Benefits of the Mediterranean diet for athletes

The Mediterranean Diet is widely known for being one of the most complete and natural diet. Low in unhealthy fats and high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that play an important protective role against diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

But the fame of this diet is also based on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet that everyone, including athletes, can enjoy. After all, sports nutritionists say that the problems of athletes and sportsmen in general are the same as those of other people.

Eating routine of the Mediterranean Diet

One of the most important themes of this plan is that the nutritional routine of the Mediterranean Diet is beneficial for health since it is based on the consumption of legumes, vegetables, fresh fruits and fish, as well as olive oil and cereals.

It is a balanced diet based on products and different Mediterranean recipes that help to be fit, lose weight and change eating habits.

But it also includes the possibility of adding complexes that help the athlete to achieve, for example, an energy balance using integrators based on natural products.

Sport and Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is undoubtedly a good eating model for athletes as it helps to lead a healthy life since, in addition to eating, it invites physical activity to maintain an ideal weight.

Nutrition experts consider that those who follow a diet based on the Mediterranean Diet and also do a physical training of about 30 minutes about 5 days a week can lead an optimal life.

Benefits that the Mediterranean diet brings to athletes

The key to the Mediterranean Diet is to replace processed food with another much richer in vitamins and essential nutrients

And today, from we will analyze the benefits that the Mediterranean Diet can bring to all those who practice sports frequently.

As a general principle on this particular topic, it should be noted that the main foods on which the Mediterranean Diet is based are cereals responsible for providing energy, but also fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and water, in addition to fish and meat as a source. main protein.

Although most specialists recommend that the consumption of fish is always greater than that of meat, especially since the former contains Omega 3 that helps to protect the vascular system.

Likewise, the Mediterranean Diet is based on a regular consumption of fermented dairy products, nuts, legumes and olive oil, therefore being a balanced plan with high quality natural fats.

This is a diet that can be adapted very well to the needs of athletes in general, whether they are sports fans or professional athletes who have to worry about eating a well-balanced diet.

After all, the most rigorous athletes must consume enough carbohydrates before performing any test and therefore the carbohydrates must be ingested before exercise but they should not be heavy meals but rather simple carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or potatoes.

After exercise, the ideal is to consume some lean protein that helps prevent excessive muscle wasting.

There are studies and research that corroborate the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for athletes, both for those who practice sports as amateurs and for high-performance athletes. This is because this balanced eating plan provides adequate nutrition for training and recovery.

Following the Mediterranean Diet helps to have healthy lifestyle habits and is also associated with a significantly longer life expectancy and, adding to these premises, frequent sports practice is the most efficient formula for a full and healthy life for anyone.

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