Crepioca: 5 recipes that don’t make you fat

Best Easy Crepioca Recipes

Did you know that there are crepioca recipes that almost do not make you fat and help you lose weight? That’s right, these recipes – quite easy and simple to make – have taken their place on people’s tables all over the world, mainly as substitutes for the famous French bread (or salt bread).

Crepioca is nothing more than the union between crepe and tapioca . Thus, this mixture results in a recipe based on 2 main ingredients: eggs and cassava gum (an ingredient in common tapioca dough). Egg can also be substituted for milk, including soy.

As a natural, gluten- and fat- free alternative, crepioca is a carbohydrate source that does not result in much fat accumulation. So it’s one of the healthy carbohydrate options especially for breakfast.

Check now the fit crepioca recipes that do not make you fat. See also below how crepioca helps with weight loss and its benefits for health and body in general.

5 Best Easy Crepioca Recipes

Crepioca recipes are very simple. Anyone can do it without much difficulty. The dough is very simple and unique, and the filling depends on each person’s preference. See below how to make the best fit crepiocas.

In addition to being simple to prepare, crepioca can take several types of fillings (Photo: depositphotos)

1. Crepioca fit simple

First, we have the simple fit crepioca, which is nothing more than the crepioca mass. In a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of sifted cassava gum and 1 egg. You can replace the egg with 50 ml of milk of your choice. This equates to 3 ½ tablespoons of milk.

Mix everything together and place in a hot skillet. Choose non-stick pans and pans, which do not require oil, margarine or butter to bake. If you want to use it, prefer butter or oil. Use little and spread with a napkin or paper towel.

Bake on both sides over low heat. If you have difficulty turning the dough, you can use a plate as a support or a spatula. And ready! Crepioca dough is made and you can fill it with some integral fit, such as cheese and spreads.

2. Fit chicken crepioca

Prepare the crepioca dough with 1 egg (or 50 ml of milk) and 2 tablespoons of sifted cassava gum. Bake both sides in a skillet and set aside on the plate. For the filling, mix 4 tablespoons of shredded chicken, 2 tablespoons of light curd, ½ chopped seedless tomato and 2 tablespoons of corn . This is a very nutritious, tasty recipe that will calmly satisfy hunger.

3. Crepioca fit cottage cheese

The cottage cheese in this recipe is a key ingredient in a recipe. Prepare the dough with 2 tablespoons of sifted cassava gum and 1 egg (or 50 ml of milk). Bake on both sides in a skillet and set aside on a plate.

For the filling, use chopped cottage cheese and chopped broccoli. There is no measurement, you can use it at will. But don’t overdo it, use enough to equal the amount of dough.

Cottage cheese is one of the lowest-fat white cheeses on the market. According to research and studies on its composition, it is estimated that it has only 4% fat content ( 1 ).

4. Crepioca fit sweet banana with cinnamon

To give that quebrada to the salted crepiocas, you can also prepare a sweet recipe. Prepare the dough using 2 tablespoons of sifted cassava gum, 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder, and 1 egg (or 50 ml of milk). Bake on both sides in the heated skillet. Reserve.

For the filling, cut a medium banana into slices and add to one side of the crepioca. Close placing the empty side over the side with the bananas. Finally, “sprinkle” some powdered cinnamon over the dough. Ready!

5. Tuna crepioca with curd

This is one of the most practical and consumed options for everyone who loves crepioca. It’s very simple. Prepare the dough using 2 tablespoons of sifted cassava gum and 1 egg (or 50 ml of milk). Bake on both sides in a heated skillet. As a filling, use 1 tablespoon of curd and 2 of tuna.

Does Crepioca help you lose weight?

Yes, crepioca can be a good ally in weight loss diets. It is a substitute option for French bread, and can be filled with a huge variety of fit fillings, such as cheese, in addition to low-calorie ingredients and preparations.

Crepioca is a functional food. Functional foods are those that, in addition to offering basic nutritional functions, produce metabolic, physiological or health-beneficial effects. ( 2 ) These are foods that can be consumed without medical supervision, except in cases of intolerance.

But, of course, it is worth remembering that crepioca is still a source of carbohydrates, so there can be no exaggeration. Exchanging 1 French bread for 3 crepiocas, for example, will continue to make you fat.

Also remember that crepioca is a substitute food and not a slimming one. Weight loss is a result of physical practices and balanced diet. So, get into a healthy diet that includes crepioca and exercise, so you will lose weight or maintain the weight you want.

Crepioca benefits

Crepioca brings some benefits to the human body. First, it is important to understand tapioca (cassava gum) as a natural, gluten- and fat-free food. Plus, it’s low in sodium, even though it’s a good source of carbohydrates. ( 3 ).

Egg is a food rich in high biological value proteins and vitamins. Among the main nutrients, vitamins of the B, A, E, K and minerals such as iron , phosphorus, selenium and zinc stand out . Furthermore, science confirms the presence of carotenoids and choline, an important component of the brain.

Furthermore, studies indicate that egg consumption may be related to more satiety and decreased anxiety. Anxiety is a very influential factor in weight gain, as it can cause hunger and even binge eating in patients.

If cow’s milk is preferred over egg, crepioca remains a nutritious, fit and healthy option. Milk is a food rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus ( 4 ).

In the case of using soy milk in the preparation of crepioca dough, the recipe becomes even more natural. As the main option for replacing cow’s milk, soy milk has zero lactose, vegetable proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients of high value for human health ( 5 ).

Finally, it is a very versatile food, which works with both savory and sweet fillings, and a great alternative for introducing healthy foods into daily food. For example, using vegetables with chicken in the filling will improve the consumption of natural foods in your daily life.

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