Mango Mandarin Smoothie: Antioxidant Drink

The mandarin and mango smoothie is an antioxidant drink that helps us delay aging , strengthens our body and prevents cellular oxidation by neutralizing free radicals.

Why do we need antioxidants?

Without oxygen there would be no life and, furthermore, we need it to be able to breathe. When it comes to transforming oxygen into the energy we need to live, substances are generated that are stored in our body called free radicals.

If free radicals are not balanced in our body, they can oxidize our cells and can cause damage to our health.

The antioxidants that we take through food help eliminate free radicals, repairing oxidative damage.

In short, it is important to consume antioxidants through food to eliminate free radicals that are stored in our body and that in addition to aging our cells can cause us diseases.

Natural Antioxidants in Mandarin Orange Smoothie

The oxidation of the body accelerates aging so it is important to consume foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables.

As antioxidants we can highlight vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are found in mandarin and mango, so we can consider these fruits as antioxidant foods.

Natural defenses in the mandarin and mango smoothie

Tangerines and mangoes are types of fruits rich in vitamin C that help us strengthen our defenses at times when we need it most.

Improve eyesight with vitamin A

Thanks to the fact that these foods provide us with vitamin A, they also help us prevent ocular degeneration and improve the health of our eyes.

Healthy skin with vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that we can ingest through these foods. It is noteworthy that this vitamin is associated with healthy and radiant skin, as it works by fighting free radicals that degenerate the skin.

Recipe: Mandarin Orange Smoothie

With the benefits that these two semi-acid fruits give us, we make an ideal shake to have a balanced and healthy diet. The combination is perfect, since these two foods combine perfectly.

In addition, if we add a yogurt, we add a creaminess to the shake that you are sure to love.

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How to make the tangerine and mango smoothie?

Preparing this antioxidant drink is really easy. It is important that the fruits are at their ideal point of ripeness. We can find them in our trusted fruit shop very easily during the season.

Mandarin orange smoothie

The mandarin and mango smoothie is an antioxidant drink that helps us delay aging, strengthens our body.

 Recipe type Drinks
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Tangerine, Mango
 Preparation time 20 minutos
 Total time 20 minutos
 For how many people? 1 persona


  • units of tangerines
  • 1/2 unit of mango
  • glass of soy, rice, almond or other similar vegetable drink (milk can also be used)
  • unit of natural yogurt without sugar
  • tablespoon of honey (optional)

Recipe preparation

  1. We peel the fruit and prepare it to put it in the blender glass. It is important that it does not take long so that it does not rust.

  2. We add the milk or vegetable drink and the yogurt.

  3. If we want to add a little more sweetness to the shake, we add the tablespoon of honey.

Recipe tips

This antioxidant shake can be taken for breakfast or at any time of the day as a snack or snack.

A trick to have this smoothie out of season or just to give it a different cold touch is to freeze the fruit before preparing it. In addition, chia seeds, flax seeds or spirulina can be added to enhance its nutritional properties.

The tangerine and mango smoothie  provides us with vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients for our health. In addition, it strengthens our defenses against colds and flu. It is also a great antioxidant shake .

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