Pepperoni: benefits and how to use

The chilli is a common variety of pepper, known mainly by its distinctive flavor and appetizing aroma, able to give a special touch in several recipes.

Whether in pasta, soups, broths and potato recipes, pepperoni peppers combine with many ingredients in the kitchen. In addition, it can be used to improve health, as it has several benefits that you will learn in this Home Remedy article .

In addition, you can find out if this variety of pepper makes you fat or slim, see how to use it intelligently in the kitchen and learn how to prepare dishes with this delicacy. All this, without forgetting care, contraindications and basic information about this natural product.

What are the benefits of pepperoni pepper?

If used correctly, peppers can be great allies of good nutrition and health. Studies around the world prove that red pepper (or pepperoni, when dehydrated) can take care of the heart, relieve pain and help control diabetes.

Check out the detailed benefits of this type of pepper in the next topics!

Prevents cancer and other diseases

Pepperoni pepper has active compounds and healthy substances that promote the antioxidant effect ( 1 , 2 ) . Thus, this pepper is able to fight and inhibit free radicals , malignant substances that cause oxidative stress in our body cells.

In short, free radicals impair the healthy life cycle of our body’s cells, which makes room for very dangerous diseases such as cancer and degenerative diseases .

Therefore, it is always important to include antioxidant foods in daily meals to maintain good health and keep various diseases away from our bodies.

Among the problems that can be prevented with the use of antioxidants, such as pepperoni, are: Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, premature aging and degenerative diseases in general.

good for the heart

Pepperoni is dehydrated red pepper, and either way, they have capsaicin , a cardio-protective substance ( 2 ). The present study points out that the regular consumption of foods with capsaicin results in beneficial effects for the heart , improving its functioning and preventing diseases.

In addition, the consumption of pepperoni pepper also helps blood circulation , helping vasodilation, which prevents clogging of veins. Therefore, it is one of the heart-friendly foods.

Fight inflammation

Calabrian pepper has anti-inflammatory properties in its composition ( 2 ). In this way, it helps fight common inflammations in the body, which improves overall health.

Relieves pain

Another benefit of peppers, thanks to capsaicin, is the analgesic effect ( 2 ). This means that the consumption of red pepper or pepperoni can promote the reduction and relief of headaches, muscle aches and pains.

It’s good for the digestion

Many people say that those who have stomach problems should not eat pepper, but it is good to make it clear that this depends a lot on each person’s problem. For example, those who have ulcers should avoid the consumption of pepper, but for those who have heartburn, bloating and poor digestion , pepperoni pepper can be a great help ( 2 ).

The pepper in question has nutritional properties that encourage the stomach to work harder and better, which makes our body digest food better for longer. This reduces the acidity of gastric fluids but makes them work more efficiently.

Reduces cholesterol level

Pectin is a substance found in pepperoni and science points out that it is an excellent regulator of cholesterol levels, especially when they are in excess ( 4 ). It works as a mild medicine, capable of  lowering cholesterol  in the short to medium term, as long as it is consumed gradually and regularly.

Helps to control diabetes

Finally, but not even important: pepperoni pepper is a hypoglycemic food , that is, it helps to lower the body’s glucose ( 1 ). This is a great advantage for diabetics or people prone to developing the disease.

In simple words, the consumption of pepper helps to avoid glucose spikes in the body. However, this is a benefit that must be accompanied by the opinion of an expert professional, as the consumption of pepper can affect the use of medication for diabetes.

Peppermint pepper to lose weight: truth or myth?

Truth! Another great benefit of pepperoni pepper is that it can be used for healthy weight loss. In short, it helps to increase satiety and calorie burning ( 3 , 4 ). However, this is a benefit of most natural peppers.

In general, peppers have a substance called capsaicin, responsible for improving metabolism . Also, it is a thermogenic food , which increases body temperature. With this, it is possible to spend more energy and burn more fat, which accelerates weight loss and reduction of measures ( 3 , 4 ).

International studies and research indicate that increasing blood sugar (increased glycemic rate) induces hunger and increased appetite. Therefore, keeping this rate regulated is crucial for a healthy and free diet. And as we’ve already seen, pepper helps control glucose.

In this way, pepperoni pepper can indeed be associated with the weight loss process. In other words, when we eat this pepper in our meals, it will take us longer to feel hungry again, which helps us organize our diet.

Is pepperoni bad?

It depends. It can be very harmful if consumed in excess or by those who have stomach problems related to stomach acidity. But it can only bring benefits if consumed regularly and in small amounts.

Therefore, it is always good to ask your doctor of choice whether or not you are authorized to consume pepperoni. Through clinical examinations or the perception that it does not have a negative side effect, the consumption of pepperoni pepper is allowed.

How to use this type of pepper?

Pepperoni can be found in the form of small flakes, which are nothing more than dehydrated and ground red pepper . Despite being strong and hot like most peppers, it is often used directly in food as a seasoning. Just like we do with salt and pepper .

In some recipes, especially, pepperoni pepper is the protagonist. In these cases, it is used in large quantities or in the form of a sauce , made with other ingredients. That’s how, for example, they make homemade pepperoni sausage and sauces for various red meats.

Recipe: potato with pepperoni

The combination of potatoes and pepperoni is as delicious and well-known as the combination of cheese with guava or banana and cinnamon , for example. These are two very common ingredients in Brazil that, together, can provide mouth-watering recipes.

With that in mind, let’s leave here that basic and delicious recipe for potatoes with pepperoni. However, first of all, it is important to make it clear that the smaller the potato, the better the recipe. So look for small potato varieties that you prefer. Check out the recipe:

  1. Wash under running water and peel the potatoes. Use as much as you like for the meal, but the measures we are going to use are for 4 small potatoes or 3 medium potatoes
  2. Place the potatoes in a pan of water (approximately 2 fingers of water above) and cook until they are soft but not falling apart
  3. Take them out of the water and put them in a container to cool
  4. In another pan (or in the same pan, if washed and dry), add 3 tablespoons of oil, 1 teaspoon of dehydrated garlic and pepperoni to taste. Stir all ingredients until everything is smooth
  5. Finally, place the potatoes on a small platter or plate, and pour in the sauce. Serve right away.

What is pepperoni pepper?

The pepperoni pepper is not a kind of pepper. That’s what you read! In fact, pepperoni pepper is the dehydrated and crushed form of the famous and typical red pepper .

It is a pepper widely used in Brazil and Europe, being also common in several Latin American countries. Its use in cooking is mainly related to spice up recipes and improve the aroma of the most diverse dishes.

As it is a dehydrated version , pepperoni pepper concentrates a lot of red pepper substances, which releases a wonderful aroma in food.

Its flavor is usually associated with red meat, potatoes, seafood, eggs , olives and cheese.

In addition, it is one of the main ingredients in the production of the famous Calabrian sausage and it is common to hear from gastronomy experts that foods peppered with Calabrian pepper also combine very well with the three main types of wine: red, white and rosé.

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