Apricot smoothie: a healthy drink

The apricot smoothie is a fabulous drink full of healthy properties and benefits for our health and here I present the recipe.

When can I make it apricot smoothie?

The apricot is a delicious fruit that we can find in our markets in spring and summer.

Out of season I recommend you freeze it to be able to make this fabulous smoothie when we cannot find this fresh fruit in our markets and thus be able to enjoy this delicious fruit all year round.

Apricot smoothie benefits

We have already explained in another article the benefits of apricot , but as a summary I would like to tell you that this shake is rich in vitamin A to help protect your eyes, as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

It is also rich in vitamin C, a vitamin with many properties that, among other benefits , helps us to enjoy radiant and healthy skin.

It has potassium to stimulate good heart function , in addition to being a natural diuretic that helps us eliminate fluids naturally.

It also helps us regulate intestinal transit thanks to being a food rich in fiber.

A very nutritious shake

As we have already mentioned, these little fruits are very nutritious . Ideal to include in our diet as fresh and raw fruits or through this delicious shake.

How to make an Apricot Smoothie?

Preparing this apricot smoothie is very simple since in general few ingredients are necessary. In addition, they are easy to find in any supermarket. You will only need a good mixer and in less than five minutes you will already be enjoying this delicious smoothie.

Apricot smoothie

The  apricot smoothie  is a fabulous drink full of healthy properties and benefits for our health.

 Recipe type Drinks
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit apricot
 Preparation time 20 minutos
 Total time 20 minutos
 For how many people? 1 persona


  • apricots crudos the frozen
  • raw or frozen plantain
  • mint leaves without stems
  • cup coconut or almond milk

Recipe preparation

  1. Apricots are washed with clean water.

  2. They are peeled and the bone that is discarded is separated.

  3. We crush it together with the banana and mint.

  4. Add the coconut or almond drink and enjoy this fabulous apricot juice.

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We can vary the recipe using mango or papaya instead of banana The three options will have an excellent flavor and magnificent properties and benefits for our health.

You can also change the herb and use ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, or cloves instead of or in combination with mint.

Trick for this healthy smoothie

We can freeze the result of crushing the apricot with the banana and the mint in an ice bucket making small dice that we can use whenever we want, just adding the coconut or almond drink.

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