What is rosehip oil for?

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Rosehip oil is famous for its medicinal powers, but many people have never heard of these natural benefits.

Among the healthy advantages, the best known are the strengthening of immunity and the relaxing action.

However, this natural product has countless other benefits and you’ll discover it all here!

But, first of all, do you know what rosehip is? It is a plant originally from the East and known for its natural balm, commonly used in alternative medicine.

Made from the seeds of the plant, this article is the protagonist of several studies and medicinal research around the world.

In general, it is a natural product widely used as a healing and emollient , but there are several other positive effects for the human body. Check out!

Benefits of rosehip oil

Among the beneficial effects of this oil are: improving immunity, fighting inflammation and, of course, its moisturizing power on the skin .

It is noteworthy that these benefits are proven by medicine and, therefore, true before the science that studies the benefits of this plant. Check out our scientific references at the end of this article!

good for the skin

First, the best-known benefit of this product: it’s good for the skin ( 1 ). But it is important to make clear that this benefit goes far beyond “doing well”.

According to scientific studies, this balm nourishes, moisturizes , soothes and protects the skin. For these reasons, many people use it to fight stretch marks.

Its composition is a combination of several dermatologically beneficial substances.

Rich in vitamin A, the oil helps reduce sun damage, prevents wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and can even help fight acne.

In addition, rosehip oil is traditionally used as a natural healing product . A Brazilian study proves this benefit, specifying that it is due to the presence of vitamin A, vitamin C and fatty acids ( 2 ).

All these substances are very important for the skin’s nutrition and recovery. Therefore, it is considered a natural alternative for the skin to recover faster and healthier.

Improves immunity

And since we are talking about vitamin C , nothing better than talking about another great benefit of this natural product. As it is a source of this vitamin, it is great for giving that improved immunity ( 1 , 2 , 3 ).

Laboratory tests showed the presence of vitamin C in good amounts in rosehip oil. Even in a larger quantity than that found in lemon and orange .

Therefore, it is a great option to help the body’s defenses and obtain the antioxidant effect, which helps to prevent various diseases.

However, depending on how the oil is extracted, vitamin C can be eliminated from the composition, making the product lose this benefit.

Therefore, give priority to using the balm that has, on the label, information about the properties present in the product.

Fight free radicals

Although we have already mentioned the antioxidant action ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) a little above, it is important to clarify this effect of rosehip oil.

Antioxidants play an important role in fighting free radicals, substances from food and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Free radicals hinder the healthy life cycle of the body’s cells, which can open doors for various diseases, such as cancer , for example.

In addition, the antioxidant potential of this product can help prevent diseases such as hypertension , diabetes, premature aging, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism and degenerative diseases.

Fights inflammation

Another great benefit is its anti-inflammatory action ( 2 ). Studies show and prove that rosehip oil combats mild inflammation in the body.

In general, this benefit can be gained through massage using this liquid (where the skin receives the nutrients) and helps to fight mainly skin and joint inflammations.

Fights Liver Fat

Fat in the liver is a common health problem for many people. Its real name is hepatic steatosis and it is a problem caused by malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle, added to genetic issues.

A study carried out in Chile used laboratory rats to prove that this oil helps in the treatment and prevention of hepatic steatosis ( 4 ).

In research, scientists found that the great benefactor of this benefit is the α-linolenic acid present in the oil composition.

Two groups of mice were separated and each group received equal feed, with the difference that one feed contained the natural product and the other did not.

The result was that the group of mice fed with rosehip oil had a reduction in the level of fat in the liver from 43.8% to 6.2%.

In addition, the study also concluded that there was an improvement in insulin levels in the mice fed this article.

Helps to treat osteoarthritis

Since 2008, science has understood that this oil helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis, relieving the pain caused by this common disease, especially in the elderly ( 5 ).

The study proved that pain relief is due to the polyphenols and anthocyanins present in the product’s composition.

But, this does not mean that the patient should only use this natural remedy to fight the disease. A (a) doctor (a) specialist needs to be consulted (a).

In short, osteoarthritis is a type of known arthritis. It occurs when the cartilage at the ends of bones wears down, which impairs flexibility, causes pain and can become a very serious disease, possibly compromising the patient’s mobility.

Reduces stress

Rosehip oil is also very famous for its relaxing/soothing effect .

Massages made with this balm tend to alleviate common pain and discomfort in areas of the body such as the back and lower back. Furthermore, it promotes a very pleasant feeling.

A survey, conducted in 2009, indicates that even the smell of this natural article is beneficial in reducing stress.

It lowers blood pressure , improves oxygen absorption and decreases respiratory rate, a sure combo for relaxation ( 6 ).

Where to buy rosehip oil?

This oil can be purchased at natural food stores, natural pharmacies, street markets or compounding pharmacies.

This product can also be purchased over the internet, where there are several online sellers who ship the merchandise by post. In the latter case, look at the labels and all information about the product before purchasing.

The biggest precaution you should take before buying the product is whether it is pure or mixed with other oils. Remember that here we are talking about the benefits of pure, natural oil.

How to use?

In short, rosehip oil is used topically, that is, applying it to the outside of the body. It is used as a massage oil , hair treatment or even for bathing.

In such cases, you should just follow the instructions defined on the label. But an important tip: apply on the body regions when they are clean, for the skin to absorb well.

Another nice tip is to use this balm on the body after a warm bath or after a warm water compress. This will open the pores and make the skin absorb even more of the oil’s nutrients and medicinal properties.

There is also a type of this oil that can be consumed in food, but it goes through a different process than the one that can go through the skin. So never ingest if you’re not sure it’s the edible type.

Care and contraindications

Despite the great benefits mentioned here, it is necessary to clarify some important precautions for the use of this natural article.

First of all, there is an allergy to this oil. Therefore, if you feel any negative reaction when applying or ingesting the product, immediately seek a hospital unit.

Also, this oil is very strong and should not be applied to the skin or hair of young children . This is also true for pregnant and nursing women .

Therefore, only consume or use if you have a doctor’s recommendation.

Finally, always seek expert opinion on the use of this product. You can ask during consultations if he is indicated as a helper for the problem you want to treat.

Use it responsibly, as rosehip oil will only bring you benefits!

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