Diets to lose weight in summer

Diets to lose weight in summer

Without a doubt, summer is the time of year when we most expose our figure to the gazes of other people, hence our concern to follow a diet that allows us to be fit and look good.

There are countless diets to lose weight in summer and many of them help to avoid returning from vacation with a few extra kilos. If the problem is to lose several kilos that we have gained during the winter, the ideal is to go on a diet to lose weight and include physical activity two or three times a week.

Now if the goal is not to add kilos during the summer holidays it will be enough to follow a balanced diet and not add more calories per day avoiding those temptations to eat foods that ultimately provide more nutrients than we really need.

We already know heart that we should not eat more calories a day than we spend, because the remainder is transformed into extra kilos that add to our figure.

Today’s proposal from is to eat tasty and lose weight naturally following a diet that allows us to lose weight eating healthily and without the need to resort to dietary supplements.

What are the diets to lose weight in summer?

It is about following a diet that is adapted to the amount of kilos we want to lose, but in general if you want to lose about 3 kilos this can be achieved in about three weeks.

Here are some diet options to lose weight in summer, without starving and including some “whims” without gaining weight:

Light and nutritious weight loss diet

The secret is to choose your food well and, above all, to give more prominence to fruits and vegetables. But also use healthy cooking methods such as baked, grilled, steamed and using extra virgin olive oil.

It is also necessary to include at least eight glasses of water during the day, as being well hydrated is essential to eliminate toxins through sweat and urine.

A cup of green tea with lemon is perfect to drink between meals since thanks to its thermogenic action it helps control weight, while a glass of cold water before each meal helps increase metabolism up to 30%.

After dinner and if a couple of hours have passed, it is good to have a couple of oatmeal cookies or a skimmed yogurt to avoid feeling hungry and rest better.

Diet to lose weight and have energy

Avoiding fatigue in the summer is essential, especially because with high temperatures the lack of energy becomes more visible and if you are also doing a diet to lose weight, making a balanced meal plan is essential.

Those who come to summer with “accumulated fatigue” and a few extra kilos nothing better than following a diet to lose weight but which in turn increases energy, here are some tips for a successful weight loss plan:

It is also necessary to include in the diet to lose weight five servings of whole grains and give importance to breakfast including a boiled egg at least three times a week, without forgetting salads and legumes at all meals.

Include foods that provide magnesium and B vitamins, in the case of magnesium it is an anti-stress mineral and vital for energy and feeling strong. Nuts, almonds, oats, dried fruits and lentils should not be lacking in this diet.

Likewise, it is advisable to add a supplement that provides B group vitamins that are essential for the cells to have vitality. Vitamin B6 for example is essential for the formation of hemoglobin that helps transport oxygen to cells.

Include vitamin B2 to help energy production balancing the thyroid, which is often responsible for a constant lack of energy, and also brown rice, turkey or rabbit meat, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and shellfish.

Diet to lose weight in summer and lose up to 5 kilos fast

Here we share a diet to lose weight in summer and that allows you to lose up to 5 kilos in about fifteen days and in a healthy way.

Breakfast: Do not skip this first meal of the day including, in addition to a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of skimmed milk, whole grains without sugar and a toast of whole wheat bread spread with cream weight.

1 – Lunch and dinner: In the two main meals the important thing is to maintain adequate proportions, that is, a plate of raw or cooked vegetables, a quarter of a plate of protein (meat, fish, eggs) or vegetable protein (tofu, soy protein, tempeh) and a quarter plate of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, legumes).

2 – Carbohydrates in small amounts.

3 – Eat every 4 hours: Since if you spend many hours without eating, symptoms of anxiety, lack of energy begin and it is most likely that you will consume very caloric foods.

4 – Healthy eating: A diet to lose weight should include healthy foods, controlling the amounts of fats that are ingested. White and blue fish at least once a week, fruit between two and three pieces daily, vegetables, legumes and whole grains every day.

5 – Avoid processed foods.

6 – Staying hydrated: Drink between one and two liters of water or natural fruit juices, avoiding alcohol and sugary soft drinks.

7 – Organize purchases: A weekly organization of purchases helps to always have available the foods that are part of the diet to lose weight and allows you to plan menus in advance.

8 – Simple and healthy cooking: Cook food steamed, on the grill, on the grill or in the oven. Avoid fried and battered foods, using fresh herbs and spices to flavor dishes and always add little salt.

Example of a one-day menu


  • 1 cup of coffee with skim milk.
  • 60 grams of whole wheat bread with sliced ​​avocado and tomato.


  • 1 piece of fresh fruit.


  • 1 serving of salad with lettuce, arugula, carrot, red cabbage, onion and tomato grilled salmon fillet with lemon juice.
  • 1 natural yogurt with red berries.

Afternoon snack

  • 2 slices of pineapple


  • 1 portion of pumpkin and potato puree (80 grs.)
  • 1 toast of whole wheat bread.
  • 1 natural skimmed yogurt.

Ellie Lauderdale

My name is Ellie Lauderdale, MD and I am USA based professional Nutritionist .

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and board certified specialist in sports dietetics who is trained in integrative medicine. I have worked with hundreds of clients, from those suffering with chronic disease to professional and olympian athletes. My goal is to help optimize you from the inside so that you can feel, perform, and look your best on the outside.

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