Benefits of Propolis

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It is extremely rare to find someone who has never taken or is unfamiliar with propolis. After all, we are talking about the miracle medicine of ninety percent of Brazilian mothers. And as they say that a mother has a little bit of everything – a nurse, a cook, a psychologist, a doctor… – they couldn’t be wrong.

Properties and how it’s done

Bees produce propolis when they collect a substance of resinous origin in pollen and trees, mixing them later with their own secretions. For bees, its purpose is to protect the hive, while for humans it serves as a protector of the organism.

Known as a natural antibiotic, its properties are antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, regenerating, analgesic, antioxidant, anesthetic, healing and antifungal. Its constitution is as follows: 25 to 35% of waxes; 5% pollen grains; 10% essential oils; caffeinated flavonoid esters; 50% of aromatic balms and resins; all the B-complex vitamins; provitamin A; iron; calcium; aluminum; magnesium; titanium; coming; bromine and silicon.


For all the properties mentioned above, propolis is indicated to treat and assist in the treatment of various ailments, especially those caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria. This includes sore throats, flu and colds. Propolis is also able to reduce the terrible symptoms of rheumatism, hypertension and diabetes, in addition to reducing fatigue and improving ulcerations in general.

Tonsillitis, hemorrhoids, stomatitis, gingivitis and other superficial inflammatory diseases are also easily treatable by propolis, especially in the alcoholic extract version, as it creates a protective film when applied to the affected area, bringing better and prolonged results. The same indication can be made for the treatment of dermatological diseases and burns of all degrees.

Furthermore, propolis plays an important role in preventing the aforementioned diseases from manifesting. It acts directly on prevention, as with the action of lymphocytes it strengthens the body’s immunity. It can also be used to treat childhood bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, in addition to reducing side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

How to use?

To benefit from propolis, add a few drops to honey, juices or teas to fight colds, flu and other internal ailments. In case of skin problems or burns, apply a few drops directly on the skin to clean and heal the area.

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