What is sunflower oil for?

Sunflower oil is rich in fatty acids that are essential for the body to function properly.

In addition to being extremely rich in vitamin E, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against cellular degradation.

All of this makes the oil play an important action in protecting against cardiovascular problems and which usually affect the nervous system.

In addition, it is an oil rich in linoleic acid, which acts positively on the skin and hair.

When used in food, in a controlled manner, it acts by dissolving and eliminating excess cholesterol from the blood and regulating its levels.

With so many benefits it’s no wonder if you want to start using it right now. But calm down!

First, read this article to learn more about what this oil is for, what its benefits are in your diet, and how to choose correctly.

After all, what is sunflower oil for?

Sunflower oil has several applications and can be used in healthy eating and aesthetics.

This is because this type of oil is very rich nutritionally, especially in vitamins and fatty acids, which contribute to the proper functioning of the body. ( 1 )

Below are the benefits found in the main ways of using this powerful oil!

for the skin

One of the natural oils for the face is sunflower oil, as it has the ability to protect this region from damage caused by the sun , pollution and even diseases.

This is due to the powerful composition of the product rich in linoleic acid, also known as omega-6.

This substance is related to the prevention of bad cholesterol, but it also has other important functions in the body. Among these benefits are skin protection and cell regeneration.

The acid works by forming a protective barrier around the skin. In this way, it protects against damage, while also ensuring the hydration of the region, as the water is retained by this extra protective layer. ( 2 , 3 )

This type of oil is also rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that completes the skin’s protection. That’s because antioxidants are substances that can prevent damage caused by the natural degradation of cells.

In addition, it is a source of vitamin A, which, together with linoleic acid, makes sunflower oil a tanning and after-sun agent. This means that it can prevent sunburns on the skin. ( 3 )

Finally, oil is also a powerful healing agent . Thanks to fatty acids, it improves immunity as well as cell regeneration.

Therefore, it is usually indicated for the treatment of pressure ulcers, the sores that usually appear in people who spend a lot of time in bed or sitting. ( 2 )

To enjoy these benefits, you must purchase sunflower oil found in pharmacies or natural food stores.

And there’s no secret to use it: just apply it all over the skin and wait for it to absorb, which happens very quickly.

for the hair

Sunflower oil is another type of vegetable oil for hair , and the best part: it doesn’t leave the hair looking dirty or heavy, as it is a light product that is easy to absorb.

The most common form is as wetting, when a large amount of oil is applied to the hair to replenish lost nutrients.

When used in moisturizing, sunflower oil helps to replenish the nutrients lost by the hair during daily aggressions.

But this benefit is only possible thanks to the presence of vitamins A, E and K, which manage to penetrate the hair.

In addition, the presence of fatty acids causes the product to form a protective film around the hair. This way, it is protected from new aggressions and still conserves nutrients and water inside the hair.

You can also use this product as a finisher or edge repairer. Thus, the oil protects the strands against the action of the sun and pollution, reduces frizz and even reduces volume. ( 3 )

in food

Sunflower oil is one of those multi-purpose products, so it can be used in food preparation, replacing other types of oils, such as coconut and olive oil .

As we have seen, this natural product is beneficial to the body due to its composition rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. ( 1 , 4 )

According to the Brazilian Table of Food Composition (TACO), the oil does not contain cholesterol or carbohydrates.

However, just like any other high-fat food, it is quite caloric. Every 100 grams contains an average of 880 calories. So beware of excesses. ( 5 )

Even so, food still helps protect against chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. All this thanks to fatty acids and antioxidant substances.

Choosing this oil in food preparation can also help reduce cholesterol and, as a result, improve cardiovascular health . ( 1 )

In addition to all these benefits already mentioned, sunflower oil improves immunity by increasing the production of defense cells ( 4 ) and improving the production of hormones by the glands. ( 3 )

How to choose sunflower oil?

First, it’s no use getting sunflower oil that is usually sold in supermarkets, as they are mixed with other types of fats and refined.

Thus, they may not have all the benefits mentioned above and, in some cases, they may even be harmful to health.

Therefore, only choose products that are extracted through cold pressing, as these retain the nutrients from the seed. of sunflower .

In addition, the oil must not be refined, so as not to lose the beneficial substances it has naturally.

Therefore, you will find this type of sunflower oil in pharmacies, intended for use on the skin and hair, and in natural food stores and specialized in healthy food, to use it in the kitchen. ( 6 )

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