Hume stone: what is it and what is it for?

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Do you know what humestone is? This solid substance is a natural secret for many everyday issues, especially when it comes to health and beauty.

In this article, we’re going to show you all the important information about humestone, and tell you that it can be much more useful than you think!

Many people have humestone at home, but they don’t know where it comes from. Some people say they are stones taken from a volcano, others say they are found at the bottom of the sea.

Well, enough speculation. Let’s get started on answering this main question…

What is humestone?

The hume stone (or ume stone) is a clear white colored stone made from potassium alum, a mineral widely used in the health and cosmetics industries. As such, it is not a stone taken from a volcano or the bottom of the sea, as many erroneously claim.

Popularly, hume stone is used by many men and women when shaving or shaving. Just open a small cut, and they will soon place the hume stone on top to stop the bleeding and heal faster. But will it really do?

And, on the other hand, in the cosmetic industry, humestone stands out as a natural antiperspirant. But, is this true? Is it really possible that a stone made with a mineral can be the solution to avoid, for example, sweat and odor under the arm?

With these doubts in mind, we searched science if there really is evidence that humestone has these benefits. In fact, what we found were studies and materials that prove these and other benefits are true! Check it out below!

What is it for?

The biggest and main doubt about hume stone are its benefits. Many people don’t even care about the origin or history of this substance, but they respect a lot of its curative and aesthetic powers and ways of using it.

So, check what the hume stone is for:

It’s healing

Firstly, humestone is healing when it comes to minor wounds and cuts. That’s why it is so used when shaving or shaving (shaving) your legs, for example. But remember, the stone has to be clean and then put it over the wound.

In its composition there are active substances that stimulate the contraction and recovery of tissues, which helps to stop small bleeding and speeds up the closure and healing of small wounds.

Placing dirty humestone over a wound can end up carrying bacteria and other microbes into our bodies. Therefore, be sure to always store it in a clean, dry container, so that it is always sanitized when you use it.

Antitranspirante natural

Yes, what they say is true: the hume stone has an antiperspirant action. In fact, potassium alum is widely used in the deodorants industry, precisely because of this effect.

What happens is that there are substances in the humestone that modify the pH of the skin and “slow down” the sweat glands. With this, the amount of sweat decreases, as well as the odor produced in the armpits.

reduces stretch marks

The humestone crystals are nothing more than the “quebradinha” version of the mineral, that’s why it looks like coarse salt. When in this state, the hume stone can be used to exfoliate the skin and reduce stretch marks .

Must be used while showering. After using soap, exfoliate the stretch marks region with the crystals and then rinse. When your body is dry, apply a little moisturizing cream of your choice. Repeat the process two or three times a week.

Helps to treat pimples and acne

Another super benefit of hume stone is that it fights pimples and acne. Its antiseptic effect helps to clean pores and shrink them, which prevents the accumulation of sebum and dirt (the main causes of inflammation).

You can use it in two ways: first, you should use the humestone crystals as an exfoliant after washing your face with warm water; in the second way to use, you should wash your face with warm water and press the stone lightly on the pimple(s) for about 5 minutes.

Decreases foot odor

The antiperspirant action of humestone can also be used to finish off the known foot odor . For this, the most suitable version is not hume stone, but potassium alum in spray.

Spray a little on your feet and spread well with your hands. Wait for it to dry, then put the shoe on. Alum will decrease or even prevent your feet from producing sweating and hence the odor known as foot odor.

Fight thrush

Last but not least, the hume stone is super recommended for those who have problems with thrush in the mouth . This happens thanks to its antibacterial and healing action.

Dilute two tablespoons of hume stone grains or crystals in a cup of water. Then gargle. Repeat the process once a day until the problem is resolved.

Is hume stone the same thing as pumice stone?

No. Both are used in hygiene and beauty care, but they are different elements. Likewise, they have different benefits.

The best way to differentiate the two is that pumice is porous and has a rough surface. On the other hand, humestone is usually sold after being polished, which leaves it with a smooth surface.

Humestone: natural insecticide against cockroaches

A study carried out in Egypt proved to the world that humestone (potassium alum) is a natural insecticide against Periplaneta americana, the American cockroach or common cockroach. It is a non-polluting alternative for the environment and very effective.

The analysis noted that humestone is deadly when consumed by cockroaches and therefore can be used to kill them and even wipe out infestations.

But, it is important to make it clear that the substance needs to be consumed so that cockroaches are eliminated. It won’t do any good to put a small piece of hume stone in the corner of the wall, as it won’t solve the problem.

Our tip then is to crush some of the stone using a spoon or knife (take small chips and knead) and mix the crushed hume stone with sugar. Make piles of this mixture in strategic places where cockroaches are common and, quickly, the cockroaches will disappear.

Where to buy?

Hume stone can generally be found in four versions: stone (itself), crystals, powder or spray. You can find this product in natural food stores, natural pharmacies, street markets and even in some markets, for example.

Contraindications and care

Finally, we have to tell you about some precautions when using the hume stone.

First, there is a legend that passing this substance into the vagina causes the vaginal canal to narrow, which gives a woman more pleasure during sexual penetration. This is indeed possible, but it also causes cravings and other problems in the female sexual region.

It is also necessary to be very careful when using the hume stone in the mouth, such as when treating thrush, for example. In fact, it serves quite a bit in these cases, but it should never be ingested. That’s because it can cause serious problems in the digestive system and endanger the lives of those who ingest it.

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