Kot diet, a method to lose weight fast

The Kot Diet, a method to lose weight quickly  and adapted to the demands of modern life, is a hypocaloric and compensated protein plan, low in fat and sugars that has the peculiarity of being made with food preparations that can be purchased in pharmacies.

This method to lose weight has been clinically proven and must be done with the advice of pharmacists who explain the guide and clarify doubts about Kot products , in addition to having the necessary food preparations to achieve an effective nutritional rebalancing.

Developed by Dr. Réginald Allouche, a French diabetic physician and bioengineer, it was originally created to respond to the failure of other diets that did not harmonize pleasure with the need to lose weight.

The weight loss performing the Diet Kot is variable and depends on the target but ensures that if it continues to adequately no rebound effect, is healthy, thanks to new eating habits are acquired is possible to stabilize the weight and not return to get fat.

What is the Kot Diet, a method to lose weight fast

The Kot Diet is a low-calorie weight loss method , rich in varied foods and with a wide variety of easy-to-prepare dishes. Divided into 2 stages, the plan requires first the Intensive Phase and then the Progressive Phase.

It is a hypocaloric but balanced diet program and IGB (Low Glycemic Index) compensated in protein. It is especially based on long-term weight stabilization and prescribes a wide range of products of high nutritional value that are presented in the form of products that make up the daily menus.

The diet plan of the Kot Diet offers a contribution of 35% of the daily caloric load in the form of proteins, something that favors the satiating effect and thanks to the fact that the basal energy expenditure is carried out through the thermogenic action, loss is avoided of body mass.

To achieve the aforementioned effect, the amount of protein per kilo of ideal weight is calculated, which in a woman is 1.2 grams of protein per kilo of ideal weight, while in men it is 1.5 grams of protein for each ideal weight kilo.

This plan is considered hyperprotein because it exceeds 2 grams per kilo of body weight per day, being also a diet characterized as “Hedonic” because it puts pleasure in an important place within the framework of a method to lose weight and for this it offers a variety of products with different flavors, textures, aromas and colors.

In the intensive phase of the Kot Plan, 80% of energy expenditure is at rest, inducing the metabolism to use the energy reserves stored daily in the form of fat deposits, allowing rapid weight loss.

All Kot products such as carbohydrates and other nutrients that are provided in the form of conventional foods in the daily menu represent as a whole a Low Glycemic Index (GBI), which allows classifying all foods based on the response of blood glucose and thus anticipate the control of its elevation, being an important tool for the prevention and treatment of overweight, obesity and diabetes.

How to do the kot diet to lose weight fast 

Based on the combination of products made from proteins of high nutritional value, low glycemic index and low in fat, the Kot Diet is a good plan for fast and effective weight loss , easily adapting to the modern lifestyle with little time. to prepare complicated food dishes and avoid anxiety because you do not go hungry.

It should be remembered that all these Kot products come ready to eat or in sachets or jars for easy and quick preparation of dishes.Among the Kot products that you need to buy to carry out the Kot diet are:

  • Food Complements.
  • Sweets (drinks, desserts and cereals).
  • Savory (soups, hamburgers, envelopes to make crepes).
  • Sweet and salty snacks.
  • Preparation for making bread.

Once the plan proposed by the Kot Diet is finished, there is the possibility of carrying out the “durable phase” which consists above all in consolidating the new healthy eating habits that have been incorporated into daily life. This stage is based on a 6-month plan, eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly to maintain the correct weight.

The two phases of the Kot Diet to lose weight

The Kot Diet is made up of two well-differentiated stages or phases:

  • Intensive phase: This phase will have a duration that will depend on the amount of kilos you want to lose. For example, to lose weight up to 3 kilos this phase will last one week, while to lose 5 kilos it will be two weeks and to lose weight 7 or 8 kilos the intensive phase can be extended up to 3 weeks.
  • Progressive phase : In this stage of the diet you continue to lose weight but gradually and include more food.

To the two main phases it is possible to add a third, the “stabilization phase”, whose objective is to maintain the lost weight and avoid the unwanted rebound effect. In the intensive phase of this diet the following food groups are allowed:

  • Fish, meat, seafood : 200 or 300 grams of white fish, shellfish, mollusks, chicken, turkey or rabbit.
  • Dairy : Among them 1 cup of skimmed milk, 1 cup of soy milk enriched with calcium, 1 skimmed yogurt 0% fat or 4-6 tablespoons of skimmed fresh cheese.
  • Fruits : 1 orange, 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 apple, 3 apricots, 2 plums, 2 kiwis, 150 grams of melon.
  • Vegetables : In free quantity such as lettuce, endives, chard, watercress, endives, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, chard, cucumber, mushrooms, radish, green pepper, celery, bean sprouts.
  • Vegetables:  In 150 g servings such as tomato, eggplant, green beans, red pepper, green asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or turnips.
  • Dressings : You can use olive oil, wine vinegar, aromatic spices, 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard, sweetener.
  • Drinks : at least 2 liters of water a day, all kinds of infusions or a maximum of 2 coffees a day.

Intensive Phase menu example


  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • 1 cup of coffee or infusion.
  • 1 Dairy.


  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • 1 piece of fruit.


  • 1 serving of protein.
  • Vegetables.

Afternoon snack

  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • 1 cup of coffee or infusion.


  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • Vegetables.

Progressive phase

In the progressive phase of the Kot Method to lose weight, breakfast mainly varies since it includes a larger and more varied amount of food and the protein ration and allows 1 time a week 2 complete eggs (with yolk and white) and protein pasta of the brand Kot.

Progressive Phase menu example

Here is the daily menu of the progressive phase so that you can see more clearly what it would be like to carry out this diet in its second phase:


  • 1 Cup of coffee or infusion.
  • 1 dairy.
  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread.
  • 1 slice of York ham or 1 slice of turkey.


  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • 1 Fruit.


  • 1 serving of protein.
  • Vegetables.

Afternoon snack

  • 1 sobre Cat for 1 cat snack.
  • 1 cup of coffee or infusion.


  • 1 sobre Cat.
  • Vegetables.

Stabilization Phase (Optional)

If you want to add the Stabilization Phase after having finished the
Kot Diet plan in its two phases, it can be implemented to maintain weight.

Oily fish are added to the group of protein foods, as well as combinations of legumes and whole grains, whole wheat pasta, nuts and soybeans, while the dressings and drinks remain the same.

Stabilization phase menu example


  • Coffee or infusion.
  • 1 dairy.
  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread.
  • 1 slice of turkey or 80 grams of natural tuna.


  • 1 Sobre Kot.
  • 1 Fruit.


  • 1 serving of protein.
  • Vegetables
  • 1 Fruit.

Afternoon snack

  • 1 Sobre Cat for 1 Cat snack.
  • 1 cup of coffee or infusion.


  • 1 serving of protein.
  • Vegetables.
  • 1 fruit

Important Note: Like any other diet or weight loss plan, it is also necessary to accompany the Kot Diet with a regular practice of physical exercise that, in addition to helping to burn calories, is excellent for toning muscles and avoiding flaccidity.

What to eat on the kot Diet

As in any other plan to lose weight, the Kot Diet has allowed foods and other prohibited foods. It is necessary to take note of all of them to plan each menu with the difference that in this diet there are also products that must necessarily be purchased in pharmacies.

Tortillas, soups, smoothies, cakes and creams among other foods make the Kot Plan to lose weight a different diet from the others, because it is much more varied and its dishes proposals are delicious, something that helping to follow it without getting bored or starving, two one of the most frequent reasons that cause weight loss diets to be abandoned.

During the entire time that the Kot diet lasts, it is recommended to take a vitamin complex every day that contains omega3, since there are deficiencies of some vitamins since the recommended daily amounts of fruits are minimal.

Let’s start then by knowing the list of allowed and prohibited foods that the Kot Diet establishes to continue advancing until concluding with the complete plan to lose weight without starving.

Allowed foods

Vegetables that can be consumed in free quantities:

  • Lettuce.
  • Endives.
  • Berro.
  • Spinach.
  • Chard.
  • Broccoli.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Cucumber.
  • Arugula.
  • Zucchini.
  • Mushrooms
  • Green pepper.
  • Bean sprouts.

Vegetables that can be eaten in limited quantities (150 grams):

  • Tomato.
  • Red pepper.
  • Eggplant.
  • Green beans.
  • Col Lombard.
  • Green asparagus.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Neighbor.


  • Apple.
  • Orange.
  • Money.
  • Peach.
  • Plum.
  • Mandarina.
  • Plum.
  • Pineapple.
  • Kiwi.
  • Cherry.
  • Pomelo.
  • Berries.
  • Fruit juice.

Protein foods (up to 200 grs. Raw)

  • Veal.
  • Chicken.
  • Rabbit.
  • Turkey.
  • White and blue fish.
  • Seafood
  • 2 Eggs once a week.
  • Legumes such as white beans, lentils, and chickpeas.
  • Dairy: milk, yogurt and I remain 0% fat.

Kot Products

Hyperprotein and hypoglucidic Kot products have been specially designed to “complement” a healthy eating program to lose weight and not to replace food. All Kot products contain less than 100 Kcal, with the exception of Snacks, which on average is 80 Kcal per envelope.

The Kot products that are part of this diet to lose weight provide the body with proteins of high biological value that the body absorbs almost entirely, thus generating a minimum amount of residue during the digestion process, increasing the basal energy expenditure and producing a sensation of satiety.

Variants of the Kot Diet

The Kot Diet is very similar to any ketogenic diet with proteins, but it has the advantage that it is easier to do as it presents a wide range of ready-to-eat or semi-prepared products that allow you to complete each menu in a simple and practical way.

Contraindications of the Kot Diet

The Kot Diet is a method to lose weight that can be done by people who want to lose a maximum of 8 kilos of weight. Being contraindicated for those who suffer:

  • Type I Diabetes
  • Heart failure.
  • Liver failure..
  • Renal insufficiency.
  • Pregnancy and Lactation (according to medical advice).
  • Stroke or coronary accident of less than one year of evolution.
  • Oncological diseases in activity / treatment.
  • Severe eating and psychological disorders.

To the aforementioned contraindications, it should be remembered that the Kot Method to lose weight is not designed to be followed by people with Obesity, whose BMI is higher than 30 without a prior medical consultation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the kot diet

Advantages of the Kot Diet:

  • Kot products that are bought in pharmacies and are part of the Weight Loss Method are prepared with quality raw materials and are certified.
  • The diet is divided into stages or phases that make it easier to lose weight progressively and without rebound effect.
  • The Kot Weight Loss Plan guarantees rapid weight loss.
  • Kot products produce a feeling of fullness and therefore avoid feeling hungry and being anxious to eat.
  • The Kot system for weight loss does not generate a feeling of fatigue or tiredness.

Disadvantages of the Kot Diet:

  • The Kot system is not a weight loss plan that can be followed for long as it is a restrictive diet as it dispenses with many essential nutrients and focuses almost entirely on protein consumption.
  • It can be uneconomical since to follow the diet it is necessary to consume exclusively Kot products that have a high price compared to other foods.

Kot Diet Recipes

The Kot Diet recipes have the advantage that they can be prepared using the Kot products that are part of the Method and that are bought in pharmacies. A successful combination of ingredients makes it possible to create tasty, low-calorie and very tempting dishes.

Let’s see then some options for recipes of the Kot Diet that are very easy to prepare and really delicious.

Tomato and pepper omelette

Simple and quick to prepare for this recipe, a Kot fine herb omelette envelope is used that gives a delicious flavor to the dish and makes it easier to have a delicious dish ready in an instant.


  • 1 small onion.
  • 1 green pepper.
  • 1 small tomato.
  • 150 ml of water.
  • Preparation for Kot fine herb omelette.


Peel and finely chop the onion.

Cut the pepper and tomato into small cubes.

Sauté the onion, pepper and tomato with a drizzle of oil in a very hot pan until the onion is tender.

Season and reserve.

In a bowl, place the water and mix the amount equivalent to two scoops of the Kot omelette preparation with the fine herbs.

Pour the mixture into a very hot pan and cook for 30 seconds over high heat and one minute on very low heat.

Add the onion, pepper and tomato mixture.

Leave on the fire for a few more seconds.

Roll up the tortilla and serve.

Cheese omelette with mushrooms

A simple cheese omelette prepared using a Kot cheese flavored tortilla envelope, to which you just have to add the mushrooms and season to get an easy and delicious dish.


  • 1 Sachet of Cheese Flavor Tortilla.
  • 125 grams of mushrooms.
  • Dehydrated garlic
  • Parsley.
  • 10 ml of olive acceptance.
  • Shall.
  • Pepper.


In a frying pan, sauté the mushrooms.

Chop the parsley with the garlic, a pinch of salt, pepper, a little oil. Reserve

When the mushrooms are cooked and all the liquid has evaporated add the mixture of parsley, garlic, salt, pepper and oil, mix and remove from the heat.

In a bowl, place the contents of the cheese-flavored crepe envelope and add 70 ml of cold water little by little.

Heat the previous preparation for 20 seconds in the microwave

In a baking tray place the mushrooms and then the cheese omelette on top.

Gratin the preparation in the oven for 5 minutes and serve.

Spinach casserole with parmentier puree

The Parmentier Kot puree is the base of this quick to prepare and very filling casserole that is completed with spinach that are allowed in this Kot diet.


1 envelope of Puree Parmentier Kot.
80 grams of spinach.
Olive oil


First wash and chop the spinach.

Place the drained spinach in a frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil.

Season the sautéed spinach and reserve.

Prepare the Parmentier Kot by placing the contents of the envelope in a bowl with 70 ml of water that must be added little by little and mixing until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

Take the preparation to the microwave and heat for 20 seconds and mix the contents again, add a pinch of oregano and pepper to taste.

Mix the spinach with the Parmentier Kot preparation.

Serve in a small individual clay pot.

Raspberry Ice Cream Smoothie

Smoothies are always a good dessert and even more so when they are prepared with fruit and using ingredients that provide flavor but few calories. 


  • 1 Sachet of Cream Dessert Vanilla Kot aroma.
  • 100 grams of frozen raspberries.
  • 5 ice cubes.
  • 120 ml of water.


Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix at maximum speed for 1 minute until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Distribute the mixture into tall glasses or glasses and refrigerate for about 30 minutes before serving.

This recipe can also be prepared using fresh or frozen berries.

Video of the Kot Diet

This video shows an interview with the Bachelor of Nutrition and Diabetes Educator Alejandra Echavarri who talks about the Kot diet to lose weight and its application for people suffering from diabetes, another of the advantages of this plan to lose weight in a healthy way .

Conclusions about the Kot Diet to lose weight

Through this post we have tried to explain in detail everything related to the Kot Diet, a method to lose weight fast . However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the purchase of Kot products for the daily menu can transform it into a diet with a high cost.

On the other hand, it is always advisable to consult with the doctor or nutritionist before starting to do the Kot Diet as it can generate metabolic variations that are not recommended for people suffering from some type of disease.

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