Red clay: what is it for on the face and body

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Red clay is one of several types in the world and has this color because of the high concentration of iron and copper.

It is precisely because of this composition that it differs from the others and allows it to soften expression lines and leave the skin softer and firmer, since iron improves cell respiration and stimulates collagen production.

When used as a face mask, this clay removes oil from the face , heals and prevents acne and is ideal for sensitive skin, as it cleans gently and does not cause irritation.

What’s up? Looking forward to testing it? Well, keep reading because we have separated what science says about this treatment and three ways to use red clay on your skin and hair!

After all, what is red clay for?

Red clay is basically formed by minerals such as iron, copper and chromium, as well as good amounts of iron, copper and potassium oxides. Also traces of magnesium and sodium. The result of this mixture is a rich composition for cosmetic and therapeutic use. ( 1 )

Smooth expression lines and firm up the skin

Thanks to the presence of iron and copper oxides, red clay has tensile properties.

That is, it stimulates the skin to stretch, making it smoother and firmer. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and sagging. ( 2 )

Iron promotes blood circulation and cell respiration, stimulating the renewal of the components that make up the skin. In particular collagen , a type of protein that gives strength and firmness, and is therefore essential to keep skin younger and more beautiful. ( 1 )

Decrease fluid retention and swelling

Another use of red clay is to improve blood circulation. Process that can reduce fluid retention , as it stimulates the movement of what is accumulated in the body, reducing swelling caused by the problem.

This is because it is very thin and can penetrate the body, which is why it is used as a complement to lymphatic drainage. ( 1 )

Relieve the pain of rheumatism

The mineral is able to stimulate joint functioning, removing stiffness and relieving the classic pain of rheumatism, a chronic inflammatory disease.

Furthermore, the trace elements present are absorbed by the skin and promote an anti-inflammatory action . ( 3 )

Decrease hair loss and dandruff

Did you know that you can also use red clay in your hair? Well, when applied directly to the scalp, it can eliminate chemical residues, sebum, dead cells and skin pollution. All of this ends up promoting a deep cleaning and unblocking of hair follicles.

By stimulating blood circulation, it can also improve local oxygenation and activate the growth process of new hairs.

These two actions make treatments for falling and fighting dandruff more effective. ( 5 )

When used together with white clay, red clay provides antiseptic and healing effects, thus reducing the itchiness that dandruff causes on the scalp. ( 6 )

Treat acne

People who suffer from acne not only can, but should, make use of red clay, as this mineral cleans the skin of toxins, exerts powerful oil control and also has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties make it able to unclog pores and prevent the accumulation of sebum, which causes acne. In addition to stimulating  healing . ( 4 )

Relieve Rosacea Symptoms

Finally, the red clay face mask can be used to reduce the symptoms of rosacea, a skin disease caused by a chronic inflammatory process that dilates the veins and causes an increase in blood flow, which is why its main symptoms are redness, the appearance of lesions, pain and greater sensitivity of the affected area.

The control of the disease happens because of the minerals that make up this clay, which are able to control the amount of blood that passes through the vessels that are located in the face, the part that is usually most affected by the problem.

With this, it is possible to control the local inflammatory process, reducing symptoms while promoting a gentle cleansing and hydration of the skin. ( 2 )

How to use?

In the face

To prepare the face mask you should put half a tablespoon of red clay in a plastic container and add mineral or filtered water, saline solution or even calendula or chamomile tea , and mix well until you get a smooth and easy-to-use paste. to spread.

Once that’s done, apply a very thin layer on the face, with your fingers or a brush, wait for it to dry and wash your face with cold water.

At the time of removal, you can gently make circular movements, exfoliating the skin. Finish off with a good facial moisturizer. This mask can be used weekly.

Attention: Avoid using metal instruments when preparing and handling the mask, as minerals in the mask can react with this material. Always use plastic or glass utensils.

On body

For body clay therapy, which is the use of the mineral for therapeutic purposes, you must place the amount of clay necessary to cover the entire region where it will be applied.

Add filtered water or some tea with anti-inflammatory properties, until it forms a creamy, smooth paste. For pain relief you can heat the chosen liquid before mixing.

Apply to the affected area, even with your hands, wait for it to dry and wash everything with cold water. Some treatments use clay therapy two to three times a week, but it is always important to look for a professional in herbal medicine to assess your need.

in hair

The method of preparation is the same, mix the red clay with filtered water until you have a very smooth and soft paste.

Use a brush to apply this mask through the scalp, without rubbing so as not to damage the strands with friction, and wait about 10 minutes. After this time, rinse well, wash and finish your hair as usual.

The treatment can be done every 15 days and combined with the use of essential oils or extra virgin vegetables to maximize the effects.

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