Mulberry Miura: 12 Benefits Proven by Science

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Have you ever heard about the benefits of blackberry miura? This variety of plant has Asian origin, but arrived in Brazil in the past decade. Its leaves produce a tea with unique medicinal properties. Discover the benefits proven by science.

The blackberry is a variation of the blackberry (morus nigra L). Both are plant species belonging to the Moraceae family. Unlike the common blackberry, the variety called miura is not popularly cultivated in Brazil, despite having been brought to our soil recently.

Widely used in Asian natural medicine, mulberry miura has been attracting attention for being a potent alternative remedy for various ailments. In some cases, the use of the properties of blackberry can even protect the body from serious diseases and even prolong life.

Blackberry Benefits

The blackberry is a variation of the blackberry (Photo: depositphotos)

The mulberry tree that produces the blueberry does not produce fruit and most of the medicinal properties are present in the leaves of the plant. Roots are also used, but to a lesser extent. Check out the benefits of blackberry miura below:

  1. Decreases the level of glucose in the body
  2. Reduces Menopause Symptoms
  3. Regulates intestinal flora
  4. good for the bones
  5. Improves liver and kidney function
  6. helps to lose weight
  7. Fights high blood pressure
  8. Helps lower cholesterol
  9. fights cancer
  10. Fights premature aging
  11. Prevent baldness
  12. Fights fungi, bacteria and inflammation

Are you surprised by all these benefits? Remember that these are just some of the most prominent in this immense list. Below you will learn a little more about the beneficial action capacity of this plant in the human body.

See more about the benefits

In this topic, I explain how each of the benefits mentioned in this article comes about and is proven by medical and pharmaceutical science. Our information was taken from sources based on national and international scientific materials and productions, in order to bring you the most complete information.

1. Decreases the glucose rate in the body

The properties of blackberry are used to control glucose in the body. Due to the presence of a compound of substances that inhibit the glycemic increase, the blackberry is able to stimulate the natural production of insulin. Therefore, it helps to keep the levels regulated.

This benefit is hidden in the plant’s leaves, which can be used in pure extracts and teas. In both cases, the benefits will appear in diabetes patients.

2. Reduces menopause symptoms

Another super advantage of consuming blackberry is the reduction of menopausal symptoms in women over 35 years of age. The composition of the properties and nutrients present in the blackberry leaves regulates hormones (mainly estrogen).

Menopause alters the functioning of hormones in a woman’s body , which can bring some symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal discomfort and sensitivity, reduced sexual desire, mood swings, fatigue and much more.

Using the properties of blackberry, it is possible to adjust part of the concentration of hormones in the body, which makes the process easier for women. With the symptoms reduced, entry into menopause is much easier and healthier.

3. Regulates intestinal flora

Due to the large amount of dietary fiber present in the composition of this plant, one of its benefits is to improve and regulate bowel function.

In addition, blackberry contains substances that stimulate intestinal transit, thus combating constipation . As if that wasn’t enough, studies show that it reduces the harmful bacilli in the intestine without harming the beneficial bacilli.

The consumption of this plant, and its derived products, is highly recommended in the treatment of diseases that affect the intestinal tract. Its nutrients are able to keep the intestines functioning in good condition.

4. Good for the bones

The composition table of blackberry miura reveals a great surprise: it is an excellent source of calcium. Just so you know, this is 22 times more than milk, which is famous for its benefits to bone structure.

In addition, blackberry is rich in other minerals that improve overall bone health, joints and the functioning of important organs such as the kidneys and heart . Among these minerals are potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc. It is noteworthy that proteins are also present in its composition.

5. Improves liver and kidney function

As mentioned above, blackberry has important nutrients for the proper functioning of some organs. However, it is worth noting that the organs that benefit most from this are the liver and kidneys.

The composition of this plant seems to have been made to enhance the functioning of these organs. In addition to nourishing them, blackberry inhibits the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in both organs, which improves the overall health of the body.

6. Helps you lose weight

The blackberry also offers help for those who are looking to lose weight . In addition to its antioxidant properties, which help in this process, the plant contains substances that inhibit the accumulation of fat in the body.

As if that wasn’t enough, along with fiber, it also helps to increase the volume of fat eliminated by feces and facilitates fat burning, similar to what happens with the consumption of thermogenic foods. In addition, it is a natural product indicated for people who want to maintain their current weight. Although it is not the goal to lose weight, the blackberry helps to prevent weight gain.

Blueberry tea is also recommended to increase urinary flow, which helps in the elimination of retained fluids in the body. This also helps in decreasing measurements.

7. Combat high blood pressure

Do you know what y-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is? Probably not. This substance (somewhat rare) is present in the composition of blackberry leaves. Its main function in the human body is to normalize the elevation of blood pressure.

GABA is a hypotensive acid that should be used at peaks of high blood pressure . It helps to decrease elevation, thereby restoring the normalized pressure level.

8. Helps lower cholesterol

Studies carried out in Brazil pointed out that the leaves of the blackberry have substances that stimulate the hypocholesterolemic activity. That is, it helps the body to lower the cholesterol level.

The research, carried out in laboratory rodents, proved that some properties present in the composition of the leaves of this plant are capable of lowering cholesterol. With a promising picture on this subject, scientists are betting their chips on the idea that this benefit will be widely used in pharmacology in the future.

In particular, the study cites the importance of two substances in this process, quercetin and caffeic acid. Both are very important for cholesterol regulation.

Interestingly, the study found greater effectiveness of this benefit in female animals. This may mean that the remedies developed with the leaves of this plant are more potent for women’s health. Only science will tell us in the future.

9. Fights cancer

We have already mentioned that blackberry leaves contain beneficial substances such as quercetin and caffeic acid. In addition to these, the composition of properties of the blackberry leaves is replete with other antioxidant substances that help fight and prevent cancer.

The antioxidant action protects cells from oxidation caused by free radicals. In this particular case, the properties of blackberry act directly on the process called lipoperoxidation.

Being more effective at preventing than at fighting, you can use blackberry tea or extract to protect some organs from cancer risk. The chances of kidney cancer are greatly reduced with the preventive use of the properties of this plant.

10. Fights premature aging

Free radicals (the same mentioned in the previous topic) are also responsible for opening space in the body for diseases of old age. Free radicals damage cells to the point that they don’t age well and increase the risk of health problems.

Blueberry tea has an antioxidant effect proven by science, and this is one of the main methods of combating premature aging of cells. In addition, it is important to follow a good diet and practice some physical activity.

This great combo of good food + healthy diet + blackberry tea, besides being very good for your physical and mental well-being, can defend your body from various diseases.

11. Prevents baldness

A scientific article resulting from a Japanese survey showed that the properties of blackberry are also able to prevent baldness. In addition, the consumption of tea or products from this plant can help in the treatment of hair loss, in addition to prevention.

This is due to its composition, which has nutrients that stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, improve the quality of the strands and strengthen the strands. Therefore, there is a progressive decrease in hair fall.

12. Fights fungi, bacteria and inflammation

Last but not least, the composition of cranberry miura results in a combo of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are a true natural remedy against fungi, bacteria and inflammation.

So if you are experiencing any of these problems or know someone who is, know that blackberry tea and products are of great help.

How to prepare blackberry tea

The blackberry tea is the most common method of consumption of this plant in western countries like Brazil. So, see how to prepare it correctly:

  1. Boil 1 cup of water in a pot or kettle and turn off the heat.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of chopped blueberry leaves and cover for 10 minutes.
  3. Then strain and drink.

It is not advisable to sweeten this natural drink. Sugar can change the composition of the infusion and, as a result, some benefits are lost. However, if you prefer anyway, sweeten it with 1 tablespoon of bee honey, which is also a natural option and will not undo the benefits.

How to drink tea correctly

Some studies indicate that blackberry tea should be taken every day in some cases. For example, daily consumption is indicated for diabetes patients and menopausal women. Anyone can drink blackberry tea every day, except people with low blood pressure.

The indicated consumption is 3 times a day, in each shift. It is important, however, to emphasize that these 3 daily servings need to be moderated. An amount that does not exceed 1 cup in each “round” of consumption. ½ cup should be enough.

One study has shown that the full and full benefits of drinking blackberry tea appear with 90 days of daily intake (at least once a day). However, this does not mean that benefits only appear after this period.

From the moment you drink the natural drink for the first time, you already get the qualities of the blackberry miura and, little by little, they are manifested in the body. But if you still have doubts, try it and find out for yourself. Then come back here and tell us what you think!

Where to buy?

Mulberry leaves are very difficult to find in Brazil, but only for those who don’t know how to look properly. Despite the difficulty, there are qualified companies that sell blackberry miura leaves, extracts and capsules.

Most of them work on the internet, but it’s worth stopping by the nearest health food store and seeing if they sell there.

However, you have to be very careful about mistakes. Many people end up buying blackberry leaves thinking they are blueberry leaves. In addition, there are freeloaders or even uninformed sellers who say they are miura leaves when in fact they are blackberry leaves. Stay tuned!

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