Mate tea: benefits for healthy weight loss

Benefits of Mate Tea for Weight Loss
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Mate tea is a very popular drink in the south and midwest regions of Brazil, but did you know that it makes you slimmer? Because it is rich in several important phytochemical compounds, the herb helps in burning fat , especially that which is accumulated in organs such as the liver, which directly contributes to the loss of measures.

The consumption of yerba mate ( Ilex paraguariensis ), widely known as chimarrão (hot) or tererê (cold), has the ability to help give more energy and increase the feeling of well-being, because it is rich in caffeine and that too It is great for weight loss as it decreases the urge to eat high-calorie things.

Here we separate the benefits that the herb provides for those looking to lose weight with health and also tips for simple and delicious recipes. Don’t waste time and check it out!

Benefits of Mate Tea for Weight Loss

burn the fat

“Due to the action of mate tea in the control of the lipid profile, it can contribute to the control of body weight”, explained nutritionist Luis Braz to Remédio Caseiro . This is because the herb is rich in phytochemicals, especially flavonoid compounds and saponins, which change the way the body uses this fat.

“Furthermore , the thermogenic capacity must be highlighted , which can also favor the reduction of body measurements, reducing fluid retention and reducing body fat”, completed the professional.

This means that this tea is able to increase body temperature, making the body work harder to handle everything.

Because of this, there is a greater energy expenditure and the consequent burning of this fat, which tends to be accumulated in organs such as the liver and tissues. ( 1 )

Mate tea still has a very low energy value and no fat. A cup with 200 ml of the infusion, without sugar, has only 2 calories, which indicates that it can indeed be present in weight loss diets. ( 2 )

Decreases hunger

Another reason why yerba mate is great for those who want to lose those extra pounds is because it is able to reduce hunger . That’s right, having a cup (or gourd) of mate tea can help you eat smaller amounts.

What happens is that mate tea delays gastric emptying. That is, it extends the time the food remains in the stomach, increasing the feeling of satiety .

Thanks to this, the body understands that it does not need to eat as often, as it is still busy digesting the last meal, providing a reduction in caloric consumption during the day and eating fewer calories for greater weight loss. ( 3 )

Reduces bad cholesterol

Do you know the flavonoids and saponins we’ve already talked about? They help in lowering bad cholesterol.

According to the nutrition professional, “Mate tea can be a great ally in the search for a healthier life, as this drink has functional properties and is able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), something that is very positive”.

This is because the herb acts on two fronts. The first is a reduction in the amount of bad cholesterol that is absorbed the body. The second is preventing this harmful fat from oxidizing (degrading) and “sticking” to tissues.

The result is a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular problems related to excess fat, such as atherosclerosis and heart attack . ( 4 )

Controls blood glucose

Those who suffer from diabetes, a disease related to the metabolic syndrome, which is a group of illnesses that can increase the chances of developing heart problems, can enjoy the benefits of mate tea.

This is because the infusion, as a source of phenolic compounds such as chlorogenic acid, helps to reduce the amount of glucose that is released into the blood. ( 5 )

As a result, there is not such a great need for insulin release to combat these excesses, which is good for those who suffer from the disease, which can maintain acceptable levels and without so many deprivations.

Controlling blood glucose is an important factor for weight loss, since excess insula in the blood, which serves to control the large amount of sugar, not only hinders weight loss but also makes the body store more fat.

IMPORTANT ! Drug treatments should never be abandoned without medical advice. Therefore, mate tea should only be an aid in the whole process and never the main method of control.

gives more energy

Luís also informed that mate tea has a high concentration of caffeine, a neurostimulant compound that can also be found in other types of teas and in coffee.

As a result, the infusion is able to increase focus and attention during some activity , perfect for moments of study, as well as increasing the effectiveness of physical exercises, increasing energy.

Drinking tea before going to the gym can increase the time doing some physical activity, especially high intensity ones, and thus contributes to a greater caloric expenditure and consequent weight loss. ( 5 )

As a result of being a neurostimulant compound, the caffeine in yerba mate is considered a natural antidepressant.

Its consumption reduces the degradation of monoamines, which are biochemical substances and among the best known are dopamine and serotonin.

For this reason, there is an increase in the feeling of well-being, which can also help to reduce binge eating . Thus contributing, even if indirectly, to healthy weight loss. ( 6 )

Reduces swelling

Mate tea can also reduce swelling , both in the abdomen and in the lower part of the body, and this is due to the action of this herb on the gastrointestinal and circulatory tracts.

First, tea has a choleretic function, as it increases the production of bile, a liquid produced the liver and which acts in a very similar way to detergent in the body, promoting the emulsification of fat, and plays a fundamental role in digestion.

The tea is also able to stimulate intestinal transit, providing a more effective elimination of feces and reducing the abdominal bloating that problems such as gas and constipation can cause.

Associated with this, the compounds found in the herb have vasodilator and diuretic potential . This means that they promote the relaxation of the veins, helping the blood to flow better .

Furthermore, the infusion has the potential to increase the production of urine “which can also favor the reduction of body measurements reducing fluid retention”, explains the nutritionist. (5)

Mate tea recipes

Simple mate tea

You will need to fill about two-thirds of the mate gourd with the yerba mate, pulling towards the edges. Then add very hot water, wait about 5 minutes to extract the compounds and drink while still hot.

If you don’t have a gourd at home, don’t worry, prepare the drink with 1 teaspoon of the herb for every cup of hot water.

Another option is to use the herb to make tererê , a type of tea infused in cold water and which is a delight to drink in the summer.

To make it you need to put 2 tablespoons full of yerba mate in 1 liter of cold water and let it rest to extract all the flavor. Then add the juice of two lemons, sweeten to taste and drink it cold.

Mate tea with orange

Luis taught a recipe for iced mate tea with orange. For this you will need to prepare 200 ml of tea, which can be made with 1 teaspoon of the herb to 1 cup of water.

Bring to the fire together with 1 cinnamon stick and 1 teaspoon of cloves and cook on low heat for 5 minutes. That done, turn off the heat, wait for it to cool and add the orange juice , which should be fresh and chilled, and mix. You can drink it right away or add ice to make it even more refreshing.

Yerba mate iced tea with lime

Prepare the tea with 1 liter of hot water and 2 tablespoons of yerba mate and let it cool. When at room temperature, add the juice of 1 lemon of your choice and ice as much as you like.

If needed, add a little sugar. Add a few slices of lemon just before serving, as Luis informs you that the tea can have a bitter aftertaste of the rind if kept too long.

Are there any contraindications?

“Mate tea due to its high caffeine content may not be something very interesting for consumption by people with hypertension or gastritis , as this substance could raise blood pressure, in addition to being a gastric irritant,” warned the nutrition professional.

Too much caffeine can cause problems such as headaches, dizziness and sleep problems in sensitive people. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid drinking tea at night and in large quantities.

However, Luís says that “if the person does not have any of these clinical complications, mate tea will be an excellent drink option”, as long as it is not excessive .

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