African mango, fruit for weight control

The African mango is a food that is not well known, but it has very beneficial nutritional properties. The properties it offers us are closely linked to weight loss diets and we explain why.

What is the African mango?

The African mango is the fruit of the Irvingia gabonensis fruit tree , native to West Africa. Commonly used by the native population from which this fruit originates. This food provided them with medicinal properties that helped them in their daily life.

Origin of the African mango

The African mango is a fruit that comes from regions of West Africa. It is very common to see fruit trees in the jungles of West Africa. Since ancient times, the consumption of this fruit has been closely linked to its medicinal properties.

The consumption of its seeds has been widely consumed and used by hunters of different tribes. They are the population group that did the most physical exercise and on their long journeys, they calmed their hunger. In addition, they used the seed of the African mango to calm muscle cramps.

Its consumption has become widespread and now, the seed is used to make food supplements. These supplements are closely linked to supplementing weight loss diets thanks to their proven beneficial health properties.

African mango cultivation

These fruits are grown almost entirely in West Africa. In regions of southern Mali, western Burkina Faso, northwestern Guinea and northern Ivory Coast they account for 75% of all West African production.

Mangoes do well in a tropical and fairly humid climate. As a consequence, the climate is optimal and the circumstances ideal in the mentioned regions.

African mango season

In the aforementioned countries, the season is throughout the year, although in the less rainy seasons, production is altered.

African mango producing countries

The most important productions are located in the aforementioned countries of the West African regions. Fresh mangoes are consumed both in local markets and in export markets.

The main countries where these fruits are exported are to France, Germany and Belgium.

How to buy African mango?

African magicians can be purchased as fresh fruit. They are also used to make different preparations such as fruit juices.

In addition, the seed is used for food supplements thanks to its nutritional properties.

How do you eat the African mango?

We always recommend consuming fruits raw and fresh. It is the best way to take advantage of all the properties that these foods offer us.

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It is also ideal for making fruit smoothies that we can complement with other fruits or vegetables.

On the other hand, and particularly talked about about this fruit, there is the possibility of taking it in the form of a food supplement. These supplements exclusively provide us with the ideal active ingredients to complement healthy weight loss diets.

African mango properties

The properties of this fruit are diverse, but the most significant thing is its delicious flavor and its high nutritional value. In addition, the extract of the seed has an active principle that is widely used in weight loss diets, thanks to its properties.

These fruits are rich in water, fiber, and antioxidants. The pulp is rich in vitamin C.

Also in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium. Likewise, they also provide us with vitamins B1, B2 and B3. In addition, it is a fruit rich in fatty acids such as lauric, myristic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and beta-carotene.

Studies on its slimming properties

Various studies have been conducted evaluating the properties of slimming. In a study conducted at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon. For 10 weeks these 100 people took an African mango supplement and another 100 people took a placebo.

The result was surprising, the people who consumed the product lost their weight while those who took the placebo did not.

These products are endorsed by different studies from reputed universities. They confirm that how consuming these products makes it easier for us to reduce our appetite. As a consequence, these studies support that the consumption of this product

African mango benefits

The benefits of this fruit are diverse, but currently the best known are those that provide us with their seeds.

The benefits of the fruit have been known and used for centuries. The most notable is the reduction in appetite, which was already used by African tribal hunters on their long hunting trips.

In short, it is a product that helps us reduce appetite. It is also a product that helps us lose weight. As a consequence, it is an ideal food for those who need to eat a healthy diet to lose weight.

The benefits it brings us can be summarized as follows:

natural detox

Due to the stress of daily life and poor nutrition, the body accumulates toxins. This is due, to a large extent, to processed food and the lack of preparing healthy recipes for our daily diet.

The African mango seed extract has properties that help us reduce toxin levels. As a consequence, it helps us with the elimination of abdominal fat that bothers us so much.

Activates metabolism

Thanks to the metabolic acceleration, the nutrients in the food consumed are burned more quickly. In this way, we can begin to consume energy from reserves, eliminating excess accumulated fat.

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In addition, it makes it easier for the sugars ingested to be converted directly into fat.

Satiating properties

Thanks to the IGOB 131 component found in the fruit seed, its consumption gives us a feeling of satiety. Consequently, it regulates the activity of the activity of leptin, the appetite regulating hormone.

This hormone is responsible for giving signals of satiety to our brain. For this reason, it is a key element in weight management.

Beneficial for diabetics

Its intake has a beneficial effect for diabetics, as it helps them control blood sugar levels.

Helps against cholesterol

It can help us reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood . The seed is rich in fiber, a fundamental component to expel LDL cholesterol from our body. On the contrary, it is a product that favors the increase of HDL cholesterol.

Intestinal regulator

Thanks to the water soluble fiber that it provides, it is a natural laxative like plum and that helps us regulate our intentional transit.

Lengthens the digestive process

It slows down the digestive process and the food eaten stays in the digestive system for a longer time. Consequently, we feel full for a longer time. This is directly related to helping diets lose weight naturally.

Benefits for muscles

It is a food rich in vitamin B and minerals such as calcium, iron. It also provides us with healthy fatty acids, such as myristic, lauric, palmitic, stearic and oleic. Therefore, the consumption of these foods is good for the health of the brain and muscles.

Natural antioxidant

The seeds are rich in beta-carotene , antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that are the cause of some degenerative diseases.


It is a delicious fruit that is liked so much for its aroma, its appearance and, above all, its properties. It is more than advisable to consume this food raw and add it to our diet.

Due to its properties, the African mango is an ideal fruit to include in diets to lose weight naturally. Currently, food supplements are made with natural extract of these products. They can help us to complete our diet with the active principles of this food.

To lose weight with health, we always recommend eating a balanced diet of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In addition, doing regular exercise that helps us lead an active and healthy life.

If there is any doubt about including African mango in the diet, either as a fruit or as a supplement, consult a nutritionist or health professional.

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