Consolidation phase


This third Phase is as its name indicates, the one that aims to consolidate the lost weight and make sure that the lost kilos are not recovered.

The duration of this phase is set at an average of 10 days for each kilogram lost and the good news is that it is designed to avoid the “rebound effect”, that is, the body does not regain the lost kilos.

Foods allowed in this phase

In this Consolidation Phase of the Dukan Diet, in addition to all the foods of the previous phases, it is allowed to eat starches, whole wheat bread, fruits and cheeses, plus some gala meals.

It is possible to eat almost everything throughout the week with the exception of Thursdays that are dedicated to the exclusive consumption of pure proteins, hence it is called “PP Thursdays” and it acts as a control to maintain Fair Weight.

Also in this phase it is allowed to have two gala meals a week, not two days, including foods that are not allowed with the limit of one serving. These gala meals cannot be served in a row, therefore if one is taken on a Monday, the other can only be taken on a Wednesday or Thursday.

However, despite greater freedom, it is also necessary to follow a certain order and some rules that are detailed below:

Fruit : 1 piece of any fruit per day except nuts, bananas, grapes or cherries.

Bread : 2 slices of whole wheat bread per day. They can be eaten whenever you want alone or with protein.

Cheese : 1 Serving (40 g) of cheese a day and it is possible to eat cheeses that are not low in fat or skim but avoiding fermented ones such as blue cheese or camembert.

Starches : Up to 2 servings a week (220grs.) Of starchy foods such as cooked pasta or semolina, whole wheat grains, polenta, brown rice or lentils are allowed, and among the forbidden starches are white rice and potatoes.

Pure protein day : In this third phase, only pure protein can be consumed one day. Therefore, that day will be set taking into account the importance of a weekly plan designed and respecting that day to avoid the rebound effect.

Something important is that once the weight loss plan is finished, it is recommended to continue with the exclusive day of pure proteins so as not to gain weight again.

Consolidation Phase Menu

For the days in which only pure proteins should be eaten, it is possible to take as an example the menu proposed for the Attack Phase, while for the rest of the days the rules described must be taken into account and a menu such as the following must be followed:


  • coffee with skim milk.
  • 1 slice of whole wheat bread.
  • 2 slices of turkey breast.
  • 1 tablespoon of oat bran.


  • unsweetened green tea.
  • 1 natural skimmed yogurt with kiwi pieces.


  • aubergine stuffed with chicken breast sautéed with 40 g of Emmental cheese.

Afternoon snack

  • 2 slices of grilled chicken breast.
  • 1 boiled egg.


  • pumpkin cream.
  • salmon fillet with pepper.

Once the Consolidation Phase of the Dukan Diet has been completed, Phase 4 follows that we will explain in the post: Stabilization Phase .


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