If you are looking for natural ways to have healthier skin, vitamins in cosmetics are important allies that help you maintain the health and appearance of your skin from the inside out.

One of these allies is Vitamin E , and in this article you will discover what it can do for your skin and what benefits both supplements and cosmetics that contain vitamin E.

What is Vitamin E?

The Vitamin E is a fat – soluble vitamin, which the body stores only for a short time. This is precisely why people require a dietary intake of vitamin E that is assimilated through the consumption of vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, egg yolk, or liver. The intake of vitamin E can be supplemented with the help of dietary supplements .

Popularly called vitamin E (toceferol or fertility vitamin) due to its great importance for the health and reproductive function of the body, supports the reproductive function of the body and plays an important role for the epidermis.

Often used in the production of anti-aging dermato-cosmetic products, but also natural products and dietary supplements, regular consumption of vitamin E also helps to improve the immune system.

Due to its action as an antioxidant, vitamin E is recommended in the treatment of many diseases: reduced immunity, lupus, heart disease, Herpes, gastric ulcer, cholelithiasis, dysmentrhea, uterine fibroids, asthma, ascites, and others. Due to its powerful antioxidant action, vitamin E is also useful in the treatment of epilepsy.

Vitamin E greatly reduces the risk of developing cataracts, some forms of cancer (gastrointestinal, lung), provides protection of the body against nitrogen dioxide, radiation, chemotherapy and cigarette smoke.

The role of vitamin E for health.

Vitamin E plays various roles in our body and has numerous benefits.

Antioxidant action on free radicals, retinol, lipids and vitamin .

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and works to help the human body and eliminate free radicals. It protects the integrity of the lipids and also ensures the functioning of the sexual and endocrine glands, hence the name of the murder of the vitamin.

If taken correctly, vitamin E supplements have more benefits for the body, here they are among the most important:

The role of vitamin E in the functioning of the sex and endocrine glands .

Another important role of vitamin E is that it interferes with the reproduction process and ensures the functioning of the sexual and endocrine glands.

The role of vitamin E in the functioning of the muscular, nervous and glandular systems

Vitamin E has other important roles in the human body, many of which are related to the functioning of the muscular, nervous, and endocrine (glandular) systems.

Properties of vitamin E

Vitamin E 268 mg (400 IU) Soft Capsules – Pack of 50

The Vitamin E is a fat – soluble antioxidant that is essential for maintaining healthy skin. It is found in nature, there is no single chemical substance, so it is a well known fact that vitamin E is a group of molecules in relation to structure, and some of these molecules may have unique properties on the skin.

As properties of vitamin E, we must remember the following aspects:

Factors that reduce vitamin E content

Vitamin E deficiency is rare, and clear symptoms of a deficiency (decreased content) were not seen in healthy people who got even small amounts of vitamin E from eating.

But babies who were born prematurely and who were very low birth weight may have small amounts of vitamin E in their bodies.

Interaction of vitamin E with other medications

Because vitamin E is an antioxidant, it can interact with some drugs because antioxidants can reduce the effectiveness of antibiotic-class drugs used to treat cancer.

On the other hand, if large amounts of vitamin E are administered together with cyclosporine, this combination could influence the amount of cyclosporine absorbed by the human body. There are also interactions with other medications, such as those that undergo changes once they reach the liver.

Some medications are changed and broken down by our liver, and vitamin E can increase the rate at which the liver breaks down some of these medications.

Let’s not forget that it can have interactions with some medicines used in the treatment of cancer with medicines that slow blood clotting (anticoagulant antiplatelet medicines), medicines used to lower cholesterol (statins), with niacin with warfarin (used to slow blood clotting). the blood).

Solubility of vitamin E in fat and alcohol

Vitamin E is soluble (that is, it dissolves) in fat and alcohol. However, it is sensitive to light and oxygen.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E strengthens the immune system.

It has an important role to improve the immune system, but also for other metabolic processes and protects the body from many diseases or ailments.

Maintain the health of the eyes .

The imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body along with oxidative stress can lead to more eye diseases. Vitamin E is a natural adjuvant, which protects against the action of free radicals, including eye cells. In addition, the regular consumption of foods that have vitamin E in their composition helps prevent cataracts.

Supports metabolism.

Vitamin E protects against free radical mediated processes in the body and consumption of vitamin E protects essential fatty acids and does not allow them to be oxidized in front of organic peroxides.

Treat infertility.

Vitamin E helps cells themselves to arise from the actions of harmful free radicals. Vitamin E deficiency can affect normal reproductive functions, especially in men. Vitamin E deficiency leads to damage to the testes and inhibition of the normal secretion of hormones necessary for reproduction.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin E contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, can reduce blood pressure and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Some research supports the fact that it may have cardiovascular benefits, respectively inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in plasma.

Relieves asthma symptoms.

After preliminary research, it was found that a certain type of vitamin E, γ-tocopherol, may have the ability to reduce specific inflammations of the airways, often found in people diagnosed with asthma.

Prevents and slows the onset of dementia.

Consuming high doses of foods rich in vitamin E can slow the process of Alzheimer’s disease in people who have been diagnosed with a milder form of dementia. At the same time it contributes to the health of the liver, helps wound healing and contributes to the healing of burns, supports the formation of new tissues, provides the amount of amino acids and fatty acids necessary for metabolism.

Absorption, metabolism and elimination of vitamin E in the body.

The bioavailability of vitamin E is influenced by many factors, including: the amount of and intake of nutrients involved in absorbing themselves.

Studies have shown that the bioavailability (absorption) of vitamin E is higher when administered with food, indicating that, in fact, the amount of food and starter is important for the absorption of vitamin E.

The effectiveness of absorption varies considerably from one individual to another, between 20% and 70%. Apparently, consumption greatly reduces the rate of absorption.

Metabolism is an extremely complex process, and the amount of vitamin E that will be stored in your body is directly proportional to the amount of the vitamin you consume.

The main route of elimination from the body is through the feces, and a very small amount is eliminated through the urine. Don’t forget that it can be absorbed even better when combined with vitamin C.

Benefits of vitamin E supplements

vitamin e – anti oxidant

Vitamin E plays an important role in the proper functioning of the immune system, increasing its effectiveness against viruses and / or bacteria. In addition, it has a vasodilator effect, thus helping to maintain the health of the blood vessels. Thanks to this effect, you will fight against the formation of blood clots, protect yourself from such coronary disease.

It also helps cells communicate with each other. Therefore, it supports the fulfillment of many vital processes, its main functions being:

  • Powerful antioxidant;
  • Helps maintain the health of blood vessels;
  • Helps maintain eye health;
  • Protects the liver;
  • Ensure sugar metabolism;
  • Helps heal wounds;
  • Supports the immune system;
  • Supports the formation of new tissues;
  • Provide amino acid metabolism;
  • Provides the metabolism of fatty acids;
  • Contributes to the healing of burns.

Benefits of cosmetics containing Vitamin E

Natures Bounty
There are cosmetics enriched with vitamin E that have been specially designed for the skin, complexion and hair. Cosmetics have many benefits, including:

Helps strengthen hair. Vitamin E in the composition of the shampoo can reduce cell damage and significantly help hair growth. The antioxidant effects of vitamin E strengthen the hair shaft and help you have a healthy hair decoration.

Vitamin E restores hair shine. Chemicals in common products, but also too high temperatures from styling products that are used constantly can damage the appearance of your hair. Provides an additional protective layer and restores the shine of the hair ornament.

Reduces wrinkles. Vitamin E has been shown to be extremely helpful in treating damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It can visually improve the appearance of the skin by providing protection against UV rays and free radicals that could come into contact with the epidermis.

It has an anti-aging effect. It has an antioxidant role both inside and outside. Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy and hydrated and significantly reduces expression lines. In addition, the consumption of vitamin E helps the development of skin cells, fights free radicals that can destroy cells and improve blood circulation.

Manifestations of Vitamin E deficiency

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, with antioxidant qualities that help keep your immune system strong. It is found naturally in many foods and is added to certain foods to help you increase your intake.

Because of this, the development of a vitamin E deficiency is rare, unless a health problem causes it. See a doctor if you begin to experience any of the following symptoms (manifestations) of vitamin E deficiency:

  • difficulty walking or coordination difficulties
  • muscle pain or muscle weakness
  • visual impairment
  • discomfort.

Remember: go to the doctor if you notice the symptoms associated with a vitamin E deficiency and if you have a disease that affects your body’s ability to absorb fat.

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency include muscle weakness, walking difficulties, tremors, vision-related problems (with impaired vision), weakened immune function, and a feeling of numbness and tingling.

Long-term and severe deficiency of vitamin E can lead to anemia, heart disease, serious bouquet problems, blindness, dementia, weakened reflexes, and the inability to fully control body movements.

Causes of vitamin E deficiency

Vitamin E deficiency or deficiency can be the result of a main condition. Many diseases or ailments prevent the body from properly absorbing the entree.

Because our digestive tract needs fat to absorb vitamin E, people with digestive disorders or those who have problems with malabsorption over weight are more likely to suffer from a vitamin E deficiency, compared to people who do not have such condition.

Other factors that reduce the content of vitamin E in the body (or cause a deficiency or prevent the body from properly absorbing fat-soluble substances, such as vitamin E) are:

  • chronic pancreatitis,
  • cholestasis,
  • cystic fibrosis,
  • primary biliary cirrhosis,
  • Crohn’s disease,
  • short classroom syndrome.

In some cases, vitamin E deficiency results from a rare genetic condition called ataxia, a disease that affects muscle control and coordination.

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