Pierre Dukan created the diet that bears his name, a weight loss plan that has proven itself despite being simple and easy to do.

Thus, the Dukan Diet is not a “miracle diet” or a crash diet that makes you lose weight in a few days but in reality you do not lose fat but water and therefore the lost kilos are easily regained, a waste of time and effort .

On the contrary, the Dukan diet not only promises to lose weight but also teaches the best way to stay in shape once the desired weight is reached.

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Dukan Diet: Fair Weight

It is necessary to bear in mind that the correct weight will also depend on the physical condition and the bone structure of each person, for this reason it does not affirm that it is possible to reach the perfect figure of the commercial models but to set real goals.

Dr. Dukan calls “Fair Weight” the one that can be reached with a real goal and can later be maintained even without following a low-calorie diet.

Simple and easy to do the Dukan diet, it is based on what our ancestors ate and on Mediterranean recipes that are simple to implement in a weight loss plan that is not restrictive or boring.

There are certain parameters of genetic type and bone structure, as well as factors such as height, age and hereditary factors that must be taken into account before starting the Dukan diet.

Based on the aforementioned data, each patient will be able to calculate their “fair weight” and then start with the weight loss plan, taking into account the phases of the Dukan Diet that indicate the different stages of this regimen.

Dukan diet and loss of volume

Another peculiarity of the Dukan diet is that it does not ingest glucose, which causes the glucose stored in the liver to be eliminated along with a part of water, following a ratio of 1 to 3, that is, for each part of glucose there are 3 arts of Water. Thus, the first days of the diet, water and glucose are eliminated above all, and therefore a large body volume is lost.

After depleting the reserves, the body begins to obtain glucose from the foods that are eaten daily, which as they are of protein origin help to lose even more volume.

How to speed up weight loss with the Dukan regimen

The largest food source on which the Dukan diet is based is those of animal origin. The plan is made up of about a hundred types of allowed foods: 28 vegetables and 72 animal proteins.

And the interesting thing about this diet to lose weight is that the consumption of calories does not have a previously established limit because each person can eat all the calories they want, as long as they are within the allowed food groups.

However, as most of the foods that make up the Dukan diet are low in fat and calories, we are facing a weight loss plan that gives relevance to foods such as oats due to their high nutritional value.

So, for those who have started doing the weight loss plan proposed the Dukan diet and want to know the best way to accelerate weight loss, the first thing is to agree on the need to do physical activity at least three days a week .

Doing physical activity frequently will allow you to lose weight in a constant and consistent way, since only then will the known “rebound effect” be avoided.

following the meal plan established the Dukan diet and adding physical exercise, it will be possible to maintain the beneficial effects of weight loss. But if you also continue with the guidelines of a diet that includes only foods that contain abundant proteins one day a week, success will be assured.

With four phases of: Attack, Transition, Consolidation and Stabilization, the Dukan Diet does not cause a great loss of muscle mass and therefore is a good alternative to lose weight in a short time and following a methodology designed its creator.

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My name is Ellie Lauderdale, MD and I am USA based professional Nutritionist .

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