Grape seed oil: 7 benefits and how to use

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Although little known among people, grape seed oil is widely used by the cosmetics industry in the production of creams, shampoos, soaps, bath oils , etc.

All this because it is moisturizing, improving the appearance of the skin and hair.

It is also famous for the preventive power of stretch marks , in addition to being a natural product indicated to treat cellulite. All this without counting the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Faced with so many benefits, a question arises: how to use grape seed oil? To find out how to use it internally and externally, keep reading this article!

Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

Like the grape itself, the oil extracted from the seed of this fruit is rich in flavonoids. This means that the product has action against free radicals, preventing cell oxidation and protecting the body against premature aging and degenerative diseases . ( 1 )

1- Treats and prevents cellulite and stretch marks

Fibro edema geloid (FEG) is a disorder that affects the cells, causing a kind of swelling and inflammation. Popularly, this problem is known as cellulite affecting thighs, glutes, breeches, hips etc.

However, the use of this oil through bamboo therapy (a technique to contour the body with bamboo) is able to attenuate the FEG. In practice, the liquid is easily absorbed by the epidermis and in the body it acts on the circulation, recovering and renewing tissues that were damaged by inflammation.

At the same time, this fatty substance is also able to maintain the skin’s elasticity . For this reason, it prevents the appearance of stretch marks , since this condition arises due to the loss of elastic fibers in the epidermis.

Pregnant women are patients with a high possibility of having stretch marks, as well as those who suffer from obesity. But the use of this oil can help in the treatment of pregnant women thanks to vitamin E and antioxidant compounds. ( 2 , 3 )

2- Reduces cholesterol

Firstly, this extract manages to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) due to its antioxidant capacity. Furthermore, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the arteries , protecting the body against atherosclerosis and its consequences.

Joining these benefits, it is possible to affirm that grape oil contributes to good heart health, as it prevents and helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. ( 3 , 4 , 5 )

3- Helps in cancer prevention

The oil inherited from the grapes important properties in fighting cancer, such as antioxidant , anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activities.

In the body, these effects work against the emergence and development of different types of cancer cells, especially breast cancer . ( 1 , 4 , 5 )

4- Helps to prevent diabetes

Some compounds are called common reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as free radicals. In moderate amounts they support the immune system, but in excess they can be very harmful to the body.

One of the conditions that can be caused by the imbalance between ROS and antioxidants is type 2 diabetes mellitus. For this reason, it is important to have substances that combat the body’s oxidative stress , as is the case with this vegetable oil. ( 1 , 4 )

5- Skin care

In addition to causing diabetes, free radicals can damage the skin, promoting a premature aging process in cells in that region.

With this natural product with high penetration into the skin, the epidermal region is protected against wrinkles , blemishes and other signs of wear. Substances such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid and alpha-tocopherol are indicated to regenerate the skin tissue, leaving it rejuvenated. ( 5 , 6 )

6- Protect the brain

Thanks to vitamin E, this natural product is able to protect neurons as it acts as an antioxidant. In practice, the substance is able to block the action of free radicals that threaten the integrity of the brain.

In this way, brain functions can play their roles without major problems and, in addition, the vitamin also prevents the emergence of degenerative diseases , such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. ( 4 , 5 )

7- Stimulates hair growth

No wonder that grape seed oil is widely used by the cosmetics industry in the production of shampoos, since it is associated with hair growth .

In addition to acting on hair follicle cells, favoring hair development, the product also manages to improve hair aspects, such as shine and texture. 6 , 7 )

How to use?

This vegetable oil can be used for three purposes: cosmetic, pharmaceutical and culinary . In the first case, it is common to find products for the skin or hair that have this substance in their compositions, such as soaps, shampoos, moisturizing creams and after-bath lotions.

It is also possible to buy grapefruit oil capsules and vitamin complexes at drugstores or compounding pharmacies. But, in these cases, it is recommended to seek the opinion of an expert, such as nutritionists or nutritionists, in order to know the right dosage to be ingested per day.

Culinary use, in spite of being little explored in Brazil, is made from cold-pressed or refined oil. Like other vegetable oils, grape seed oil can be used in sauces, cold dishes, pasta and salads . ( 8 )

On the skin, pure oil can be applied to regenerate and revitalize tissues. For this, just apply in the region as a moisturizer. Now if the intention is to reduce and prevent stretch marks and cellulite, the most recommended is to use the product associated with some technique, such as bamboo therapy or massage . ( 2 )

In addition, the oil can be purchased in its pure state and used in capillary schedules. YouTuber Carol Domingos explains how she uses it on her hair and shows the results of just one application. Check out:

Grape seed oil: where to buy it?

Online and physical health food stores can sell the product, but it is also possible to order capsules with customized dosages from compounding pharmacies.

Contraindications and side effects

In the survey were not found s contraindications and no side effects of using this product. Even pregnant and lactating women can use it externally to prevent stretch marks.

Despite this, it is recommended to seek a professional opinion regarding grape oil based supplements. Thus, it is possible to find the correct dosage to enjoy the benefits.

Fun Facts About Grape Seed Oil

In addition to being a natural product, with antioxidant properties capable of reducing cholesterol and protecting the brain, this vegetable oil is still a sustainable residue .

It receives this characteristic because the grape seed is part of the agro-industrial residue from the cultivation of vines.

With the increase in the production of grapes, the disposal of this content would become a problem. From an environmental point of view, their reuse solves storage and disposal issues in an environmentally beneficial way. ( 8 )

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