Indian Clove: 11 Benefits and Ways to Use

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Have you ever asked what Indian cloves are for? This natural product is good for the hair, throat and human health in general.

Widely used in Brazilian cuisine, this spice can be used in natura , through tea or even in the form of oil. Therefore, it is used internally and externally.

Indian cloves and products derived from it have a strongly aromatic smell . In addition, the flavor is usually fiery and very characteristic, which ends up dividing opinions among consumers.

The most interesting thing about it is that its positive effects are used even in dentists’ offices. That’s because eugenol is a substance extracted from the plant and serves as an analgesic . ( 1 )

11 benefits of cloves of India

This food is rich in fiber and vitamins such as C , E and K. It is also a source of some minerals such as calcium, iron , magnesium and manganese. But eugenol is most responsible for its benefits. ( 2 )

1. Take care of oral health

Maintaining healthy teeth is one of the main benefits of cloves, as it has antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial and antinociceptive properties. This means that consumption cleans the mouth, fights bacteria and inhibits pain.

In dentistry, this spice is applied through eugenol, which acts with an anesthetic function , as it enters a set of nerve fibers and prevents the conception and transport of nerve impulses. Furthermore, it does not irritate the mucosa and can be easily removed.

A good tip to take advantage of these positive effects is to chew the carnation’s own floral bud. In this way, at the same time that you clean your teeth and mouth, you are also eliminating bad breath . ( 1 , 3 , 4 )

2. Protects the liver

Also thanks to eugenol, the liver can be protected against damage . Like all parts of the body, this organ can also suffer from oxidative stress, mainly due to the use of medications.

However, this substance inhibits the proliferation of abnormal liver cells, which in the long term can become a type of cancer. All this without counting the protection against liver cirrhosis . ( 5 )

3. Fight micro-organisms

The same compound responsible for the aforementioned benefits is also capable of controlling bacteria and fungi , favoring the health of those who consume this spice.

For example, the antifungal action can prevent the development of fungi of the Candida genus, one of the main causes of candidiasis . The antibacterial activity inhibits the growth of bacteria that damage the gastrointestinal system, such as Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella and Escherichia coli . ( 6 , 7 )

4. Prevents and treats gastrointestinal problems

In addition to fighting bacteria responsible for gastrointestinal problems, cloves also help the gastro system with its fibers . With this compound, he can treat diarrhea , improve bowel function and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The spice also has a substance called clovinol that helps in digestion, as it protects the gastric mucosa. For these reasons, it fights nausea, flatulence and indigestion . In these cases, the most advisable is to make use of tea. ( , 2 , 4 , 8 , 9 , 10 )

5. Repels insects

The fame of this plant as an insecticide came with the phenomenon of chikungunya, being a natural alternative to repel insects, especially the Aedes aegypi mosquito .

However, eugenol also works against other types such as Pediculus capitis (the human louse), Tribolium castaneum (brown beetle common in food grains) and Sitophilus zeamais (corn weevil).

Popularly, people tend to stick carnations in lemon bands in order to ward off insects. Despite this, the most recommended way to achieve this benefit is using the essential oil . ( 3 , 4 )

6. Favors heart health

As an antioxidant, the spice can prevent the degenerative activity of free radicals on cells. Thus, it inhibits diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular problems.

This effect is one of the benefits provided by eugenol, a phenolic compound present both in clove oil and tea. However, clovinol also strengthens the protection of the cardiovascular system as it inhibits platelet aggregation.

This latter substance also works facilitating the control of cholesterol and triglyceride blood . ( 1 , 6 , 9 , 10 )

7. Strengthens the immune

This effect is only possible thanks to the anti-inflammatory activity of clove oil from India. When inhaled, this natural product clears the airways, acting as an expectorant.

Therefore, it can be used to treat and prevent respiratory illnesses such as colds, coughs , flu, nasal obstruction, hoarseness, bronchitis, sinusitis and even asthma. ( 4 , 6 )

8. Lose weight

Like ginger and cinnamon, cloves are considered a thermogenic food . This means that it requires more energy to be digested by the body, so it requires a greater caloric expenditure during digestion.

Another effect that helps with weight loss is the reduction in carbohydrate absorption. Consequently, they are not turned into fat, lowering the calories consumed. ( 9 , 11 )

9. Treat diabetes

Also due to the reduction of carbohydrates, diabetics can benefit from the use of this product. In fact, what happens is the decrease of an enzyme called α-glucosity.

This substance is one of those responsible for the absorption and degradation of these compounds in the intestine. So, from the moment there is a reduction, there is also the restriction of ingested carbohydrates, reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. ( 10 )

10. Take care of dry hair

The spice tea is especially indicated to restore silkiness to the most opaque and drier hairs. The presence of eugenol in the plant makes it an important ally both in cleaning and replacing hair oil . ( 12 )

11. Increases libido

The reputation of clove aphrodisiac is not for nothing, as it acts on the Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulating libido through phenolic and steroidal compounds. ( 3 , 4 )

How to consume and use?

It is possible to chew cloves daily to achieve the benefits in terms of oral health. In addition, it can be used fresh (dry button or powder) in various dishes.

The sweet taste that numbs the mouth goes well with cabbage, beets, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions. But it can also serve to give a special touch to sweet recipes .

Other ways to enjoy the benefits of this spice is making your own tea or taking advantage of the essential oil. Learn how to do and how to use these alternatives.


Boil a cup of water and pour it into a container containing a teaspoon of cloves. Cover and wait 10 minutes. Then strain and drink to mainly treat gastrointestinal problems, or rinse your mouth three to four times a day to take care of your oral health. ( 13 )

Indian clove oil

The essential oil is purchased from natural food stores and can be used in massages, baths, topical applications and in the diffuser. Also, a single drop applied to a damp cloth and placed over the path made by insects such as ants is perfect for saying goodbye to this problem. ( 14 )

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloves

cloves increase blood pressure?

On the contrary, the spice is one of the many healthier alternatives to replace salt when preparing meals. Therefore, it only benefits hypertensive individuals. ( 15 )

Does it take sleep?

No, there’s even a great recipe for ending insomnia using cloves. To do this, simply place 6 cups of lemon balm (or lemongrass) on the pillow, 2 cups of dried white rose petals, 1 cup of macela, 10 drops of jasmine essence and 1 spoon (coffee) of clove from India. ( 16 )

How many can be chewed a day?

As with tea, it is recommended that you do not exceed the consumption of a clove three to four  times a day. ( 13 )

Where to find and at what price?

Open markets, supermarkets and natural food stores are the best places to buy the spice. Depending on the form found, it can have different prices.

What does your name mean?

According to the book “Cooking Vegetarian”, the word clove comes from the Latin  clavus which means nail , describing the shape of the dried flower. ( 17 )

India clove contraindications and side effects

Because it causes contractions in the muscles of the uterus, the spice is not recommended for pregnant women . Also, it is not advisable to abuse the daily use of cloves.

Heavy consumption can cause irritation in the mouth mucosa, dermatitis, liver dysfunction and various allergic reactions. ( 4 , 13 )

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