Quince sweet, a fall recipe

Quince sweet is a delicious autumn recipe that we can make with the fruit that bears its name. We tell you everything you need to know about this recipe.

Quince sweet, easy seasonal recipe

The quince is an autumn fruit with which we can make various recipes. It is a typical fruit of October and of the autumn season. In addition, it is not usually eaten raw, since its pulp is hard and rough. Therefore, it is an ideal ingredient to make various healthy recipes.

The most common recipe that we can make with this ingredient is quince paste. In addition, it is one of the typical recipes of Spain and that are usually made in a traditional way in October. That is why it is usually done very often on these dates. Likewise, it is a very easy sweet recipe to make.

Processed quince meat is also often bought. However, these sweet recipes are ideal to make as a family. They are also perfect as sweet dessert recipes or as a snack. An experience for our palate that only a homemade dessert made in a traditional way can make us feel.

Quince sweet, a traditional recipe

It is a sweet and very traditional preparation that is usually made at home in an artisanal way, usually in the month of October and respecting the season. Also, these desserts are very aromatic with a jelly-like texture. However, it is more consistent than a typical jelly.

These recipes go perfectly with cheese, either fresh or cured. It is also ideal to eat it with walnuts , a dried fruit with many benefits for our health.

It is tradition to make a recipe for quince jelly when these fruits are in season. That is, in the month of October or at the beginning of autumn. The time we are spending with the family in our kitchen making these desserts, they are an authentic experience to remember.

Quince sweet, a homemade recipe

You can buy this preparation already made, that is, prepared. Certainly, there are different qualities, some of which are quite good.

However, if we make this recipe at home, we will notice a clear difference in quality. Above all, the homemade one will have an aroma, a flavor and a texture that cannot be compared.

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Normally the recipes made in our kitchen are very special. Desserts like quince jelly taste much better made at home. Not only because of the quality of the seasonal fruits, but because of the love we put into making it.

We certainly have work to do in our kitchen. First we have to buy the fresh fruit, then cook it and finally pack it. Therefore, it is more laborious than buying it ready-made. Therefore, we can make more than what we are going to consume the same day, since it is perfectly preserved in the fridge.

In any case, although the time is somewhat long, the preparation is very easy to do. Also, remember that with cheese and nuts it is great.

Quince benefits

It is a fruit that provides us with different beneficial nutrients for our health. In addition, it is an ideal ingredient to incorporate into our diet.

It is true that it is a preparation that contains a lot of sugar. As a consequence, these types of sweet recipes are very caloric desserts.

It is not recommended for people with diabetes. However, it is ideal for those who want to replenish their strength in a healthy way. It is also an ideal product for athletes.

The benefits of quince we explained in an article that we recommend you read, but I anticipate some of them.

Quinces are excellent antioxidants. They also help us regulate intestinal transit thanks to the contribution of dietary fiber.

It also helps us regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. It is also ideal in cases of diarrhea.

When to have quince paste?

This recipe is ideal to take it at any time, as a snack or appetizer. Likewise, it is ideal to take it as a homemade dessert, either alone or combined with cheese or nuts. In any case, it is a delight for our palate and very easy to make.

Quince sweet

Quince sweet is a delicious autumn recipe that we can make with the fruit that bears its name. We tell you everything you need to know about this recipe.

 Recipe type Afternoon snack
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Quince
 Preparation time hours
 Total time hours
 For how many people? personas


  • kg of quinces, peeled and cored
  • lemon
  • 750 grams of sugar

Recipe preparation

  1. Wash and peel the fresh and seasonal quinces first. Take their hearts away. Also, save a heart and some shells.

  2. In a pot, add the diced quinces, the lemon juice and the sugar. Next, we let it marinate for 3 hours.

  3. Also, add the shells and the reserved heart in a kitchen mesh, it will help you thicken.

  4. Cook over low heat for 1 to 2 hours until the quince is very soft. Remember not to stop stirring.

  5. Remove the mesh with the skin and with reason and grind until a fine mass is left.

  6. Once crushed, continue to simmer for about 1 hour until thick.

  7. Finally, remove from the heat and let it cool. Store in the fridge in the reserved molds for 3 or 4 days so that it is set and with a perfect texture.

Recipe Notes

We have to move the mixture when it is in the fire so that it does not stick to the bottom.

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Recipe tips

We will know that the quince is cooked when the mixture is thick and the spoon with which we stir can stay stuck.

The molds I use are made of glass with a lid. They are ideal to keep in the fridge.

The homemade quince can last in the fridge for several months, preserving all its properties.

If we want a lighter result, we have to cook it for less time. On the contrary, if we want a thicker mixture, we have to add more sugar. We can even add as much sugar as quince.


Quince sweet is a typical recipe of Spanish gastronomy. A symbol of tradition that brings us all the flavor of our history. This homemade dessert is a delight for our palate. Remember to combine it with cheese and nuts.

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