10 soursop benefits and ways to consume it

Also known as Jaca-do-Pará, soursop is a fruit rich in fiber and vitamins, so it is excellent for fighting digestive problems such as constipation , and even strengthening the body.

According to the nutritionist at Oba Hortifruti, Lívia Nogueira, this food has minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and calcium in its composition. In addition, “it is a fruit that is a source of different vitamins, such as those of the B complex (B2, B1 and B6).”

For all these reasons, soursop has many nutritional qualities that reflect its health benefits, such as helping to treat diabetes and hypertension . According to Patrícia Melo, personal chef fitness and physical educator, jaca-do-Pará has the power to make the body more willing.

And best of all is the versatility of the fruit in everyday life, because while the pulp serves a revitalizing juice, the soursop leaves give a tea that among its properties is the anti-cancer action .

What are the benefits of soursop for the body?

“It has few calories, which makes it a good option for diets aimed at weight loss”, cites nutritionist Lívia Nogueira. And personal chef fitness, Patrícia Melo, adds: “an important source of vitamin C, soursop also helps prevent colds, flu and strengthen the body as a whole.”

1. Helps fight cancer

According to a study carried out in Malaysia and published in 2018, the leaves of Annona muricata L., the scientific name for soursop, have anti-cancer effects. For the researchers, components present in the foliage such as anonaceous acetogenins, alkaloids and phenolic compounds are responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

The compounds can be called antioxidants, substances that block the action of free radicals. These, in turn, can cause damage to cells, resulting among many problems, the appearance of tumors. Among the types of cancer that are inhibited due to this action are: skin, breast, colon , liver, lung, leukemia and prostate. ( 1 )

2. Decreases insomnia

According to health professionals, the fruit has compounds that promote muscle relaxation and has a slightly calming action . All of this contributes to the feeling of drowsiness, combating sleep disorders such as insomnia .

3. Eliminates inflammation

Also according to Malaysian research, both the leaves and the jackfruit itself have anti-inflammatory properties and immunomodulating activities. This means that this food strengthens the body against inflammation and also increases the body’s organic response against invading microorganisms. ( 1 )

“In cases of inflammation in the body, soursop can also work as a kind of natural anti-inflammatory . This is because it has substances that fight gastritis, ulcers, tonsillitis and other different inflammations throughout the body”, explains Patrícia Melo.

The personal also tells that there is a way to enhance this fruit action, mixing it with pineapple in a juice, for example. In addition to being tastier, the drink becomes an excellent option for health care.

Another role of this food, mentioned by the nutritionist, is the relief of pain and inflammation caused by rheumatism .

4. Helps you lose weight

“If consumed in moderation, soursop does not interfere with weight loss. It can even be used to compose the menu, as it is a relatively low-calorie fruit (when compared to others) and a source of fiber, a nutrient that promotes the feeling of satiety , which also contributes to those who want to lose weight,” he explains Livia Nogueira.

The professional also remembers that, according to the Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO), each 100 grams of soursop has 62 calories. Therefore, it can be considered a weight loss ally.

5. Contributes to diabetes treatment

Nogueira explains that the food can help in the treatment of diabetics, as it “has fibers that prevent sugar from increasing quickly in the blood”. Despite this, it is important to have control over consumption, since, like other fruits, soursop also contains fructose, a type of sugar.

6. Strengthens the organism

As it is rich in vitamins of the B and C complex , the jackfruit is an ally of the immune system. But it also strengthens, for these same reasons, the nervous and digestive systems.

Patrícia Melo explains that this set of nutrients is important to keep the body alert and ready, with this the individual ends up recharging their energies to deal with everyday life. Therefore, it is recommended to add a glass of soursop juice to breakfast.

And because it works as a mood modulator, the personal and physical educator also relates this fruit to the treatment of depression.

As a source of calcium, phosphorus and iron, food not only replenishes these nutrients in the body but also uses them to prevent osteoporosis and anemia , as nutritionist Lívia Nogueira explains.

7. Lowers blood pressure

“The diuretic properties of the fruit help to regulate pressure”, informs the nutrition professional. This is because diuretics increase urinary flow and, consequently, favor the elimination of sodium in the urine. This mineral, in turn, is responsible for the increase in blood pressure called hypertension.

But, in addition to the diuretic action, another factor seems to be related to the pressure control benefit: calcium. According to TACO, in 100 grams of soursop there are 40 milligrams of calcium. ( 2 )

The relationship between this substance and blood pressure has been the subject of several scientific investigations. In general, these studies indicate a reduction in pressure in hypertensive individuals who have a diet with adequate mineral intake.

Adequate calcium intake also ensures a reduction in vasoconstriction , a process that reduces the diameter of blood vessels and impairs normal blood circulation. In hypertensive people, this condition is dangerous because the altered pressure can force blood against the artery walls, causing an irregular heart rhythm. ( 3 )

8. Fights fungi and bacteria

According to personal  cheff fitness, these actions result from the antifungal and antibacterial effects of the soursop leaves. But they also work as a kind of natural dewormer .

9. Prevents premature aging

In addition to helping to prevent cancer, the antioxidants present in this fruit also fight premature aging. All this because, according to nutritionist, they prevent the development and action of free radicals, responsible for damaging cells.

10. Moisturizes the body

Also according to the Brazilian Food Composition Table, 100 grams of soursop are 82.2% water . Therefore, the pulp of this fruit helps in the hydration of the body. ( 2 )

Forms of consumption

The white pulp of this fruit has a slightly sweet and slightly acidic flavor, which favors its use in the production of beverages, such as vitamins and juices . But, it can also be used in dessert recipes, for example. The soursop leaves, on the other hand, yield a tea full of properties and health benefits, as explained by the nutritionist.

What is soursop leaf tea for?

“This drink is great to help treat diabetes and hypertension, but it can also help reduce insomnia , as it has calming and sedative properties,” explains Lívia Nogueira.


  • 10 g of dried soursop leaves
  • 1 liter of boiling water.

Preparation mode

Place the leaves in boiling water, cover the container and wait 10 minutes. After that time, strain and consume while still warm, without adding sugar. But pay attention to consumption, alert the nutrition professional who indicates the intake of up to two cups a day, preferably after the main meals. More than this amount is dangerous for health, as the “excess can result in side effects, such as hypotension, nausea and vomiting”, he explains.

juice from this fruit

Personal chef fitness advocates that soursop juice can be made mixed with other fruits, such as apples and lemons . Or even add some vegetable. Below is a recipe recommended by nutritionist Lívia Nogueira.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 medium or large soursop
  • 1/2 cup (of tea) of coconut sugar
  • Ice.

Preparation mode

Peel the soursop, cut it in half and remove the seeds. Then place it in a blender with the water and coconut sugar. Beat all items for 1 minute. If desired, strain before serving with ice, to make the drink even more refreshing.


“The excessive use of tea [from soursop leaves] can lead to hypotension ”, warns the nutritionist. In addition, you must be aware of the amount of sugar that the fruit has, especially in the case of diabetics.

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