Apple tea: benefits and how to make

Apple tea benefits and how to make
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Apple tea is a drink made with the peel and pulp of the fruit and brings numerous health benefits, including improving the functioning of the entire digestive system and reducing bad cholesterol.

Do you think that’s it? Not even. The infusion also serves to detoxify the body and act on weight loss.

Best of all, there are several recipes, such as apple tea with cinnamon, with ginger and other spices that enhance the effects of the drink. Find out all about it below.

What are the benefits of apple tea

Apple tea is very simple to make , just add the skin and pulp of a medium apple cut into small cubes in two cups of boiling water, leave it smothered for about 10 minutes, then strain and drink.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? See the main benefits of this drink below!

Stimulates the functioning of the digestive system

One of the main benefits of apple tea is that it provides a significant improvement in the functioning of the entire digestive system, especially in the intestine .

This effect is derived from the presence of pectin, a type of water-soluble dietary fiber that is found in large amounts in the pulp and peel of apples and can be fully utilized through tea. ( 1 )

What happens is that these fibers are not digested stomach acid and therefore pass whole to the small and large intestines, always absorbing plenty of water along the way.

Because of this, they improve the texture of the stool, preventing it from becoming too fluid or too dry.

This action allows this tea to be efficient both to treat diarrhea and constipation . ( 2 )

But it is not just in the intestinal tract that this tea is effective, no. Some substances found in apple peel protect the stomach against the harmful action of drugs and increased stomach acidity .

This is because of its ability to reinforce the natural mucus barrier that lines the mucous membranes (the tissue that covers moist parts of the body).

In this way, it can help relieve that burning sensation characteristic of heartburn and protect against the development of ulcers. All 100% natural and without any health risk. ( 3 )

Helps you lose weight healthily

Did you know that in addition to being delicious, apple tea can help you lose weight with health? The drink is low in calories and contains good amounts of fiber.

The fiber present in the infusion increases the feeling of satiety and makes you eat less, as you feel less hungry throughout the day. ( 3 )

The fruit still has little energy value, 59 calories per 100 grams per serving. ( 4 )

However, losing those extra pounds never depends on just one factor. Allied to the consumption of tea, it is necessary to have a healthy diet and to exercise regularly.

lowers cholesterol

Do you want one more reason to put apple tea right into your routine? The drink favors cholesterol reduction thanks to phytochemical compounds found in the pulp and peel.

The antioxidant action of these parts prevents the deterioration of fat and prevents it from “sticking” to tissues.

Soluble fiber forms a protective film in the small intestine, preventing the absorption of cholesterol while dragging this material into the large intestine, where it is expelled with the stool.

Due to these two factors, frequent consumption of the fruit, or its tea, can reduce blood cholesterol levels up to 25%. ( 5 )

Prevents the action of free radicals

Antioxidant compounds do more than “just” control blood cholesterol.

These substances prevent some unstable molecules produced after the oxidation of cells, called free radicals, from circulating as they want through the body and from beginning to attach themselves to healthy cells .

When they do this, they end up causing a reaction in the healthy parts, which also start to degrade, creating a domino effect, which leaves the body more fragile and more susceptible to various types of diseases. ( 6 )

Detoxifies the body

This tea promoting a complete cleansing in the body.

The infusion is able to promote the elimination of several types of toxins, especially uric acid.

This cleaning process occurs due to its depurative properties (to eliminate toxins present in the blood) and diuretics (to increase the production of urine), which favors the reduction of swelling caused by fluid retention . ( 7 )

How to make some tea variations?

Apple tea with cinnamon and honey

From that simple base you can make several other apple tea recipes, such as this one, which concentrates the fruit flavors combined with cinnamon and honey .

To prepare it is very simple. Add in 1 cup of very hot water, the skin and the pulp cut into cubes of half an apple and 1 cinnamon stick and leave everything muffled for 10 minutes. Then just strain, sweeten with honey and drink it hot or add ice.

apple and ginger tea

Heat the skin and pulp of half a medium-sized apple along with a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger and 1 cup of filtered water. When it comes to a boil, turn it off, cover the pan and let it rest for 10 minutes. After that just strain and drink.

apple tea with chamomile

Use half a diced apple for each teaspoon of chamomile and 1 cup of boiling water. Put everything in a pan, which should be covered for 10 minutes, then just strain, if desired, sweeten with honey and drink it while still hot.

Hibiscus apple tea

Place two tablespoons of hibiscus flowers , 1 whole apple cut into cubes and 1 cinnamon stick in a liter of boiling water and let it rest, in a covered container, for 15 minutes.

After this time, strain and consume the tea throughout the day, without adding sugar.

How to drink apple tea?

There is no contraindication for the consumption of apple tea, but it is necessary to pay attention when mixing other herbs or spices in case of pregnancy or treatment with prescription drugs.

Also, never leave the tea ready overnight, as it loses much of its flavor and therapeutic properties.

Finally, it is not necessary to drink more than three cups a day , as it is enough to absorb all the benefits of this infusion.

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