Cold melon and lime soup, a refreshing recipe

In summer we enjoy fruits in a special way. They refresh us, hydrate us and make us fall in love with their delicious flavor. Cold melon and lime soup is a different way to eat this summer fruit that we like so much.

Melon, a summer fruit

One of the star fruits of the summer. Without a doubt, melon is one of the fruits that we eat the most in the hottest months. Not only for its flavor, its aroma and its delicious flavor. In addition, it is a fruit that hydrates us, refreshes us and provides us with essential nutritional benefits for our health.

Cold melon and lime soup, easy seasonal recipe

Fresh fruit is always in the mood in summer. With the recipe that we present to you now, you can enjoy melons in a different way.

We take advantage of all the flavor, aroma and benefits of this delicious fruit. In addition, we combine them with ingredients that complete and enhance their qualities.

They are simple recipes to make, since only ingredients are combined cold . In this case, the cold melon soup is a really easy recipe to make. As a result, we find a delicious dish that is ideal for our summer diet.

Therefore, it is a simple recipe that gives us a lot of freshness and that will refresh us a lot. It is not a heavy dish, however it will satisfy us completely.

These recipes are ideal for those who are new to the kitchen. Cold soup or salad is really easy to make and the result is ideal. We only have to use quality products.

Melon benefits

The properties of melon are ideal to include this fruit in our diet. The benefits it brings to our health are diverse. They are very refreshing and hydrating fruits. In this recipe, the lime still adds to the refreshing sensation.

Likewise, it provides us with different vitamins and minerals that make this food an ideal antioxidant for this summer season.

It is also rich in water, fiber and potassium, which makes it a diuretic and cleansing food.

Being a natural detox, it helps us eliminate accumulated toxins in our body.

As it contains a lot of water and low levels of sodium, they are recommended fruits for people suffering from high blood pressure.

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It also provides us with fiber that helps us regulate our intestinal transit, essential during vacation times.

A healthy recipe

Cold melon soup is a healthy dish that is very appetizing , especially when it is hotter.

The ingredients are very simple, we can have it in our kitchen or we can buy it easily. What we do recommend is that the melon be of quality. It is the star ingredient and the tastiest melons make this preparation gain in flavor.

This elaboration takes cream. For vegans it is a problem, but they can substitute it for a soy cooking cream. The result is very similar, since the main ingredient does not vary.

Light and nutritious dishes

In the hottest months we feel like eating salad. In our kitchen we usually have different fruits and vegetables to make light recipes such as cold soups or simply a salad.

It is ideal to use ingredients such as coconut, citrus, aromatic plants such as mint, oregano or basil. In addition, for the more daring, ham, although for us it is not an essential ingredient.

Using ham is an option and provides a lot of flavor and contrast to this type of cold soup recipes or even in a salad. Surely many of you have ham in your kitchen or for many others it is not an option, Be that as it may, we leave it to your choice.

When to have the cold melon and lime soup?

This dish is ideal to take in the summer season, when melons are in season. We always recommend consuming the fruit in season and in this case, it will not be an exception.

Cold melon and lime soup

Cold melon and lime soup is a different way to eat this summer fruit that we like so much.

 Recipe type Soup
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Cantaloupe
 Preparation time 30 minutes
 Total time 30 minutes
 For how many people? 4 personas


  • 1/2 toad skin melon
  • 150 ml of liquid cream or soy cream for cooking
  • 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • lima
  • 1/2 cucharadita de sal
  • ground white pepper to taste
  • fresh mint leaves

Recipe preparation

  1. First we split the melon, separate the seeds and discard them.

  2. Next, we chop the melon and put it in the blender glass.

  3. We beat the pulp and continue to add cream and the rest of the ingredients.

  4. In the next step, we grate the skin of the lime and squeeze to get its juice.

  5. Mix everything well and reserve in the fridge so that the mixture is very cold.

Recipe Notes

Before serving, decorate with very thin slices of the lime or with a little zest that its skin. We can also put a couple of mint leaves. In addition to adding very bright and pleasant colors, the combination of aromas is perfect.

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Recipe recommendations

In this type of recipes, it is ideal that the ingredients are of quality, since with a good product you have almost everything done. Normally in our kitchen we have most of these foods.

We recommend using Himalayan salt , which provides us with more minerals than a refined salt. It is an ideal option to always have in our kitchen and use it in different recipes. It is also recommended both for cold soup recipes or to dress our favorite salad.

Adding aromatic plants like mint to cold melon and lime soup is ideal. Add a scent that provides freshness. I hope you like it.

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