Does apple cider vinegar really slim down?

Does apple cider vinegar really slim down

In addition to being used for cooking, apple cider vinegar slims down and helps in other health care. For example, it lowers cholesterol and aids in digestive processes.

But according to scientific researcher and nutritionist, Aline Quissak, it is not just any product that reduces hunger, brings satiety and offers benefits to the body.

“The most suitable is apple cider vinegar and not the one in the plastic packaging that is in the supermarket next to the regular alcohol vinegar. This other one you will find in a natural products store, usually in glass containers, and it ends up being a little more expensive”, he explains.

But after all, how to take apple cider vinegar to lose weight? For this, the nutrition specialist explains that you must be aware of the amount of the dose, the form of consumption and the time . In addition, it is necessary to associate this diet with changes in lifestyle.

Does apple vinegar really slim down?

According to Aline Quissak, this product can help with weight loss for two reasons, they are: it reduces the craving for sweets and produces a feeling of satiety.

“It improves insulin resistance, that is, it makes your body understand that when you have a lot of sugar in your blood, it means you can decrease your appetite for sweets and carbohydrates”, explains the nutritionist.

In addition to this role, apple cider vinegar acts to activate appetite hormones, as it is an acid. Thus, it stimulates cholecystokinin (CCK), a gastrointestinal hormone related to feeling full.

To enjoy this benefit, the nutritionist gives the tip: “taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of dessert before a meal will help you to not feel so much appetite and not to repeat the dish.”

But after all, how many pounds can be lost and in how long? According to the professional, there is no formula that accurately answers these questions, as losing weight depends on several factors.

“Weight loss is a complex process that involves changing habits in eating and physical activity, such as the hormonal, genetic, psychological issue of anxiety and depression, behavioral in discounting emotions in food, and even the cultural meaning of food represents,” stresses Quissak.

In this sense, the professional explains that apple cider vinegar loses weight as a helper and not as a miraculous product.

“Only one relevant study showed that if you don’t change anything in your lifestyle and just take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for 12 weeks, you lose 2 kg in this period.”

What are the other benefits?

According to the scientific researcher, vinegar is the result of fermentation. This process, when done right, produces “good” bacteria for the intestine, called probiotics.

For this reason, the drink can aid digestion and still contain low calories. “Due to the benefits generated the fermentation of the apple , since 5 thousand years before Christ there have been reports of the medicinal use of this vinegar for detoxification, improvement of the lymphatic system and immunity.”

Therefore, apple cider vinegar slims down, but it can also be used for other purposes. “Some studies show its potential to reduce total cholesterol levels and others to improve reflux”, highlights the nutritionist.

We also have some articles that explore the powers of apple cider vinegar for foot health , hair beauty and facial skin .

How to take to lose weight?

Aline Quissak advises consumption in two ways, which depend on the objective. For example, if the intention is to lose weight, the best alternative is to take at most two tablespoons (of soup), twice a day and always before the main meals.

Now if the proposal is to detoxify the body, which in a way also helps with weight loss, the nutritionist recommends two spoons (dessert) taken on an empty stomach .

In addition, the professional recommends always consuming pure vinegar . However, as the flavor is very peculiar, it releases water intake right after the dose.

Other uses

As it is a vinegar, it can be used as a salad dressing , mixed with herbs and salt. But it also serves as an excellent medicine to help treat respiratory ailments.

“Even Hippocrates [father of medicine] prescribed a mixture of apple cider vinegar with honey to help with coughs and colds,” he reveals. In the latter case, the nutritionist teaches how to mix vinegar, honey and ginger .

In addition to food and medicinal uses, this product is also used as a cleaning agent. Aline Quissak explains that this function emerged in the 17th century with Europeans, who also used it as an antiseptic in the fight against germs and bacteria.

What is the best apple cider vinegar to lose weight?

Of all types of apple cider vinegar, the most recommended the nutrition professional is organic . If the product contains pesticides, the body will also receive these negative compounds.

Thus, instead of a detox, the body can intoxicate with these substances. This does not happen with organic products, as they are produced without the contamination of chemical elements, so they are safer.

Where to find?

Apple cider vinegar can be found at both online and physical health food stores . Unfortunately, this type is not so common in supermarkets.

Side effects and contraindications of this diet

Like any other product, vinegar has its contraindications and side effects. For example, as it has an acid content, its use is prohibited for people with gastritis and ulcers.

Anyone who is allergic to alcohol should also avoid using this product. “Taking too much can cause heartburn, burning, gastritis, headache and nausea ”, alerts the nutritionist.

Therefore, despite apple cider vinegar getting thin, it is ideal for people to be aware of the adverse effects resulting from prolonged or irresponsible use.

Anyway, the best way to lose weight is to look for a nutrition expert who will combine a balanced diet with safe techniques for your body, which may even be the use of vinegar. In addition, it is important to start physical exercise to improve quality of life.

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