Watermelon, rosemary and lime water: refreshing recipe

We are in the hot season and we want to have something to refresh and hydrate us. Try watermelon water, a delicious and healthy drink.

Recipes with seasonal fruits

We are in the summer season and it is the time of summer fruits, such as melon or watermelon. Likewise, eating seasonal fruit always has advantages. As a consequence, we have foods that are of higher quality, naturally matured with an unbeatable flavor and aroma.

On the one hand, seasonal fruit is grown naturally and without resorting to greenhouses. In this way, they grow and mature naturally. As a result, we obtain fruits with their properties not altered.

In addition, if the fruit is from organic crops, even better , since the whole process is much more natural.

Watermelon water, a natural drink and easy to make

Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit, along with melon. At this station we can make different recipes with these ingredients. We recommend that they be light, hydrating recipes and if you can be, easy to make to help those who are just starting out in the kitchen.

We have many great ideas for making different kinds of healthy recipes. In this case we bring the watermelon water, a delicious refreshing drink that you will surely like.

Watermelon benefits

The star ingredient in this natural soft drink is watermelon . A delicious sweet seasonal fruit that is recommended to have in our kitchen. In addition, it has different nutrients that provide us with benefits for our health.

They are ingredients that always provide nutrients to our recipes. In another article on this blog we explain how eating watermelon helps us to improve our health. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also provides us with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is very easily absorbed.

It also gives us very few calories. However, it is rich in water that helps us hydrate and purify toxins.

Rosemary benefits

Rosemary is a medicinal plant that provides flavor and a very characteristic aroma to our preparations.

In addition, this aromatic plant also has nutrients that provide benefits to the recipe . It is a digestive plant with antioxidant properties, among many other benefits.

Lime benefits

Lime is a citrus with an unmistakable aroma. It is synonymous with freshness and how much with different beneficial properties for our body.

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It has antiseptic and archaic properties. In addition, it is very digestive, since it neutralizes excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

It also provides us with a lot of water and few carbohydrates. As a consequence, it provides us with few calories and is ideal to include in weight loss diets.

It also provides us with different types of vitamins and minerals, as well as natural fiber.

Watermelon Water, a healthy drink

There are different types of recipes for refreshing water drinks that we can make in summer. We can use different types of fruits and vegetables with medicinal plants, such as mint or rosemary.

We have explained how rosemary benefits us, but we cannot ignore fresh mint. They are plants that we cannot stop having in our kitchen. In any summer recipe we can use both rosemary and fresh mint, among others. Aromatic plants make a very good synergy with other fresh foods in our recipes.

When to drink watermelon water?

We can drink this type of refreshing drink at any time. As it is a healthy soft drink, we can drink it at any time of the day. We explain how to do it, but the moment is up to you. In this recipe you have the ideal ingredients to savor a moment of pleasure. Choose between the different types of waters that you like the most to make the mixture, as we indicate below.

Watermelon, rosemary and lime water

We are in the hot season and we want to have something to refresh and hydrate us. Try watermelon water, a delicious and healthy drink.

 Recipe type Drinks
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Watermelon, Lima
 Preparation time 10 minutos
 Total time 10 minutos
 For how many people? personas


  • 1/2 cup of fresh watermelon in chunks
  • slices of fresh lime
  • small sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • Mineral water with or sparkling
  • Ice cubes

Recipe preparation

  1. In the first step, place a sprig of rosemary, a thin slice and a couple of pieces of watermelon in each glass.

  2. In the next step, add ice and fill each glass with mineral water.

Recipe Notes

That’s how easy we get a great refreshing recipe that you are sure to love.

Recipe recommendations

We can use different types of mineral waters, but I love to use one that is sparkling. In this way, the recipe has a special appeal. It helps with the aroma and in the mouth it is much more pleasant.

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So, in the last step of the recipe, you have to choose between sparkling or still mineral water. Choose the one you like the most for this type of drink.

In warmer times we always feel like different types of cold recipes. Either with flavored waters, smoothies, juices or salads. That is, a refreshing recipe with watermelon water that I hope you like.

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