Avocado mayonnaise, homemade recipe

Avocado mayonnaise is a healthy recipe and very easy to make. Ideal to replace traditional mayonnaise. We teach you how to do it.

Avocado mayonnaise, easy recipe with a different touch

We are going to give the traditional recipe a different touch. This preparation is ideal to combine with meat, fish, vegetables and potatoes. Actually, we can use it as if it were a traditional mayonnaise, but with an extra flavor.

In addition, avocado adds a healthy fat to the traditional preparation. As a consequence, we will obtain a different sauce, creamy and with an extra flavor that will surprise us.

A healthy recipe

Making mayonnaise at home is much more advisable than buying it ready-made. The ingredients are much healthier.

It is true that the landlady usually has somewhat more calories than the purchased one. However, it provides us with more nutrients. Thanks to the oil, egg, salt and lemon or lime, it provides us with vitamins A and E.

Also, minerals like iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and fluorine.

On the contrary, purchased sauces provide us with less vitamins and minerals . Likewise, preservatives and colorants are added to prolong their consumption.

Similarly, light sauces that provide us with even fewer calories. But, it is important to know that they do not have just vitamins and minerals.

It is more advisable to make homemade recipes with low calorie ingredients than to resort to light preparations.

Avocado benefits

In addition to the nutrients that this type of traditional sauce gives us, we have to add the nutrients of the avocado.

We can affirm that these foods provide us with different nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Among the benefits, the most disposable are that it is an antioxidant food. In addition, eating these types of fruits are favorable for healthy hair and skin.

In addition, as they have lutein, it helps us to have a healthy vision. It is a natural satiating agent. Likewise, avocado fat is heart-healthy. It does not give us cholesterol.

If you want to know more about the benefits of avocado , you can read the article where we talk about them.

When to have avocado mayonnaise?

It is an ideal healthy sauce to accompany your favorite recipes. In addition, it is a highly recommended substitute for traditional mayonnaise.

Try it in the Russian salad, with fish and seafood, fried fish or vegetables. Feel the aroma and the delicate flavor that avocado brings to recipes.

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How to preserve avocado mayonnaise?

If we do not consume all the preparation we can keep it in the refrigerator . Of course, keep for a maximum of two days.

By carrying raw egg and without any type of artificial preservation, it is important that we do not go over these days.

Avocado mayonnaise

Avocado mayonnaise is a healthy recipe and very easy to make. Ideal to replace traditional mayonnaise.

 Recipe type Accompaniment
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Avocado
 Preparation time 10 minutos
 Total time 10 minutos
 For how many people? 4 personas


  • egg unit
  • 200 ml of sunflower oil
  • pizca the will
  • juice of lemon or lime
  • unit of ripe avocado

Recipe preparation

  1. First, we put the egg in the bottom of the glass that we will use to beat. Next, we add a pinch of salt, a dash of lemon or lime and half of the oil.

  2. Introduce the mixer until it touches the bottom of the glass and we begin to beat at low speed. We do not move it until the mixture begins to emulsify.

  3. Next, we are adding the rest of the oil little by little until the mixture is the desired thickness.

  4. Once the mayonnaise is made, we chop the ripe avocado. If we want a more traditional result, we mix the sauce with the avocado with a fork, mashing the avocado.

  5. On the contrary, if we want a finer sauce, add the avocado to the glass with the sauce and blend with the blender until everything is well mixed.

  6. You can do it as you like. I like the traditional way better and that you find a little piece of avocado in the sauce.

Recipe Notes

At the beginning of the preparation, beat slowly to avoid that the sauce does not cut.

Recipe tips

We recommend opening the egg in a separate container. This is to check that there is no remaining eggshell.

In this way, we avoid possible contamination with salmonella. Because the shell of the egg is where this bacteria is found.

Fix the cut mayonnaise

We may cut this type of mayonnaise when we are preparing it. Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix.

There is a trick, in a different blender glass, add an egg yolk. Add a little of the cut mixture. We beat as we have indicated in the recipe until it emulsifies. Finally, we are adding the mixture little by little, as if it were the oil from the original recipe.

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Enjoy this avocado mayonnaise with your usual recipes and you will tell us if you liked it. Follow all our recipes on our Instagram account.

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