Dolomite: what is this mineral for

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Have you ever heard of dolomite? This is a white stone, usually sold as a very fine powder, which is extracted from limestone and formed from calcium and magnesium carbonate.

This mineral is full of benefits and therefore has many medicinal and cosmetic uses. As in relieving the symptoms of rheumatism, to treat acne and prevent premature skin aging, for example.

Amazing, isn’t it? Best of all, dolomite, which is very similar to white clay, is easy to find and easy to use. Do you want to know more about her? So read on and you’ll find out what science says about this powerful mineral!

What is dolomite for?

treat acne

Making a face mask with dolomite is used to treat the much-feared acne , which is a problem caused by excess sebum in the skin and can affect people of any age.

This is a benefit derived from its composition, which as already said, is basically calcium and magnesium.

Magnesium is an essential component to stabilize what goes in and out of your skin, which serves to stop harmful microorganisms from acting .

That’s why it also acts by regulating the production of fat (sebum), which is a natural protection for the skin but which causes acne when produced in excess and what magnesium does is precisely prevent this from happening. ( 1 )

Furthermore, the mineral has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to that of clays. This action prevents the appearance of those giant pimples, as it prevents the skin from reacting violently after coming into contact with harmful bacteria. ( 2 )

Magnesium also serves to stimulate cell regeneration, improving the acne healing process . Therefore, applying the product to the skin not only prevents the appearance and treats acne, it also helps to prevent those small marks left by pimples. ( 1 )

Remove toxins and let the skin breathe

The dolomite mask also has a detox effect and helps deep cleanse the skin.

This is thanks to magnesium’s effect of regulating what goes in and out of the skin. The mineral works by facilitating the elimination of substances such as urea, sodium, chlorine and potassium, in addition to pollution, makeup and facial creams.

It may not even seem at first glance, but this detox effect is very important as it lets the skin breathe , causing it to regenerate on its own and also helps to enhance the effects of other treatments. ( 2 )

Prevent premature aging

Another use of dolomite mask is in preventing premature aging, as the antioxidant effect of magnesium can help prevent sun damage and the natural degradation of skin cells.

The mineral is an important part of the body’s metabolism and is therefore able to prevent cell oxidation.

Let’s explain!

When our cells consume oxygen or suffer damage from the sun and pollution they produce compounds called free radicals, which stick to other molecules and start creating damage throughout the body.

One of the most recurrent is premature aging. These molecules impair the skin’s cell regeneration function and magnesium prevents them from circulating throughout the body. ( 3 )

On top of that, the stimulation of healing of this mineral serves to prevent spots and photoaging, as the skin has an easier time to return to normal after receiving the sun’s rays and not be left with “scars” from the damage suffered. ( 1 )

Treat rheumatic diseases

It is not just to improve the appearance of the skin that dolomite is used. Both topical and oral use of the compound are considered effective complements to conventional treatments for rheumatic diseases such as osteoporosis , arthrosis and even tendinitis .

This benefit was explained by researchers from the Adventist University Center of São Paulo (UNASP), who followed 44 people who suffered from arthrosis and were treated with geotherapy, applying clay to the skin, based on dolomite twice a week.

The result of the test was that, being rich in calcium and magnesium, the mineral was able to alleviate the inflammation and pain caused by the disease, in addition to providing an improvement in mobility. ( 4 )

The calcium found in the mineral, on the other hand, serves as a food supplement and helps prevent osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones more fragile.

This happens because the mineral supplies what is lost throughout life, especially during old age. This replacement helps to reduce the risk of accidents and fractures, since increasing calcium levels favors the increase in bone structure density . ( 5 )

How to use?

As dolomite is sold in the form of a very fine white powder, it is only necessary to add water, saline solution or any tea of ​​your choice to make a face mask or geotherapy, which is a clay poultice. ( 4 )

Just put the mineral in an amount that is enough to apply to the face or joints and gradually add the chosen liquid, which should be hot when the product is used in rheumatism treatment, until you obtain a homogeneous paste that is easy to spread.

Once that’s done, apply to clean, dry skin with a brush and let it act for, on average, 20 minutes. After that time, remove the entire mask under running water.

After using this face treatment always remember to apply your favorite moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

For aesthetic treatments you should use it once a week , while in geotherapy it is possible to do up to two weekly sessions with the poultice. ( 4 )

Its consumption as a calcium and magnesium supplement should be prescribed by a physician, who will assess the nutritional needs of each case.

Are there contraindications?

With regard to the use of dolomite for aesthetic treatments or geotherapy, no contraindication was found.

However, its consumption should be avoided by pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding because of the risks of contamination with heavy metals.

In addition, excess magnesium is harmful to the body and can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, hypotension and even lead to respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and death.

While hypercalcemia (excess calcium) has among its symptoms anorexia, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue and muscle weakness. In severe cases hypercalcemia can cause skin ulcers, pancreatitis and hypertension. ( 6 )

Therefore, avoid self-medication and always see a doctor to do all the necessary tests to find out if supplementation is really necessary before starting to take anything.

Where to find

You can find dolomite powder in various natural, physical and online food stores . The supplement is also sold in capsule form.

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