What is copaiba oil for, benefits and how to use it

Copaiba oil for benefits you health
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Copaiba oil, also called Amazonian balm, is an excellent ally for hair and skin. Because it is rich in fatty acids, it helps to maintain hydration and reduce hair frizz .

It also has anti-inflammatory potential, which makes it very effective against cases of psoriasis and tendonitis.

A curiosity is that this oil is actually an oil-resin , as it is formed mixing the sap of the tree trunk with essential oils, which make it have a liquid consistency.

You will then be able to learn more about this natural remedy and learn how to use it for your health.

Copaiba oil: what is it for

treat tendonitis

Copaiba oil can be used to relieve pain caused tendonitis through local massage, quickly relieving symptoms.

Tendinitis is an inflammation in the tendons that connect muscles to bones and can happen anywhere in the body, being more common in the knees and wrists, as they suffer more from repetitive movements and excessive tension.

Copaiba oil is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory . Its application on the skin helps to reduce pain and swelling caused the problem.

Especially because it manages to reduce the production of some substances that increase blood circulation in the area, thus reducing the amount of antibodies being sent there.

These two factors are what trigger the very characteristic symptoms of inflammation: heat, redness, and pain. ( 1 )

Moisturizes and nourishes hair

Having nourished and hydrated hair leaves anyone with self-esteem up there, doesn’t it? And the good news is that the oil extracted from Copaiba is a reference in this regard.

It is even a very popular ingredient in the beauty industry as it contains lipids and fatty acids. These two compounds act in the formation of a thin film around the hair strands, making them more aligned and frizz- free .

This protective layer also prevents water loss, leaving tresses more hydrated and supple.

The oil also has beta carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A. This substance stimulates growth , strengthens and hydrates the hair, in addition to preventing damage caused the sun.

The result is hair that is soft, shiny and more resistant to chemicals and everyday actions. ( 2 )

Do you want another reason to use copaiba oil on your hair? As it is anti-inflammatory, the product also helps to eliminate the bothersome dandruff , mainly caused an inflammatory skin disease. ( 1 )

Fight psoriasis

Those who suffer from psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the skin, have the alternative of treating the problem in a 100% natural way.

The anti-inflammatory property of copaiba oil controls the symptoms of the disease: itching, irritation, dryness and white spots. ( 3 )

But it should be noted that psoriasis still has no cure and this treatment serves to provide a better quality of life and prevent more serious skin lesions .

Stimulates healing

Another benefit is regarding wound healing . Applied directly to the skin, the oil-resin prevents the injured region from suffering negative external interference, such as bacteria. (4) What prevents infections and inhibits pain.

A study also identified that the oil is able to stimulate the proliferation of granular tissue – that crust that forms in wounds – and therefore plays an essential role in healing. ( 1 )

Improves kidney function

Consciously consuming copaiba oil-resin also serves to protect and stimulate kidney function. The balm is able to prevent some inflammatory and toxic substances from reaching the kidneys, which are the blood’s filters for toxins. ( 1 )

The oil can also reduce the levels of creatinine and urea in the urine, substances that represent serious kidney problems when found in excess in the body. ( 5 )

Prevents and treats infectious diseases

Did you know that this oil also helps fight various types of disease-causing microorganisms?

This action is derived from a compound called caryophyllene acid, capable of inhibiting the growth of colonies of the main bacteria that cause respiratory, intestinal and skin infections. ( 6 )

It is also effective against the fungi that cause candidiasis (genital infection) and aspergillosis (respiratory infection). ( 7 )

Age against gastric ulcers

Copaiba oil is a natural stomach protector , as it helps to reduce the amount of gastric secretion that is produced the body, reducing stomach acid and relieving the pain caused ulcers (wounds). ( 1 )

How to use copaiba oil?

This copaiba derivative can be consumed in capsules or applied directly to the skin with a massage. To do this, just apply the oil on the spot and massage it gently with clean hands. ( 3 )

It can also be mixed with hair creams or used on its own in nourishing and moisturizing treatments.

The capsules can be consumed twice a day, without exceeding the maximum amount of 500 mg per day. ( 1 )

Care and contraindications

When used on the skin, it has no contraindication and can be used anyone.

However, you should always look for pure oil, because if it is mixed with some other fat, it can cause a reaction. ( 3 )

Those who want to consume the capsules, however, need to take some precautions, mainly because the excess of copaiba oil can cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract , nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.

Furthermore, it cannot be ingested during pregnancy, as it causes low fetal weight gain, or during breastfeeding as it passes through the milk, which may cause discomfort for the baby.

The dose considered safe is quite high, around 500 mg per day, equivalent to two capsules. So the risks of overdose are very small. ( 1 )

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