Seasonings that help you lose weight

Did you know that certain spices can help you lose weight? The properties that certain ingredients have can help to solve not only this problem, but many others.One of the advantages of using seasonings in this sense is that they are easily accessible, not least because they are used in the preparation of various dishes and are used in everyday life in any kitchen.However, before going around using all the spices, you need to have some knowledge about the properties of each one and whether some of them are restricted for use, especially based on the health conditions you offer.

One of the ways to resolve all these issues is to call your doctor or nutritionist. These professionals have enough knowledge to endorse the use and are sure that it will really help with your weight loss.

Seasonings that help you lose weight

From now on, you will have the opportunity to know a little about the consequences of using spices in weight loss diets . Pay attention to the list that follows and the main weight loss properties.

Now, the tip is worth it! “Of course, no food is going to be miraculous on its own. But, knowing how to use some spices, it can help,” says nutritionist Ana Paula Ferreira de Melo.

cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper is known to speed up metabolism. As a result, this particular property also helps in burning fat and improves circulation. All of this contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body.

What’s more, cayenne pepper has a substance called capsaicin that helps satisfy hunger. The ingredient also helps fight premature aging of the body’s cells and fight inflammation.


Did you know that oregano has properties that help you to shed extra weight? Well, it stimulates the production of the enzyme in the body that is responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates.

Other than that, the ingredient still has diuretic power, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body and to tone the muscles. See also:  What is the right seasoning for each food.


The mustard has thermogenic effect, ie contributes to the burning of calories from ingested food. This happens precisely because mustard stimulates the metabolism.

A study by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute says that this increase in metabolism can reach 25%. The dark version of mustard has properties that provide greater fat burning.


Ginger is considered the cat’s leap of any natural recipe. It has a number of properties that can be used in favor of the human body, especially weight loss.

The ingredient helps to increase satiety, improve digestion, remove toxins from the body and, as if that wasn’t enough, it speeds up the metabolism, which adds a thermogenic effect. As such, it is ideal for promoting fat burning.


Coriander is a seasoning widely consumed by some, but not so nice for others. However, when referring to the possibility of eliminating the extra weight, coriander can be considered the differential of the dish.

That’s because coriander increases the body’s metabolic function, meaning it makes the body work faster and you need to increase your calorie burn.

star anise

Star anise is a plant that is well known as an ingredient in the preparation of teas. However, it can also be used to make some foods more flavorful.

When related to the elimination of extra weight, star anise has a substance that stimulates the action of glands and muscles of the digestive tract. This leads to increased saliva production.

Another advantage over the consumption of this seasoning is the increase in peristaltic movements, which contributes to the regulation of the digestive system. In other words, eating star anise helps ease that feeling of a heavy stomach .


Parsley is an ingredient very similar to cilantro. Like him, it also has beneficial effects for those who want to use its properties to lose weight. From its diuretic effect, parsley can bring some benefits for those who have this goal.

It reduces the formation of gas and reduces abdominal bloating. By favoring digestion, the body ends up being free of toxins that can have less beneficial effects on the body.


Also known as ground turmeric, turmeric is a yellow pigment that can be used to season meat and prepare other dishes such as rice. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

With regard to weight loss, the substance contributes to reducing the blood supply of adipose tissue. This causes fat stores to be weakened.

Using seasonings to lose weight

Once you know the list of spices that will help you lose weight, the ideal is to consult your doctor or nutritionist to find out the best way to include these ingredients in your daily life.

In this sense, some changes in the routine are more than necessary, such as adequacy of the diet and inclusion of physical exercise. It is worth mentioning that the spices, despite being very beneficial, are not miraculous.

“Certain seasonings help speed up the metabolism, so they can be an extra weight loss aid, in addition to preventing the effect of body fat accumulation”, says nutritionist Ana Paula.

Another benefit of spices is the fight against inflammation that can be a villain against weight loss.

“The main one is pepper , precisely because it has the capsaicin component, in addition to other peppers that have a component called temperin. Both of them have the power to speed up the metabolism”, endorses the nutritionist.

In some cases, depending on how seasonings are used in preparing dishes, they can also reduce the use of table salt, a source of sodium that can contribute to fluid retention.

Furthermore, these ingredients end up giving more flavor to the dishes, thus facilitating their daily intake. In this case, going on a diet can be something very pleasurable, precisely because it pleases the palate.

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