Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie, the cleansing green

The kiwi, green apple and spinach smoothie is a very cleansing drink , it is a natural detox that helps us eliminate toxins from our body.

Purify your body by consuming three foods rich in fiber: kiwi, apple and spinach.

Do you have problems with intestinal transit? With this shake it helps you alleviate occasional problems related to intestinal regulation. This detox shake helps you purify the body of the toxins that you have accumulated.

Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie: the detox smoothie

Due to stress, pollution, poor diet, toxins such as alcohol or tobacco, we accumulate toxins in our body that are naturally difficult to eliminate.

In addition to eliminating toxins from our daily consumption, eating a balanced diet, consuming fruits and vegetables regularly and doing sports, we must include foods that help us purify in our diet.

Cellular aging

These toxins accumulate in our body which causes free radicals to increase . This increase in free radicals causes cells to oxidize causing premature aging of them.

This cellular aging, in addition to causing premature physical aging , can cause irreversible damage to our health such as cardiovascular or coronary diseases, diabetes or other more serious ones.

The antioxidant remedy

As I have already mentioned, the best way to fight in a natural and healthy way against these free radicals that can cause so much damage is through a healthy and balanced diet, not smoking or consuming alcohol and exercising regularly.

In addition, we have to make use of natural antioxidants that help us to stop the oxidation produced by the free radicals installed in our body, as mentioned above.

Antioxidants are found naturally in food, mainly in fruits and vegetables.

The lycopene which is a powerful natural antioxidant is found in fruit pulp red color, such as watermelon, tomatoes , strawberries, etc . Beta-carotenes and vitamins A, C and E are also natural antioxidant compounds that we can find naturally in fruits and vegetables.

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The detox shake

One way to eliminate toxins is through cleansing foods and in this case I present a detox shake that, in addition to being a fabulous natural detoxifier, is terrific.

This kiwi, apple and spinach smoothie, which is very rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

 When to have the Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie shake?

Like all cleansers, it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach. So, first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach, since our body, at this time, is more receptive to assimilating and processing the antioxidant and cleansing nutrients in this shake.

What are the benefits of the Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie?

In addition to being a powerful natural detox , as I have already mentioned, it helps us regulate intestinal transit , eliminate fluids naturally and with weight loss diets.

How to make a Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie?

Preparing this kiwi smoothie with apple and spinach is very simple since few ingredients are necessary and that we can find in our markets very easily.

In addition, you will only need a good blender and in less than five minutes you will already be enjoying this delicious detox shake.

Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

The kiwi, green apple and spinach smoothie is a very cleansing drink, it is a natural detox that helps us eliminate toxins from our body.

 Recipe type Drinks
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Kiwi, Apple
 Preparation time 20 minutos
 Total time 20 minutos
 For how many people? 1 persona


  • bowl raw spinach leaves
  • kiwi
  • green apple
  • 1 vaso agua

Recipe preparation

  1. Wash the spinach leaves well.

  2. Peel the kiwi.

  3. It is optional to peel the apple although I prefer to wash it well and introduce it with the skin.

  4. Beat everything and mix with the glass of water.

Tips for preparing the Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie Recipe

As I have already mentioned, the way to make this recipe is quite easy. You just have to join the ingredients and beat them.

As a recommendation, in an American glass it is done very simply, although if we do not have one, with a good conventional mixer, we can do it without problems.

Adding lemon or lime juice is optional, in addition to the fact that I like it to have an acid touch, the lemon or lime increases the cleansing power of the shake .

It is also optional to add a pinch of ginger, a tablespoon of chia or hemp seeds , which gives it a different touch.

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This shake is lactose-free, since it does not have any dairy or any of its derivatives in its ingredients.

Trick for this healthy Kiwi, Apple and Spinach smoothie

You can add cold water, warm water, or ice, depending on whether you like it thicker or less. The same happens with ice, add more or less, depending on whether you like the milkshake colder or warmer. You can add up to 100 ml of water.

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