidneys can consume star fruit normally.

According to the nutritionist, patients with chronic kidney problems should not eat carambola, as the fruit has a substance called caramboxin . The excess of it in the body can reach the brain and cause vomiting, mental confusion, psychomotor agitation, convulsions and even death.

Although caramboxin exists in low concentration in fruit, it is toxic. In healthy people, it is easily eliminated the body, but in patients with kidney problems it remains in the body and causes the symptoms mentioned above.

Some studies confirm that patients with kidney problems should not consume star fruit, due to the degree of toxicity of the fruit. ( 1 , 2 , 3 ).

Carambola Juice Recipes

The juice of this fruit is a great alternative to consuming its benefits, especially for those people who do not have the habit of consuming fruit in nature . Check below two recipes given nutritionist Nathiane Magalhães:

traditional carambola juice

  1. First, wash and cut into pieces 5 very ripe carambola.
  2. Then, place in a blender with 2 glasses of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar and some ice cubes.
  3. Finally, beat, strain and serve.

Tip: Do not use white sugar, prefer brown or demerara sugar, as they are healthier options. You can also decorate the glass you are going to serve with a slice of carambola, which is star-shaped and looks really nice!

Carambola juice with orange and basil

  1. Wash and cut 1 carambola into pieces. Reserve.
  2. Squeeze oranges until you get ½ liter of fruit juice.
  3. Place the ingredients in a blender and add 1 handful of basil .
  4. Beat, strain and serve.

Due to the natural sugar present in the orange juice, the drink does not need to be sweetened.

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