Stone break tea: benefits and how to make

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Stone break tea ( Phyllanthus niruri ) is a great home remedy to expel kidney stones , relieve the pain of kidney cramps and treat urinary infections.

According to the specialist in herbal medicine, Danilo Ramon, this herb, also known as stone puller, pot breaker, wall piercing, white pimpinela, saxifraga and conami, is also effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, such as heartburn and constipation .

Check out the main benefits and how to prepare tea with it below.

Benefits of Stone Breaking Tea

Helps to eliminate kidney stones

Danilo Ramon explained that stone breaking tea is a natural medicine to help eliminate kidney stones, a problem known as urinary lithiasis or simply kidney stones.

According to him, the herb is “diuretic, clearing and slightly purifying, that is, it is depurative and with that it helps to dismantle the stones , at the same time as it cleans the kidneys “.

The infusion also favors the elimination of uric acid and prevents the grouping of calcium crystals that come together to form the stones. As a result, it prevents the formation of new stones. ( 1 )

Promotes lowering of blood pressure

Stone breaking tea is also very effective in lowering blood pressure due to the diuretic properties mentioned by Danilo.

As the amount of urine increases, the body excretes more sodium , a mineral known to raise blood pressure.

What’s more, the herb is a natural vasorelaxant , which causes the infusion to widen the veins and arteries, making the blood flow better. ( 1 )

Fights swelling

The diuretic properties of this tea also work by stimulating the elimination of water through the urine.

This characteristic, as explained by the naturopath, combats excess fluid that accumulates in the body and causes the sensation of swelling, which mainly affects the lower limbs.

Relieves the pain

Another benefit associated with drinking tea made from stone breaker leaves is that it promotes pain relief.

It is a source of compounds known to have the effect of peripheral and central analgesia .

Which means it relieves many types of pain, from muscle pain to that annoying headache or kidney cramps .

In some cases, the infusion may be more effective than synthetic pain relievers such as aspirin. ( 1 )

Protects the health of the gastrointestinal tract

Another benefit associated with stone breaking tea is the creation of an unfavorable environment for bacteria in the gut .

This drink can help treat problems such as gas, decreased appetite, stomach pain , heartburn, intestinal infections, dysentery and constipation.

The presence of organic acids and tannins stimulates the functioning of the stomach, thus aiding in the digestion of food. ( 2 )

The herb “also helps in the treatment of problems in the gallbladder (as in the case of gallstones) and in the liver ”, according to Danilo.

This is mainly because the antioxidants make the herb a strong hepatoprotective agent, improving the overall health of the digestive tract. ( 3 )

Helps in the treatment of respiratory infections

The specialist in herbal medicine points out another use for the stone break tea, which is in the treatment of respiratory problems such as bronchitis , an inflammatory problem caused by a virus infection.

Part of this is related to the plant’s anti-inflammatory potential and part of the antiviral action of several of its active compounds, which limit replication and shorten the life of these microorganisms in the body. ( 1 )

Control diabetes

The herb is able to increase glucose tolerance, making the body suffer less from the negative effects of excess blood sugar . Healing and preventing further damage to the pancreas, in addition to increasing insulin release.

It even manages to inhibit the release of some enzymes that act in the liver and intestine and serve to transform all that carbohydrate you ate into glucose . As a result there is lesser amount of sugar in circulation. ( 1 )

Detoxifies the body

Lastly, due to its diuretic, uric acid scavenging and liver protective effects, this tea is also an excellent detox agent .

In other words, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins , such as medication and alcohol and everything in a natural way, giving a little help so that the body itself does its work.

How to make and drink stone break tea?

To treat fluid retention problems or infections, you must “prepare the infusion with 20 to 30 grams of stone chips per liter of hot water”, teaches Danilo, explaining that this infusion should be resting for at least 10 minutes to extract all the therapeutic properties of the herb.

The naturopath recommends drinking one to two cups of this tea a day, always without sweetening .

Those who suffer from urinary lithiasis should make the tea using 1 teaspoon of the powder from the leaves and half a glass of hot water and drink it 3 to 4 times a day, until the body is able to expel the stones.

“It is important to know that it can also be used in capsules and concentrates, but its use must be accompanied and guided by a herbalist”, he warns.

Is tea used to treat urinary tract infections?

Yes , according to the naturopath, stone breaking tea is an excellent remedy to treat urinary infections in a 100% natural way.

The increase in diuresis and the purifying effect causes the harmful microorganisms to be excreted through the urine.

Allied to this, the herb is able to prevent the proliferation of several types of pathogenic bacteria known to cause problems in the urinary tract, such as Escherichia coli , Klebsiella sp , Enterobacter sp , Acinetobacter sp , Proteus sp , Serratia sp and das yeasts such as thrush.

The result is a two-pronged attack on the disease, which promotes a faster improvement in the condition and without the negative health effects of synthetic antibiotics. ( 4 )

Stone break tea slims: myth or truth?

Have you ever heard that the infusion made with the leaves of this herb slims down? Well know that, theoretically, tea can help in weight loss because of the diuretic effect.

As the specialist in herbal medicine explains “many weight problems are related to fluid retention and one of these causes is the malfunction of the kidneys, which do not drain the body fluids correctly”.

This defect can cause, not only swelling , but overweight that is precisely due to this excess of water in the body, in addition to other more serious problems related to the lymphatic system.

What the stone breaker does is improve kidney function and eliminate this retention, which according to Danilo, can end up normalizing body weight.

However, this is not a definitive option and drinking should never replace dietary re-education and physical exercise, because obesity is not only caused by bloating, but also by the accumulation of fat and sedentary lifestyle, ok?

Care and contraindications

Despite having many benefits for the body, stone breaking tea is not indicated during pregnancy or the breastfeeding period .

When ingested in excess, the plant can cause diarrhea and excessive increase in diuresis, so avoid exceeding the recommended doses.

Where to find

You can find stone breaking tea in open markets and in stores specializing in natural and herbal products throughout Brazil. It also grows abundantly throughout the national territory.

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