Lemon Peel Flour and Its Therapeutic Power for Health

Lemon Peel Flour and Its Therapeutic Power for Health

Lemon flour , a powder made from the peel of the fruit, is a functional food rich in vitamin C and d-limonene, an antioxidant compound that is responsible for the citrus aroma of the lemon.

Adding flour to your diet has many health benefits, from boosting immunity and preventing diseases such as infections and cancer to improving the skin’s appearance.

Another point in favor of lemon peel flour is that, as it is rich in fiber, it works keeping blood glucose and cholesterol levels under control, improves bowel function and also increases the feeling of satiety after the meal, helping the weight loss .

Amazing, isn’t it? Learn more about this ingredient below.

Health Benefits of Lemon Flour

Helps in disease prevention

Did you know that consuming lemon flour frequently can protect you from various diseases? This happens because of three main things.

First of all, this protection occurs because of the presence of d-limonene which, as already mentioned, is a powerful antioxidant , and is the main component of the lemon peel.

In the body, this substance works by preventing oxidative stress, that is, the degradation of cells caused natural actions, such as the loss of oxygen. ( 1 )

It is important to know that this oxidation makes the body more susceptible to various diseases, such as cardiovascular problems, chronic diseases and even cancer. ( 2 )

The second reason why lemon peel powder acts to prevent disease is the antimicrobial action of d-limonene, which reduces the rate of proliferation of microorganisms, especially those causing skin infections. ( 3 )

Finally, d-limonene can stimulate the production of antibodies , cells that act in the body’s defense and are responsible for fighting the cause of diseases. ( 4 )

Acts in diabetes control

We have already mentioned that the lemon rind is also very rich in fiber . The amount of them in the flour represents about 60% of the total. This means that each 100 gram serving will have 60 grams of dietary fiber . Double the daily recommendation for an adult male. ( 5 )

Blood glucose control stems in part from the ability of insoluble fiber to increase the time that carbohydrates pass through the intestine.

In addition, the gel formed soluble fibers, when coming into contact with water, delays the contact of nutrients such as carbohydrates , which are transformed into sugars, with the intestinal wall  that makes the absorption of nutrients.

The result is that the body consumes less sugar , causing a decrease in the level of this nutrient in the blood. ( 6 )

lowers cholesterol

Do you know this action of soluble fibers in delaying the contact of certain nutrients with the intestinal mucosa? This is also true for fats and goes further, as the gel they form “grabs” on the fat and traps the nutrient.

The result of this “kidnapping” is that the body cannot absorb cholesterol, which ends up going away with the feces.

Therefore, switching to lemon flour helps reduce cholesterol in the long run. Contributing to a decrease in the risk of developing cardiovascular and chronic diseases , such as hypertension. ( 7 )

Favors weight loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, lemon peel flour is the right food for you. This is thanks to the action of dietary fibers, which act providing increased satiety .

The insoluble fibers in the lemon rind take up a lot of space in the stomach. What ends up leaving the body satisfied faster, making you eat less and thus ingest fewer calories.

Allied to this is the fact that fibers do not have calories, as they are not digested and also reduce caloric absorption. ( 7 )

Regulates the bowel

Eating lemon flour helps regulate bowel function. This also happens due to the action of dietary fiber present in the food.

They act capturing water, thus reducing the dryness of feces. And the gel formed it ferments and favors the proliferation of intestinal flora , formed beneficial bacteria for the body and essential for the proper functioning of the region.

Finally, the fibers expand the walls of the intestine, facilitating the circulation of the fecal bolus. Consuming the lemon peel guarantees regular visits to the bathroom. ( 8 )

It is rich in nutrients

In addition to dietary fiber, each portion of the lemon peel contains good amounts of vitamin C , A, E, K and the B complex.

The rind of the fruit still has considerable amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Other minerals such as sodium, zinc, phosphorus and copper are found in smaller amounts. ( 9 )

Improves skin appearance

Finally, adding lemon flour to your diet can help keep your skin beautiful and youthful for longer. This is because of the large amount of vitamin C found in the supplement.

The vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen . That is, its consumption stimulates the production of the substance, which is a type of protein.

This protein is responsible for maintaining the skin’s firmness, which diminishes over the years. It is from this natural decrease that sagging and the dreaded wrinkles appear .

Another benefit of collagen is that it also works to improve wound healing and can be used to prevent scarring and acne blemishes .

To top it off, it also prevents sun damage to the skin, thanks to its antioxidant action, preventing the appearance of blemishes, expression lines and also skin cancer. ( 10 )

How to do it at home?

You’ve seen the main benefits of lemon flour and the good news is that you can prepare it at home, quickly and easily. For this you will need lemons, which can be Sicilian or Tahiti , well washed and preferably organic, since you are going to consume the skin.

The next step is to remove the juice and pomace from the fruit, washing afterwards to remove any residue from the pulp. After that, leave them to dry to drain all the water.

Place the skins in a low oven until they are dry and crumbly. A golden tip is to keep the oven door ajar and stir constantly, so that all sides dry evenly.

When the skins are very dry, remove from the oven and let it cool. Then, blend everything in a food processor or blender, pass it through a sieve and it is ready to be consumed.

To keep your supplement fresh, store the flour in an airtight glass jar in a dark, moisture-free place.

What is the best way to consume?

Lemon flour can be mixed with juice, milk, yogurt and even a glass of water. It can also be eaten with fruit or in daily food.

To maximize the effects for weight loss, you should consume it before the main meals, without exceeding the limit of two tablespoons of flour per day . ( 7 )

An option for those who do not adapt to its flavor is to use it in the preparation of cakes and cookies. Just replace a part of the wheat flour with the corresponding part of the lemon peel, with the advantage of increasing the amount of fiber in the food.

Care and contraindications

Although no contraindications were found for the consumption of this supplement, it is necessary to emphasize that it is necessary to be careful with consumption and avoid excesses .

An abundance of fiber intake can cause deficiencies in important vitamins and minerals , as it reduces nutrient absorption.

The daily consumption of fiber, therefore, should not only come from lemon flour. But from fresh fruits and vegetables, which also have several other essential nutrients. ( 7 )

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