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Petroleum jelly: Uses and Benefits of Vaseline

by Ellie Lauderdale
uses of petroleum jelly for the skin you never thought
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You’ve probably heard of Vaseline , haven’t you? This all-in-one product is cheap and easily found in any pharmacy or perfumery. Some use it to improve the appearance of furniture, fighters use it to protect themselves during fights and others even use it as a lubricant in the most intimate moments.

But, after all, do you know what petroleum jelly is made of and how it can best be used?

According to dermatologist Felipe Chediek, “vaseline is a substance derived from petroleum, used as a base in many cosmetic products ”. Also according to the doctor, Vaseline was discovered in 1872 by Robert Chesebrough, who believed so much in the healing power of the product that he burned his own skin to then apply the product and monitor the progress of wound healing.

Vaseline is currently used in various applications as lubricants, to protect metals from corrosion, in the health and pharmaceutical area and, mainly, in the manufacture of cosmetics, such as: creams, ointments, balms and emollients.

Uses and Benefits of Vaseline

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving. New products, uses, technologies and discoveries emerge daily that promise true miracles in favor of beauty and well-being .

Surprisingly, some simple and devoid of any advanced technology products continue to be successful amidst so many novelties. This is the case with Vaseline.

If you, like us, love to bet on classics (those that your grandmother used and defends until today) to take care of beauty, check out some uses of Vaseline. You will be amazed at the versatility of this product!

1- Scars scratches and burns

Studies show that petroleum jelly is highly effective in healing minor scratches and low-severity burns. That’s because it helps keep the skin moist, facilitating its regeneration . In addition, the barrier formed by the product makes bacteria, dirt or other agents unable to penetrate it.

This is also why it is important to check that the surface on which you are going to apply the petroleum jelly is properly clean and disinfected. Otherwise, bacteria and other pathogens can get trapped inside and delay the healing process. This information opens up a very common question:

  • Can I put Vaseline on my tattoo?

According to Chediek, “Vaseline occludes the skin, for this reason it is not absorbed, and is not indicated to heal tattoos . Because of the formation of a barrier over the skin, obstructing and preventing its natural “breathing”. In addition, petroleum jelly has sensitizing components and should be avoided in these cases”.

The doctor adds that the tattoo is beautiful if the skin is healthy, so hydration is essential for the longevity of the tattoo. Using a gentle daily moisturizer helps preserve the tattoo. It is recommended to avoid products with petrolatum (oil derivatives), as they can even make the paint fade.

Finally, he explains that the ideal is to avoid products that contain chemical substances or ingredients that are very aggressive to the skin – this includes products with artificial colors, which can cause irritation. There are specific products on the market to be used in tattoos that have already been tested and do not present risks.

2- Treat cracks

Few things can be as irritating (and painful) as chapped lips . They are more common in cold weather and are a consequence of lack of hydration. To get around the problem, just apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the affected area before bed. The improvement is noticeable the very next day.

Vaseline is also excellent for treating dryness and cracking of the feet and heels. With daily use, cracks quickly disappear.

3- Reduces split ends

Exposure to sun and wind, heat sources, as well as pool and sea water can dry out hair . Vaseline can reduce the appearance of split ends and give hair shine. The specialist indicates: “apply a little Vaseline to them and that’s it. They will be closer together and look shiny.”

Vaseline can also be very helpful in protecting the skin against blemishes and irritation caused by hair dyes.

4- Removes makeup and false eyelashes

The oily texture makes the Vaseline very useful for removing waterproof makeup and glue for false eyelashes that are often resistant to common makeup removers . To do this, place a small amount of solid or liquid petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and gently apply it to the desired area. Make light movements without rubbing. As a bonus, it also helps to hydrate the skin in this region, which is usually more sensitive.

  • Vaseline makes the eyelashes grow. Myth or truth?

“There are myths that petroleum jelly helps grow eyelashes, but this information is false . However, there are some benefits that Vaseline offers for the lashes, such as moisturizing, preventing them from breaking. Vaseline gel reflects light, making it more shiny and voluminous, but it doesn’t make it grow”, explains dermatologist Felipe Chediek.

Are Vaseline and Glycerin the same thing?

No, both are completely different in composition and characteristics, so they shouldn’t be confused. Chediek explains:

“Glycerin is a colorless and odorless sugar alcohol, made from vegetables or animal fat, there is also a synthetic version. Its real name is glycerol, but it is popularly known as glycerin. It is used in skin and hair care products due to its moisturizing characteristics and for providing protection to the skin. Vaseline is a more oleaginous liquid.”

My name is Ellie Lauderdale, MD and I am USA based professional Nutritionist .

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