Fig smoothie with banana, a natural energy

The fig is an ideal fruit to add to our diet , since it is a fruit with very beneficial properties for our health. It is very fun and delicious to have a fantastic fig smoothie accompanied with banana .

This drink is rich in carbohydrates. In these shakes, we combine the figs with the banana, two caloric fruits that, combining them, results in a natural energetic drink .

Banana fig smoothie: healthy energy drink

We recommend this healthy drink especially for those who want to carry out intense physical activity or to recover from states of fatigue.

Laxative shakes

It is a recipe that has laxative properties thanks to the fig , since it is a great help against constipation. The properties of figs are varied and with this delicious drink you have the opportunity to add to your diet a fruit with extraordinary benefits for our health.

An antioxidant drink

Figs provide us with beta-carotene that our body transforms into vitamin A. It is a great antioxidant.

Moderate consumption for diabetics

As it is a recipe for a fruit drink rich in carbohydrates and sugars, we recommend a moderate consumption for diabetics. If there is any doubt about its consumption, we recommend that you consult a health professional or a dietitian.

When to have a fig and banana smoothie?

Taking fruit smoothies is always a very healthy and fun option. We always recommend taking fresh and seasonal fruit that we have to have regularly in our kitchen.

It is true that sometimes we could get tired of eating this type of food always in the same way. For this reason, sometimes preparing this type of recipes is a highly recommended option to enjoy its flavor and benefits.

It is ideal to take it for breakfast to start the day with energy . We can also take it after doing intense exercises. In this way we recover the body from the activity carried out. Likewise, we can also take it as a snack between meals, as snacks or desserts.

How to make a fig and banana smoothie?

Preparing one of these fig and banana smoothies is really easy . How do we prepare these recipes? In this case it is very easy, it only has two types of fruits that are very common and that we can find very easily.

In season, you can find fresh figs in your usual market.

In addition, you will only need a good blender and in less than five minutes you can prepare one of these recipes and in a moment, you will be enjoying this healthy energy drink.

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Fig smoothie with banana

The fig is an ideal fruit to add to our diet. It is very fun and delicious to have a fantastic fig smoothie accompanied with banana.

 Recipe type Drinks
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Figs, Banana
 Preparation time 15 minutes
 Total time 15 minutes
 For how many people? 1 persona


  • 4 higos frescos
  • banana from the Canary Islands or banana
  • tablespoon whole cane sugar or pan
  • 300 ml of organic vegetable drink or the one you like the most
  • cinnamon pepper

Recipe preparation

  1. In our blender we introduce the four pieces of peeled figs, the piece of banana or the tablespoon of sugar or panela.

  2. Beat for two minutes well until puree.

  3. Add the vegetable drink and beat one more minute until having a homogeneous texture.

  4. Serve in a glass and add a pinch of cinnamon.

Tuco for the fig and banana smoothie shake

The fruit if it is cold, the smoothie recipes come out better and to prepare this delicious smoothie, with the very cold fig it takes on a more pleasant texture.

In addition, you can substitute the panela for three pitted dates for a shake of pure energy and a delicious flavor.

Cinnamon adds a delicious aromatic touch to these types of drinks with fresh fruits.

To finish, on hot days, we can also freeze the banana and place it in the form of cubes in the blender, the result will surprise you.

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