Dukan Nutritional Ladder


In the Dukan Nutritional Ladder there is no alternation of pure proteins and vegetable proteins and the plan is carried out for weeks with its own rules each day, therefore the weekly cycles will follow one another until reaching the much desired Fair Weight.

With this innovative eating plan, the more we go down, that nutritional ladder, the more nutritional values ​​the products we find contain, the more we go up, the more pleasure they contain. What we must do is integrate this evolution into a mental scheme until we have it as a permanent and natural reference of food that protects us against regaining lost weight.

Soft Dukan Diet

Thus, the Soft Dukan Diet proposes consuming food every day going from the absolutely vital to the purely pleasant as if it were a staircase, the most important foods must be identified to maintain weight without losing sight of health. The first two steps are made up of the 100 foods, natural and authorized at will.

How much weight is lost with the Gentle Dukan Diet

Pierre Dukan says that the average weight loss was 700 grams per week in women and approximately one kilo in men but that the decrease in body weight occurs from Monday to Friday while the weekend gains a little weight.

Because of this, it is important to take as a reference the weight indicated by the scale on Wednesday morning or, failing that, on Tuesday night. These results are based on a 15-week study on a sample of 80 people.

Soft Dukan diet day by day

Monday, Pure Protein at will

In a similar way to the Attack Phase, we start the week with a Pure Protein day, we will eat fish or some low-fat cut of meat or chicken.

A maximum of 800 grams of dairy can be taken per day and protein powders and condiments are allowed. It is mandatory to drink a liter and a half of water a day and the 20 minutes of brisk walking.

Tuesday, Protein plus Vegetables

The second day we emulate the Cruise Phase by adding the vegetables in the desired quantity, the same vegetables are allowed but the consumption of carrots, artichokes and beets is limited.

Starches and legumes are not allowed. Better if the salt intake is reduced to a minimum and the amount of water and physical exercise are still mandatory.

Wednesday, add fruit

It is partly similar to the third phase of the Classic Dukan Diet because in addition to proteins and vegetables, up to 150 grams of whole fruit are added, being able to choose between oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwis, pears, strawberries, raspberries and apples.

Bananas, grapes, dried fruits such as dates, dried apricots or prunes are not allowed, nor are dried fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, etc. The required amount of water during the day remains one and a half liters and physical exercise remains the same.

Thursday, whole wheat bread is added

In addition to all the foods from the previous days: pure proteins, vegetables and fruits, on Thursday you can eat up to 45 grams of whole grain bread rich in fiber and without added sugar. The physical exercise consists of 40 minutes of brisk walking. If you read that correctly, it is 40 minutes of exercise.

Friday with fatty cheeses

You can consume up to 40 gr of some cheese with 50% fat, it can be Mozzarella, Feta, Cammembert, Gruyere, Parmesan, Goat cheese or Brie cheese. This is in addition to the 800 grams of dairy 0% fat allowed in Pure Proteins. Exercise is also increased, today it will be 45 minutes of walking.

saturday with starches

Rice, pasta or whole grains, they can also be legumes that will be eaten in a single meal and with a maximum of 200 gr. Keep in mind that the weight is done after they have been cooked and they are never weighed dry. Potatoes are not allowed and physical exercise will last one hour.

Sunday, the gala dinner

The last day of the week is that of caprices since it is allowed to make a Gala meal consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert, plus a drink. The quantities in each plate must be reasonable and do not eat as if the world were going to end, it is not allowed to repeat any dish; the drink can be a glass of beer or a glass of wine.

This gala meal will be held in one and only one of the meals, which can be any of them: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. As the day before, the exercise consists of an hour of brisk walking.

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