Green coffee: slimming, benefits and how to drink it

Black rice , red passion fruit and now green coffee. It is increasingly common to hear about foods that act as natural supplements to lose weight. Unlike what happens with roasted beans, green coffee preserves substances that help with weight loss and also fights free radicals.

Studies by the American Chemical Society have proven that continuous intake of green bean encourages up to 10% loss of body fat value. The tests were carried out with individuals for six months and those who ingested the green coffee powder showed positive results.

Does green coffee get thin?

Yes , according to nutritionist Karla Maciel, green coffee favors weight management due to the presence of catechins and chlorogenic acid in high amounts. Substances are lost gradually during the roasting process and act directly on how metabolism works.

What happens, according to the professional, is that chlorogenic acid especially helps in reducing glucose absorption. In practice, the component is able to prevent the liver from releasing glucose due to the action of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate.

With this decrease in the levels of glucose available in the body, the body needs to use another reserve of energy. Therefore, it starts using the fat that is stored in the tissues.

The caffeine present in coffee beans, in turn, acts as a metabolism stimulant . In this way, it promotes the burning of fat by the body itself.

The professional also highlights a study where green coffee beans showed effects on the control of body measurements, blood pressure and even appetite in people who had changes in metabolism.

Through these processes, especially derived from the actions of acid and caffeine, it is possible to reduce the visceral fat index and body weight in a natural way. ( 1 , 2 )

Benefits of green coffee

The actions that stimulate weight loss are related to the composition of the bean, which has caffeine, quinides, lignins, trigonelline, antioxidants and chlorogenic acids, the latter being the substance responsible for the main benefits of green coffee.

The roasting process of a bean breaks its molecules and softens its actions, which is why green coffee loses weight, since it preserves the properties of the bean.

With concentrated caffeine, the ingredient is responsible for stimulating the body’s functioning, an action that makes the metabolism speed up, resulting in greater energy expenditure and, consequently, in weight loss.

The amount of polyphenols contained in the grain is also noteworthy. The substances are considered antioxidants and fight free radicals, ridding cells of premature aging.

Check out what are the main benefits of green coffee for the body:

  • It’s hypotensive
  • Rich in antioxidant substances
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Regulates or intestinal treatment
  • Helps to metabolize sugars better
  • Has thermogenic effect
  • Improves focus and concentration

It’s hypotensive

One of the benefits of green coffee for the body highlighted by Karla Maciel is the hypotensive effect. That is, to reduce and control blood pressure .

This effect is linked to the large amounts of chlorogenic acid found in grains. The substance works by naturally reducing blood pressure, without any side effects for the body. Unlike what happens with synthetic drugs.

The hypotensive effect of the grain is also related to the decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are one of the main causes of death worldwide and are linked to an increase in blood pressure. ( 1 , 3 , 4 )

Rich in antioxidant substances

Green coffee beans contain a large amount of antioxidants , especially the so-called phenolic compounds and flavonoids, highlights the professional.

These substances are important for the body as they prevent the action of free radicals, as well as protect cells from damage caused by tissue oxidation.

In the long term, consuming products rich in antioxidants improves quality of life, promotes weight loss and even prevents the emergence of various diseases, such as cardiovascular and various types of cancer. ( 1 )

Boosts the immune system

Nutritionist Karla Maciel also says that unroasted coffee is rich in some types of polysaccharides that have immunomodulating activity. That is, they act by regulating and stimulating the immune system.

When the body’s defense cells are healthy, they can act better against microorganisms and opportunistic diseases. Thus, the quality of life is improved and the risk of getting sick is reduced.

Regulates or intestinal treatment

The same polysaccharides that boost the immune system also have effects on the intestinal tract, according to Maciel. In other words, consuming green coffee daily improves bowel mobility.

Thus, it reduces the discomfort caused by constipation and inhibits the formation of gas. In addition to reducing swelling and pain caused by these problems.

Helps to metabolize sugars better

As mentioned earlier, green coffee beans are able to inhibit the release of an enzyme that causes the liver to release glucose into the bloodstream. In this way, the body cannot absorb carbohydrate, causing it to look for other sources of energy.

During this process, the healthy body understands that it is not necessary to release a large amount of insulin. And, consequently, there is control of blood sugar levels.

In people with diabetes, it is necessary to be a little more careful. This is because the hypoglycemic effect can potentiate that of insulin introduced artificially into the body and cause problems related to low amounts of sugar in the blood. ( 1 )

Has thermogenic effect

Caffeine, another component found abundantly in green coffee, has a natural thermogenic effect, as highlighted by the professional. According to Karla, the substance improves the functioning of the metabolism and favors weight loss.

This is because thermogenic foods cause a rise in body temperature. Thus, the body needs to spend more energy to keep all functions in the body functioning. ( 1 , 3 )

Improves focus and concentration

Finally, Maciel highlights that caffeine, by acting directly on the central nervous system, enhances the state of concentration and focus . In addition, there is also the presence of trigonelline, a caffeine-like alkaloid.

Both substances are able to stimulate the nervous system and increase the sensation of alertness. Furthermore, the stimulating effect of caffeine is related to the prevention of degenerative diseases, as it keeps the brain active. ( 5 )

How to consume?

The consumption of green coffee should serve as a measure to accelerate or intensify weight loss and not be considered the only alternative.

In compounding pharmacies and natural food stores you can find green coffee capsules. However, use should be cautious and careful purchase is essential: the composition must contain more than 45% chlorogenic acid.

To avoid the presence of harmful substances in the composition, it is recommended to opt for the soluble green coffee powder, which can be diluted with water or added to soups, juices and salads.

Daily consumption should vary between 200 to 400 mg per day and the dose can be divided into two or three times. The first should be taken half an hour before lunch and the second half an hour before the afternoon snack.

Consumption cannot exceed 18 hours, since the amount of caffeine can interfere with sleep, an essential process for healthy weight loss.

Contraindications and care

In addition to children, the elderly and pregnant women, people prone to nervousness, depression or anxiety should avoid use. Those who have heart problems should consult their doctor before starting to use green coffee.

In addition, hypertensive patients, who take medication to lower blood pressure, or diabetics should be careful, as green coffee can enhance the effects of medicines used to control these problems.

The nutrition professional warns that people sensitive to the action of caffeine may have difficulty sleeping after consuming this type of coffee.

Finally, those who have a history of stomach problems, such as chronic gastritis and ulcers, in addition to liver and kidney problems, should also avoid consumption. Unless done under medical advice.

Is it worth drinking green coffee?

According to the professional, yes! This is because the component is a food supplement that can bring several health benefits, especially when it is used under the guidance of a specialized professional, reducing some risks.

However, “it is not recommended to use indiscriminately, but associated with a diet with individualized planning, in addition to a healthy lifestyle”, points out Karla.

Like any other product used for slimming purposes, green coffee is not miraculous and needs to be associated with a change in habits, especially when it comes to food.

Ellie Lauderdale

My name is Ellie Lauderdale, MD and I am USA based professional Nutritionist .

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