The benefits of Cupuaçu

Cupuaçu is a fruit rich in healthy and medicinal benefits. Typical of Northern Brazil, especially in the Amazon rainforest, this fruit is loved by people from all over the country. In addition to the unmistakable flavor and aroma, cupuaçu also has a collection of healthy properties. Here you will meet them all!

In several regions of the country, cupuaçu in the bowl is well known, as is the cupuaçu pulp for juices. The fruit itself, in its natural form, is most consumed in Northern Brazil.

For these reasons, science has been studying this fruit so present in the diet of many people for years. Some medicinal discoveries were quite surprising and you’ll learn about them below!

But before that, it is important to make it clear that the benefits mentioned in these texts are based on official scientific productions and information provided by government agencies and research institutes. That way, you can be sure that they are true and proven benefits!

What are the benefits of cupuaçu?

Cupuaçu is rich in nutrients and healthy substances in its natural composition. Among the proven benefits of this fruit are its stimulating action, fighting free radicals and improving immunity.

See below for more details about cupuaçu and its beneficial effects. Also, find out how to use this food to improve your health and well-being!

Rich in vitamins and nutrients

First, it is worth mentioning that cupuaçu is a fruit rich in healthy nutrients that benefit the body in many ways. Its composition includes proteins, essential vitamins (such as vitamin C and vitamin E), iron, fiber and omega 3 ( 1 ).

it’s stimulating

Another great benefit of cupuaçu is that it is a natural food with a stimulating effect ( 2 ). This happens thanks to the theobromine present in its composition, a more stimulating and healthier substance than caffeine.

Therefore, consuming a portion of cupuaçu is better than consuming a cup of coffee in terms of stimulation, as it is a healthier option that brings other benefits to the body.

Improves immunity

As already mentioned, the natural cupuaçu pulp is a source of vitamin C, an essential substance for a healthy life ( 3 ). Its consumption is associated with benefits such as: improving the immune system, skin quality, mood and preventing eye problems and strokes.

Fight free radicals

Cupuaçu is a fruit rich in antioxidants , so it helps to fight free radicals ( 3 , 4 ). In practice, antioxidant substances help cells complete their life cycle in a healthy way. With this, several diseases can be prevented, such as cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases, for example.

One of the studies still proves this benefit by combining cupuaçu with goat’s milk to give it antioxidant action and improve its acceptance by consumers.

protect the heart

Thanks to the flavonoids present in cupuaçu, science attributes to the fruit the benefit of protecting and improving the functioning of the heart ( 4 ).

Flavonoids are healthy substances important for various organs and biochemical activities in the human body. They are good not only for the heart, but for the entire cardiovascular system, as they enrich the blood with beneficial substances.

Improves cognition in adults

Another great benefit of cupuaçu flavonoids are their benefits for the brain, but specifically for cognition ( 4 ).

Studies show that adults who consume flavonoids show improvement in cognitive ability, which is great, especially in early third age and during this phase. As such, it improves attention and helps prevent memory problems.

Does Cupuacu get fat?

No, on the contrary, cupuaçu helps you lose weight ( 5 ). According to a Brazilian survey, the fruit has a low caloric value, four times less than açaí , its main competitor in the market. Therefore, cupuaçu is considered a fruit that can be used in weight loss diets.

Overall, 100 grams of cupuaçu has only 60 calories. Its seeds are rich in fats and proteins (present more in the seeds than in the pulp) and have a substance called “cupulate”.

For those who don’t know, this substance is a kind of healthy chocolate, ideal for those who want to replace traditional chocolate (rich in sugars and fats). The seeds are also powdered and used to make milk and butter.

In short, cupuaçu is not considered a fattening fruit . However, it is important not to overdo it, as anything in excess is bad and fattening. Therefore, consume cupuaçu well to get more health and lose weight!

Learn the healthy cupuaçu juice recipe

Cupuaçu juice is super simple and easy to prepare, as it only uses three ingredients. Here you will learn the healthiest and most medicinal version of cupuaçu juice. See the recipe:

  1. Cut 1 cupuaçu in half and remove the pulp with the help of a spoon
  2. Then place the pulp in a blender. You don’t need to remove the seeds, they are also health benefits
  3. Add 2 cups of water or skim milk and beat until smooth. If it has a thick consistency, add more water/milk until you get the juice point you want
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of honey and beat again to mix
  5. Finally, pass in a strainer and serve chilled.

An important precaution is always to pay attention to the use of sugar, as too much sweetener ends up canceling out several healthy benefits of this juice.

Homemade cupuaçu na bowl recipe

You know that cupuaçu in the cold bowl with granola and great for an afternoon snack? Here you will learn how to make this tasty option in a healthy way. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. In a blender, add the pulp of 1 medium cupuaçu, 2 bananas and 3 tablespoons of guarana syrup
  2. Then beat until creamy in consistency.
  3. Finally, place in a bowl or mug and add 1 tablespoon of natural granola or beans of your choice.

Also, when buying granola, check the label to see if the ingredients used are natural and in their natural state. This will give you the assurance that it is a healthy product.

Care in cupuaçu consumption

Cupuaçu is a healthy fruit and has no contraindications. The only recommended precaution is not to consume excessively, as this can cause discomfort and intestinal disorder.

Also, if you usually consume or buy processed cupuaçu pulp, check the packaging label. Many of these pulps are rich in sugars, preservatives and even coloring. This makes these pulps unhealthy. Always opt for fresh fruit.

What is cupuaçu?

Cupuaçu is a typical Amazonian fruit. Its scientific name is Theobroma grandiflorum, Malvaceae family, which makes it a close relative of cocoa. It can be found in several states in the northern region of Brazil and some in the northeast, especially in Amazonas, Acre, Bahia, Pará, Rondônia and Amapá (6, 7).

The tree that bears cupuaçu is known as cupuaçu, cupuaçu or cupu. The cupuaçu fruit can measure up to 25 centimeters and has an oval shape.

It has a dark brown skin, which may seem strange to many people, but its pulp is light in color, has a delicious perfume and sweet taste, a little sour and quite tasty.

This fruit is very versatile and can be used in various products, whether in food, natural remedies and even in the production of cosmetics. Cupuaçu pulp is generally used in juices, sweets, ice cream, jams, mousse, jellies, wines and even in beers.

It is also used in essences that can be used as moisturizers, perfumes, sunscreen, among others.

In addition to the flavor, cupuaçu is a fruit well known for its aroma, little by little, people are also discovering the medicinal benefits of this Brazilian food.

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