Carqueja tea: what is it for and how to make it

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This tea has been known since the time of our grandmothers. With a strong and bitter flavor, carqueja tea is one of the darlings to treat liver and digestion problems in general.

Scientifically known as Baccharis trimera , carqueja is considered a medicinal plant. Its tea has a bitter taste , can be found easily at low cost, and is generally used for digestive or liver problems.

According to nutritionist Vitor Boico, the herbal properties of this plant have been studied for a long time.

“Its aqueous extract showed a hypoglycemic and hepatoprotective effect , its digestive action and action in the prevention of stomach ulcers was also validated , as the plant extract reduces gastric acidity ,” he informed.

4 main benefits of carqueja tea

1- Protect the liver

The consumption of carqueja tea can protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol, as the herb’s aqueous extract has an antioxidant effect, reducing the oxidative stress of the cells. ( 1 )

Nutritionist Vitor Boico explains that “its hepatoprotective action is particularly due to flavonoids, mainly hispidulin, which is a powerful antioxidant and acts in the protection of the liver”.

In addition to protecting the organ, the plant improves its functions and that of the kidneys.

2- It is effective against bacteria

The plant also has antimicrobial activity , as it has the potential to fight Gram-positive bacteria, commonly found in humans and which can cause various diseases. ( 2 )

3- Helps metabolism

The carqueja combined with other treatments improves the frame of those who suffer from the metabolic syndrome . ( 3 )

The disorder increases blood pressure , blood glucose and abdominal fat, conditions that increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

The herb is able to reduce insulin levels and inflammation , helping to treat the syndrome.

4- It is cardioprotective

The consumption of carqueja tea inhibits the harmful action of free radicals released from food and bad habits, such as smoking. And which are factors that increase the risk of heart disease.

In this way, the drink can reverse the harmful effects on the heart and kidneys. ( 4 )

How to make carqueja tea

The most used form of home treatment with medicinal plants is tea by infusion .

In this procedure, the tea is made by adding the herb to boiling water and smothering for 5 to 10 minutes. Wait until it becomes warm before consuming.

In the case of carqueja, what is indicated is 1 tablespoon of the plant for each liter of water. A maximum of 2 cups of carqueja tea per day should be consumed.

Remember that the tea must be ingested on the same day of preparation.


Although carqueja can treat or act as an adjunct in several treatments, it is necessary to adopt some precautions. According to Vitor Boico, “the plant has low toxicity when ingested orally, so its consumption is considered safe.”

However, its consumption by women who are breastfeeding should be avoided. The tea should not be consumed by pregnant women either, as the herb has an abortive effect.

If you are taking any medication, you should pay attention. The nutritionist points out that “the plant also has drug interaction with antihypertensive drugs, enhancing the effect of the drug.”

It is recommended to seek medical assistance when starting treatments with carqueja.

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